Saturday, October 27, 2012


Edit3: I lied, couldn't post it on google docs. My bad. Procrastination...feel so good.

Edit2: I'll make a google doc for each chapter public so if you guys like, you can make change it to(make a note on it? I'm not sure if you can change it on the fly but I'm sure you can download, I'll check later.) But they won't be up soon since I have no time atm. Since I'll make one after I've finished the chapter, the earliest will probably after chapter 4. this weekend.

Edit: New glossary page for the romanized Korean terms. Onomonopia excluded.

Added at 'END Chapter' at the bottom when the chapter ends, so as to not confuse anybody since I do do the chapter in parts.
I want to add Previous and Next chapter, but I don't have that many chapters out, so I'll hold that off for now.
Regarding the terms(the romanized Korean), I wanted to do a glossary page but never got around to it. Maybe this Sunday if I have the time.
The other terms that is only in the novel, some of the older term I pulled from the forum because I didn't want to confuse anybody who have already read the older chapters. Newer terms, i'll try to come up with something that doesn't sound completely out of wack.
To reiterate what posted 2 months back, I'll try to post 3 times a week, starting from Tuesday and every other day after that; and hopefully at the end of those 3 times I'll have completed the chapter.

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