The Dwarf Art Hand

There was someone accompanied the Wyverns that flew over the hills of the Thor Kingdom.
The man's identity was none other than Weed!
Weed walked with the carving knife out after he sent the Wyverns into the sky.

“I gotta find me a small rock.”

When he carved the Orc Karichwi, the rock was a sizable one; but it shouldn't necessarily be at that size this time around.
However, it was difficult for him to find a worthy rock.
Due to the lustrous forest dense with trees, the rocks were well hidden by the mountain.

“Ima just go with wood then.”

Weed cut a branch from the tree and cleaved the foliage on the upper part of the branch to make a Log.
He was prepping the material with the Sculpturing Skill.
After that, he used the Carving Knife to give it finer details.
At first, the overall composition of the head and torso were made, from there he pondered about the measurement of the legs.

“If I make it about 30% shorter than normal, it should be right.”

Weed worked while squatting down in order to use it as a comparison.
He carved thick and ample legs, no waist from the hip to the chest; resulted in a thickly built figure.

“I have a feeling the Log’s lacking…”

Despite the thickest wood he obtained nearby as material, he felt it was rather deficient.
Weed reluctantly held the piece with both hands and continued to carve. He made bold short arms, and decided on how to carve the head as the last remaining region.

“Dwarf. I have to match the Dwarves’ properties.”

Dwarves, stubborn and never abdicate.
Possessed by the excitement in a battle against Monsters and never backing down, for the ones who chose their profession as Champions or Warriors.
Naturally, they were the strongest of species, disregarding the standard set with their small stature.
At the same time, with the innate Handicraft Skill, anything placed in Craftsmen’s crude hand can be fashioned into something beautiful.
The interpersonal relationship of the Dwarves is not something harmonious.
In many cases, those that have decided their lives to their goal as a craftsman, stay inside their workshops and do not come out.
Because of this, in contrast to their great works, they do not get along well with others unlike the other species.
The Race have said to brighten up with exceptional quality of ores, gems, Mithril and the likes; the Race that said to have an unusual greed for equipment and materials.
The species that loves molten metal and purely adorn nothing.
Weed carved the stocky figure of the Dwarf.
With a wayward mouth and despising saggy eyes even at times with no other to stare at.
Long and full beard that ran down to the chest.
By one strand to another, the hair seems to be given life within the beard.
If the Sculpturing Skill hadn’t reach such a cultivated state, such finer detail was not possible.
Similarly, at this point, the short and thick arms and legs were fashioned.
Weed was pleased with the self-made sculpture.

“At this level, it’s pretty good for a dwarf I haven’t even seen, huh?”

It was not scary to look at night comparing to the Orc Karichwi he made.

“It’s not bad at this level. Shape Shifting Sculpture!”

Used Shape Shifting Sculpture.
For having infinite affection toward the Sculpture, the Sculptor and the Sculpture will resemble one another!

Weed’s body changed to assume the divine figure of the sculpture.
His stature was getting shorter, legs thickened. His trunk got thin and his arms also thickened. On the other hand, his head grew larger and his beard was growing longer. And wrinkles formed around his eyes, making his age unknown.

  1. The shape of the body have gotten smaller, many equipment the body is wearing at the moment is impossible to use.
  2. The armor plate or the body armor accidentally slipped to the mouth.
  3. Depending on the form of the race, new necessary equipment are needed.

Due to the impact of the Shape Shifting Sculpture, Endurance, Strength, Luck will increase slightly.
Effectiveness of the Handicraft Skill increases by 5%.
Art stat is rising dramatically.

Shape Shifting Sculpture skill will be effective until it is lifted.


Weed gave a long cough as a Dwarf.
And he walked toward the direction of the targeted Dwarf village.
Being a short legged Dwarf, the center of gravity that came along with it made it very easy, but with every step taken, he was panting at a lot of spot during the distance traveled.
Nevertheless, Weed diligently moved with each step while being lost in thoughts.

“This time, what should the Dwarf’s name be, hmm?”

In his head, several names flashed by.
Just as Orc karichwi, he needed a name that leaves a strong impression.

“Art Hand. This is a name that can express the delicate world of art.”


When Lee Hyun was released from the capsule, his school friends were sitting in the lounge drinking beverages while watching TV.
Heroes of the Versailles Continent.
It was the CTS Media’s own information program.
It report news quickly and introduces information of castles or villages of starters; a more in-depth analysis oriented kind of program.
MCed by one with a comedic background, with wits and humor that came along with him, the show had a considerable audience.

“Oppa, you’re done?”

Min Sura asked pleasantly, Lee Hyun nodded his head.

“Did you do a lot of hunting?”
“No. I had to go somewhere so I didn’t hunt at all.”
“Where did you go?”

Choe Sang Jun cut in the middle and asked with a sudden interest.

“Thor Kingdom.”
“When you say Thor Kingdom, you mean the Dwarves kingdom?”

Choe Sang Jun asked in wonder.
The other school friends who barraged each other seemed to also be quite interested.

“It’s one of the places I want to go to if it’s that Dwarves kingdom.”
“What does the Thor Kingdom look like?”

However, Lee Hyun didn’t have an apparent answer to that question.

“I’ve only just arrived in the vicinity of the kingdom…I have yet to enter the village so I can’t say.”
“Ah, so that’s it.”

Lee Yu Jeong nodded her head.
The Versailles Continent was really extensive, to move from one kingdom to another logically shouldn’t take just one or two days.
Even if he does ride on a horse or carriage, he'd still have to climb mountains and take the winding roads, so it will take a long time before reaching the desired location.
Therefore, it was understandable the he had not entered the Thor Kingdom as of yet.
Park Sunjo said with concerns.

“I’ve also went to the Thor Kingdom. But Hyeong, are you some kind of Merchant?”
“Why is that?”
“Those that are of the warrior series occupation doesn’t go well at Thor Kingdom. Magicians and elementalists are also just like that. They are seriously territorial. But if you’re a Merchant that takes the goods of the Thor Kingdom to sell, then you’d be fine as you’re greatly benefiting the south.”

Lee Hyun answered after a bit of hesitation.

“I’m a Sculptor.”

Just telling his occupation had the power to silence people.
Additionally, they gave him pitiable and apologetic eyes.
It reminded them the first time ever since they’ve talked to him.
Min Sura strive some courage upward and said.

“Cheer up. Nowadays, there’s even a famous person who is a Sculptor. Maybe Oppa also heard of him. Weed.”
“Ah, you haven’t heard of him? He makes a lot of really amazing sculptures, and he also a user that traveled to the world of Vampires.”

And then, Lee Yu Jeong said while smiling.

“Sura, that Weed was born with the innate ability to sculpt. He’s a person that was imposed by art at his very soul. So does it really matter that he chose to be a Sculptor in Royal Road? That person is also the Lord of a province, so it’d be discourteous to compare Oppa to someone like that person.”

Lee Hyun coughed.
For them to talk like that about the person in question was rather embarrassing.
There was even a broadcast about the Weed that came to the land that was occupied by the Vampires, but because his face and equipment were obscured, it was difficult to recognize him.
If his Dark Gamer identity and the said Weed were found out to be synonymous with the Jeonshin Weed, then he’d had to pay the high price of facing numerous challengers and his subsequent adventures would also be impossible to carry out.
Choe Sang Jun spoke as a-matter-of-fact.

“If you’re a Sculptor then it’ll benefit you a lot by going to the Thor Kingdom huh. There are a lot of mineral there, and there will be a good amount of commissions for you there too. Please try and work hard.”

Choe Sang Jun was implicating that because Lee Hyun was a Sculptor, he wouldn’t be any help at exploring dungeons, so he told him to be vigilant.

‘It’ll be fine if I just lead the dungeon exploration.’

When Choe Sang Jun put on a contented smile, the broadcast of the Heroes of Versailles Continent resume after the commercial ads.
Lee Hyun had little interest, but the broadcast with contents related to him was shown.

“Daejin ssi, if we change our conversation to talk about the north, then definitely, we cannot leave out Morata.”
“Yes. It’s exactly as you said, Yu Dambi ssi. Many adventurers went to the north since the melting of the icecaps, but still a vast majority of the comments said it's still premature. The reason being the unknown land made it very difficult to settle.”
“I have heard that the northern region was dangerous because of how active the Monsters are.”
“That’s right. However, with the people gathering at Morata and its rapid development, it was constructed as a foundation where one can settle down to some extent. Someday it will also be able subjugate the Monster grounds; as more and more people emigrate, the era of full-scale development in the north is expected to come.”
“Yes. That’s so, Part 1 we will talk about the north and Morata. Well then, what information will be covered in Part 2?”

In the Part 1 of the broadcast, information about the north were commented.
With emphasis being on Morata, trend of the users and hunting grounds were the usual ingredients.
Lee Hyun thought of this positively.

‘It’d be good if they talk more. If more people come to the north through the broadcast, then so will the income coming to me.’

Lee Hyun figured with the audiences coming to Morata to spend money, so willthe growth of his income.

“Well now, here’s a fresh supply of news flash that we’ll show our dear audience. Daejin ssi!”
“Ok, Dambi ssi.”
“This here is the hot new adventure of the Jeonshin Weed that has been disclosed to the public.”
“The record of the historic Palrangka Conflict that has recently climbed the Hall of Fame. We will show a brief clip directly from it.”

The TV screen changed and Weed appeared in the form of a skeleton. Compilation of shots of Weed accepting the request of the Princess, ridden on the white horse as they raced through the battlefield that was clamoring with enemies everywhere appeared.

“Holy cow…”
“Even my heart is pounding.”

Min Sura and Lee Yu Jeong clenched their hands and did not avert their gaze from the broadcast.
They were watching the pretty nifty scenes by Lee Hyun.
KMC Media was the first to air the Palrangka Conflict, and landed first of the weekly viewership rating. Five days later, the original video of the Palrangka Conflict was posted and ranked first in view counts, first on recommended, and first on the number of comments.
Indeed it had the best popularity. And this, spawned exuberant speculations.

“If we look at these footage of the Jeonshin Weed then there are alooot of unascertained points. And I've heard a lot of controversy over these points.”
“Judging from either the national symbol or from the soldiers’ cries, it is certain that the underlying place is the Palrangka Conflict. But the point of how was he able to jump into this battle evoked a lot of suspicions.”
“What specific notions are there?”
“That maybe it’s just a quest. Whether this fight was the end of some obvious tier quest or not, after that, then there are many other questions regarding it remains.”

From KMC Media, the information they investigated from the Palrangka Conflict such as the dynamics of each kingdom, Monster groups’ relationship, magic and skill were air on TV.
After the full broadcast that went on beforehand, Lee Hyun was then allowed to show the original source to the public.
Even so, the original footage also began at Palrangka Conflict.
The part of him getting through the Intermediate Training Center up till when he picked up and read the Knight’s book was removed.
If he show this section to the public, then on Royal Road, everybody will be on the same wavelength and kimchi will be known as jimjang instead.[1]
The situation that may arise is that they will claim ownership of the known tower and wages wars over them, they will also devote everything they have to pass the training center.
It was one of those adventures where one will surrender himself to it.
If too much information is disclosed to the public, the situation will become lines of people waiting at each training center; and that would have been the wrong way to enjoy the pleasure of Royal Road.
Because there is a need to keep secrets of the unfinished adventures of Lee Hyun that the broadcasters also reliably kept it a secret.

“I’ve also heard of a lot of inconsistencies about the combat ability of Jeonshin Weed.”
“During the Legion of Immortality war, he demonstrated the ability of an excellent conductor. He dealt with the Orcs and the Dark Elves smoothly. Thanks to the loud Lion's Roar Conducting Skill, we assumed that he has very high Leadership and Charisma. Speculations of his occupation of a Paladin at that time was thrown into the wild.”
“Because the best class to raise the Leadership and Conducting Skill is of the Knight series, huh.”
“It’s the point that's widely accepted, since the time he went to battle with the Jin-Hyeol Vampires, there were circulating rumors of him being a Paladin of Freya. But when he appeared after a break and began battling against the Bone Dragon, he used magic of the Necromancer, and also showed remarkable fighting abilities.”
“But this time around, we know for sure he didn’t use Necromancer magic.”
“And I think because of that, that I feel that this controversy was staged. There must be a reason why he couldn’t use Necromancer magic, or he might deliberately chose not to.”
“That power…he deliberately not shows it to the public?”

Yu Dambi widened her eyes.
How much overflowing confident Weed must have had, fighting with just a bayonet without using any magic.
Dambi had the expression of not knowing how come or for whatever reason why Lee Hyun didn’t use Necromancer magic.
Choe Daejin, who was temporarily distracted from his job when he looked at Yu Dambi who was oh-so pretty, hurriedly said.

“Heumheum. It’s a possibility that we can’t rule out. But now we’re talking about how fierce the battle was…”
“But if it’s Jeonshin Weed then couldn’t it be that it wasn’t deliberate that he didn’t use magic?”

It was unavoidable as Yu Dambi too was a fan of Weed.
While covering Royal Road, there weren’t many people that could give her so much excitement and heat her heart.
Not Guild Masters or Ranked Players. If they obtain airtime, then they are too busy showing themselves off.
It goes without saying that they are Castellans or Lords.
They practically use NPC Soldiers to take care of their property whose powers were far beyond the normal users instead of guild members.
It was commonplace that there were many cases where they used tricks, buy, vile blackmailing, backstabs to horde; and beginners and weak users weren’t even treated as people.
There were good Lords too, but on the Versailles Continent, there were many more Lords in comparison who only advocate for themselves.
Because of this, she mainly deals with adventurers that has her respect and envy.
Those that continuously searching for challenges such as treasures or fetching a promise!
She had known the God of War since Weed was on the Continent of Magic, but he solved many impossible and herald quests on RR too.
He was the very symbol of adventurers doing commissions that others could not, and a symbol of the hunt itself.

“I’d only be guessing at this moment. His physical ability to fight is a bit superior comparing to the last time. I can’t repress my astonishment seeing things such as his reflexes, instantaneous judgment, resolution, and accuracy while fighting. The footage seen of him being able to keep balance and fight may even be questionable for martial artists to do so in real life. However, some users provided fair and highly credible comments as to that.”
“What is it?”
“When he meets some certain condition, the Jeonshin Weed monster, by that I mean Undead can emerge at that time. Because apparently, his appearances at time of the Bone Dragon and of this time in the Palrangka Conflict had a significant difference; and this ideology spread and gained convictions.”
“I too think there aren’t that much a number of users wandering around in the form of a skeleton.”
“Common sense can’t fit here. If someone comes into the town in a form of a skeleton, then pretty soon rumors about him will spread.”

The Power to Deny Death is a higher ranking skill belonging to the Blood Necromancer vocation.
There were still not many that wanted to become a Necromancer; the Magician’s second tier job. In other words, the third job that should be the Blood Necromancer was still only mere conjecture.
At this time, Lee Hyun tried to leisurely stand up from his spot. Unfortunately, the rest of the broadcast was also associated with him.


“This time, the news will be on the war between Kallamore Kingdom and Kingdom of Haven on the Versailles Continent. The Knight of Destruction Koldrim. Has he done anything with the ruthless army that he leads?”
“Yes. This time, in the wake of the Kallamore Kingdom’s march, the helplessly slaughtered Kingdom of Haven lost its Sistain Fort as it meets its fall.”
“The Sistain Fort siege. I’d like to watch this. Do we have footage of this?”
“Of course, we have some newly obtained juicy videos. We will now show the power of Koldrim leading the Kallamore Kingdom’s army and the actions of their Knights. Let’s watch together with our viewers.”

The screen of the broadcast was changed to the siege of Sistain.
The horses coarsely exhaled as they shot off.

“Hit! Destroy! Do not leave a single foundation of the Kingdom of Haven unturn and sweep them all!”
“For the glory of the Kallamore Kingdom!”
“Use your sword for honor and victory and for our King!”

Immediately, the greyly lit sky poured down a thick veil of rain.
By the ladders and ropes, the soldiers of Kallamore Kingdom seized the walls of the Sistain Fort.
Siege weapons and battering rams were mobilized to knock down the gate; and from the rear, attacks were hurled from the Archer troops and the Magicians.
The Sistain Fort looked so pathetic among the colossal firepower concentrated there.
Attacks were pouring in with the literal intention of not leaving a brick left undeterred.

“Fight with courage!”
“Die here for the future of the kingdom!”

Although the Kingdom of Haven's Soldier fought hard, it did not look like they were going to win the fight.
The well-trained forces of the Kallamore Kingdom slowly but increasingly breeding their forces, and have already reached 150000 members. Along with making use of slaves made of the Haven Kingdom’s residents and surrendered soldiers, who were placed at the forefront of their troops, their number grew.
Condemnation of the slaves and random looting.
Their Knights engaged combat behind the enemies’ line, throw them into confusion, guerrilla warfare, melee, as well as sieges.
They were cruel being who would not accept a single surrender when the battle begins.
Knights of Destruction.
The being that was born for war.
These were the evaluations of the commander in chief Koldrim through his won battles.

“Ah! Completely awesome.”

Choe SangJun said as he seemed to admire it.
The Sistain Fort was neutralized before the concerted movements of the Kallamore army.

“How much Leadership points are required to fully handle that many soldiers there?”

Although he did not know how strong the individual soldiers of the Kallamore Kingdom were, he evaluated the commanding ability of Koldrim as excellent.
The battle was composedly carried out.
Koldrim first surrounded the fort as to prevent reinforcements from providing support.
With the forces of the Sistain Fort being just 20000, without reinforcements, it was impossible for them to defend it against an army that was 3~4 times larger in size.
At most, they could at least delay the inevitable until reinforcements come.
Thus, Koldrim first struck around the fort, leaving the road to go to the capital of the Kingdom of Haven wide open. Because of so, it completely disrupted the army of the Kingdom of Haven from ensuring their fort.
Although the troops of the Kingdom of Haven weren’t on the lacking side, they could not prevent it from happening.
Considering in the war, usually the ones attacking were at much of a disadvantage; but for those having been trapped indoors, they will not escape from their enemies.


When the Kallamore Kingdom first declared war, users of the Kingdom of Haven were glad.

‘Declaration of war? It’s a good opportunity to raise contribution.’
‘War between countries. This is going to be great. I ought to participate.’

The participating users who were without doubts of being victorious went together to defend the Kingdom of Haven.
However, the Knights of the Kallamore Kingdom.
Before the large assault of the Knight troops, the users of the Kingdom of Haven got goose bumps.
The 9000 horse ridden Knights and cavalries charged with their lances held out. summoning a cloud of dust in their power rush.
Even with steady foots on the ground, the earth shook, and the sound of their battle cries could even tear off eardrums!

“Wha, what the.”
“Let’s avoid this. If I’m going to the front, it’s an unconditional death for me.”
“But, the soldiers…”
“You idiot! If you die, what do you think will happen to the soldiers after that?”

The forces at the forefront consisted of users panicked and escaped the battlefield in embarrassment, making the morale of the troops of the Kingdom of Haven drop further into the abyss.
Centurions, Chiliarch, and even Knights of the Kingdom of Haven excused themselves to the back in the wake of the Kallamore army’s frontal assault.
As they could not see those who would often give command during the struggle, the ranks naturally collapse one after another.
As oppose to the Haven’s users, those who mingled themselves among the Kallamore Kingdom’s Knights gained further intensity as they watched the spectacle. They poised themselves on the offensive, looking to devastate the already collapsed army.
At this point, they slay their enemies without sparing a single thought.
In the midst of the main force’s thorough desecrating assault, Koldrim commanded the Archer troops to fire arrows into the battlefield from afar.
Echelons of the Kingdom of Haven subsequently plunged into further disarray as they were besiege by the storm of arrows while not having a single command issued.
The belief that they could withstand the Kallamore members’ assault was an indescribable delusion.
Kallamore Kingdom’s army was definitively winning, while the Kingdom of Haven was suffering a heavy defeat.
It wasn’t easy for those that tried to defy and escape the Kallamore Knight’s pursuit, as they were attacked till the brink of death.
Lastly, Magicians of the Kingdom of Haven burned all their Mana as they resisted until their end, but their impact on this war was rather insignificant.
Koldrim also commanded part of his army to concentrate on breaking though their enemy’s camp decisively.
Under the brutal assault by subjects of Koldrim, souls of the users of the Kingdom of Haven simply dissispitated from within.
Thereafter, the Kingdom of Haven did not have a single decent attack and was force to be on the defensive.
The Kallamore Kingdom went on plundering for however long afterward in order to secure materials; as for Kodrim, he was dubbed as the “Reaper of the Battlefield.”
And now, during the Sistain Battle, not a single stepping stone has left unturned since the skirmish started.
Choe Sang Jun spoke without removing his sight from the monitor.

“Knights of the Kallamore Kingdom is really strong…I suppose it isn’t called the Kingdom of Knights for no reason. And it seems they also have the support of many users also…”

Similarly, Lee Yu Jeong and Min Sura nodded in agreement without removing their gaze.
Seems as though their hearts also wanted to cheer for the Kallamore Kingdom.
The Kingdom of Haven has an unusually large amount of prestigious guilds. From their claimed exclusive hunting grounds along with their excessive taxation, those that do not receive unjust treatment from them are rare.
So for these guys, they cheered on vicariously within their hearts for Koldrim’s pleasurable assault.
For normal users who did not opted to participate in the war, there was nothing for them to lose even if they were users of the Kingdom of Haven.
In fact, those that did give their support to the Haven army contributed little for the situation.
It was hard to remedy the situation even if they tried as videos of Kallamore Kingdom overly dominating the Kingdom of Haven were already spewing out from everywhere.
Also the impact of the current news broadcast was not something that could be ignored.
The underlying truth of the matter was that the tide of the war was ultimately tipped toward Kallamore Kingdom’s favor.
Lee Hyun felt satisfied.

‘It was a good thing to release him after all…’

This was the same guy that was revered as the ‘Knight of Destruction’ who was trapped by the Vampires.
Lee Hyun was proud to recall the huge contribution made to Kallamore Kingdom with his release as well as intimacy with Koldrim.

The Sistain Fortress could not halt the Kallamore Kingdom’s army advances and was eventually taken down.
The confined space made their siege weapons hard to be utilized, while their Magicians had to sit through their cooldown.

“Men, march!”

Koldrim chose the simple tactic of piercing through without a moment of hesitation.
Even with the disadvantageous position of being those that are committing the siege, soldiers of the Kallamore Kingdom attack in unison.

“Please leave me be!”
“Gotta get inside.”

Kingdom of Haven members’ morale fell further. For their self-interest, they created a tangled mess as they tried to get inside.
At their heels, soldiers of Kallamore Kingdom cemented their victory as they pull closer to the entanglement.
And then, a massive wave of Kallamore Kingdom Knights entered!
They were heavily tired from combat, but it wasn’t so hard solidifying their success in an already won battle.
Fervent cheers arise with the descent of the Kingdom of Haven flag and the climb of the Kallamore’s.


“We should decide on what dungeon to explore and what kind of adventure to have.”

After finish watching the broadcast, Lee Yu Jeong spoke in a clear tone.
As a student targeting scholarship, she wanted to successfully complete the challenge as oppose to be taking a midterm.

“So let’s get everybody’s class and level at this point, yeah? Let me go first. I’m a Swordsman and of the Dale Kingdom. My level’s 237.”

Min Sura introduced herself following the lead.

“I’m in the same place as Yu Jeong, Enchanter. Level is at 144…it’s higher than the last time.”

The lowly level Min Sura shyly extruded her tongue.
She was at 140 at the freshmen seminar when they first introduce themselves, so the level climb was only below average.

“Swordsman 297. I belong to the Black Lion guild. My current position is in our guild’s territory, Nehalles Castle.”

Choe Sang Jun confidently introduced himself.
His level and guild influence was the source of self-confidence.
Park Sunjo awkwardly spoke.

“I’m a Thief, and at 355. My current place is…King Suna’s Tomb.”

King Suna’s Tomb!
Abundant in traps and is haunted by Ancient Mummies. It was not a place where even high level users could carelessly enter. Due to the scale of the tomb, aside from the grand entrance, the place has not been excavated. This includes the resting place of the King and Queen.

“That tomb huh…”
“Your level is much higher than the last time too.”
“Are you exploring it alone?”
“I’m focusing on the trap dismantling skills and nurturing the profession’s surprise attacking skills. I’m barely able to manage.”

With Park Sunjo attracting the attention, Lee Hyun sneakily introduces himself.

“I’m a Sculptor. My level is…just so. I’m on my way to the Thor Kingdom.”

He didn’t mean to lie.
But as a Dark Gamer, he could not go around publicizing his level, characteristics, and skills.

“Oh, I see.”

Lee Yu Jeong didn’t bother dwelling into it.
Originally already knowing that he was just a Sculptor, it was not necessary going after other separate information.
But this struck to the low level Enchanter Min Sura.

“Lee Hyun Oppa?”
“I know you keep to yourself on most tasks, but this time please do exactly as required. Though we still need to take on two more people for a total of seven on this challenge, if you do not participate then it’ll be hard to get the proper grades.”

Lee Hyun nodded.
The usual assignments weren’t problematic for him to complete, as he was simply aiming for the minimal letter grade for the graduation credits.
For a considerable amount of college students, there weren’t much hours in the day for them to even play around or to eat because of school.

‘But it’s a different story for me when it comes to Royal Road.’

Royal Road was his job.
He had to do his best in order to make a living, and also work just as hard with dungeon exploration within the game.
Despite him giving in, Lee Hyun remains a source of worrisome.
Min Sura forehead furrowed.

“But for a thing like exploring a dungeon…our classes aren’t really for this.”

An Enchanter and a Sculptor.
Among the lot with two Swordsmen and a Thief, the level differences were severely high.
While the combination did not seem fitting, they also have to somehow adjust for differences in experience.

“We have to somehow secure two Clerics for the other slots, or at least get a Shaman on hand.”
“Mhm. Otherwise the ordeal is going to be hella hard.”
“The other condition of this is that we need to be exploring some other undisclosed dungeon rather than an already well known one, else we won’t be able to get the credits for this assignment.”
“Difficulty of the dungeon needs to be rather high, so we have to come up with some skill combination or cooperation to increase our collective power.”
“But how many Shamans or Clerics are there that doesn’t have a group yet? And after this assignment, there’s the festival too…”
“What’s the class planning to do anyway?”
“I don’t know the specifics, but the level of preparation has to be a lot to be fitting of a school like this.”

The size and range of recreation activities of the University of Korea’s festival garnered great popularity.
A lot of other school students as well as many of the general public attends, even singers and performers comes to hold small events.
Highlight of the festival being the students’ collective themed events.
Lee Hyun thought.

‘The hassles of the damn college never seem to end!’

Pilling upon the class assignments, there was the MT, then this current group project that they have to solve together; and immediately following this is the school festival.

‘This is no different than that of a chain quest in Royal Road.’

Lee Hyun was extremely depressed.
The considered golden time of a festival or that of a school project!
The Korea University is to be envied by other school’s students precisely because of its festivals, dance parties, and concerts where pretty women come.
A place filled with insurmountable flushing vitality of the youth.
But to Lee Hyun, this was just a nuisance.

‘I hope this ends quickly.’

The festival is going to take more than five days, and things such as preparation for the event between now and then was going to keep him real busy for a long while. The seemingly cornered Lee Hyun frantically searched for an exit, but the outlook on escaping seems grim.

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    [1]Jimjang(짐장): jimjang what ppl calls kimchi in some region. Basically, this line is saying with common knowledge, it will spread.


  1. I believe Min Sura is supposed to be a female.

    1. i think so too, seeing how min sura calls hyun "oppa" instead of hyeong...but im still no good with the subtleties of the language. I thot lee yu jeong is a guy's name too, then the text said otherwise and got my mind blown..then again, i cud be wrong

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