The Sculpture of a Daughter

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[Part 3]

Lee Hyun logged into the Dark Gamer Union website.
Fortunately, production of the statue was completed safely. Videos related to it were posted on the Hall of Fame and appeared to be sensational; but he could not afford to watch the video.
He changed his daily routine of checking of prices to heading straight toward the information forum.

“I can’t put up with this anymore.”

The tantrums of these unknown entities!
Not only did they tax on his head and ears, his concentration was affected by them as well. The curses dampened the creative side regarding sculpture's inception; and what made the interim intolerable was that he noticed the rate his Stamina recovery was also disturbed by this.

“There must be a hidden secret about the Sculpturing Skill.”

He knew what the problem was, but he did not know the answer of how to resolve it. Thus, he came to the Dark Gamer Union lurking for the information.
Lee Hyun’s disclosure of information was adjusted to ‘Grade B,’ which now entitled him to see more resources.

-Expected fluctuation of materials of precious metal.
-Price of Iron Ore in Uto Kingdom’s Gamal town is scheduled to plummet.

Information from Merchants popped up.
As for the Dark Gamer Union, there were a variety of classes.
For most of them, the commonplace profession such as Hunters and Warriors was hard for them to make money. Since they weren’t aptitude to the combat scene, and if they didn’t want to hunt in dungeon alone each and every time, then it was best for them to adopt a non-combatant occupation.
As a result, many of the dark gamers chose to be Merchants.
Additionally, they also chose a secondary class such as a craftsman, a metal smith, or a tailor of sort could spell something lucrative for them. As for the reason why, they could utilize the skills from the secondary class for the collection of materials, as well as making them; then selling them to the stores in their Merchant-persona.
Converting bought japtem by reselling them back to users, through such ways while gathering capital, which accrues in a large profit.
For the Merchant, depending on his capital or even the fortune he will eventually earn, he could hire Mercenaries by means of the forming a trading company; which in essence, forming his own armed force. It's even possible for them to form contract with Mercenary Guild or even guilds; so to reiterate, there were many dark gamers who were Merchants.
As for them, they had the highest frequency when it came to exchanging information; but still, there was a wide variety of classes within the Dark Gamer Union.

-Jorbin Earl is recruiting Mercenaries. Generous compensation. High risk.
-Kemal Mountain Monsters rebel activity. Very high possibility of finding dungeon. Seek for adventurer Uten. Want support.
-In the capital of Meda Kingdom, urgently looking for an NPC who used to give the level 300 or more Rare Grade shield. Must show quest.

“These aren’t it.”

Lee Hyun looked further down on the information that were coming-up in real-time.

-The Lancing Skill’s secret skill book. Bestow from Terian from the Thor Kingdom. Level 250, he only teaches those who are at the Intermediate level(or more) of the Lancing techniques.
-How to nurture Accounting Skill: Classify more than 12 kinds of precious stones, mastery of Lapidary Skill will increase about 5%. After that, if you deal the jewels to a Noble-type NPC for more than 15% of its worth, then you can earn a lot for the skill’s proficiency. And you also gain Reputation as a Jewel Dealer.
-Quick examination of weapon, Saber. A very wide body and short weapon…

There were a lot of information of various occupations shown, but only a little bit of information on the Sculptor class was actually posted.

-The study of the relationship between the Sculpturing Skill and Handicraft.
-Study on the synergistic effect of Handicraft.
-Distribution of sculptures on the Versailles Continent characteristic and effects.

And, they were only basic information too. There was no information on the presence of these unknown beings who were related to the sculptures that Lee Hyun wanted to find.


Lee Hyun tossed his head.
Though, he’d actually feel disappointed if the Dark Gamer Union had these information on Sculpturing Skill instead.

“It'll be troublesome if there’s a more outstanding Sculptor than me out there.”

While a side of him feel relieved, Lee Hyun was searching for more information.
Even if the information wasn’t directly related to what he wanted to find, they could help him indirectly by providing some clue.

-Skill gap of Blacksmiths between each kingdom.
-Unresolved craftsmen’s quests.
-Characteristic of wandering NPCs.
-Blacksmith of the legendary kingdom.
-The birthplace of art.

Lee Hyun stored the information carefully in his head.
Once the appropriate information is obtained from the Dark Gamer Union, all that is left is to solve the presented problem.
Afterward, whether it was the library, the Sculptor Guild, or anywhere else, he had to find out the reason as to why these unknown beings have to be carved.
Lee Hyun knows of the possibility that there is a solution to the presence.
He figured there must be lost traces of the Sculpturing skill.

“Need to get back Royal Road.”

But before that, he checked on his messages. Last time, he sent a message to a person looking for the Paskran Lance.

Sent by: Hyperman
Subject: Do you have the Paskran Lance?

Was the replied message.

“You replied fairly quickly.”

Lee Hyun clicked on the title he saw.

If you have it, please, pleeeaase sell it to me.
I will send you the money.
The amount of cash I have right now is approximately 1500000 Won.
If your intention of selling for more than this, then we can somehow negotiate for the price.
Please reply quickly because I’m very anxious right now.

“Keoeok! 1500000 Won!”

Lee Hyun’s heart jumped out of his chest.
The experience he had when selling his account for 3900000000 Won. The price was rather too extreme to be consider as something realistic. But pretty soon, it was something that was quickly deprived from him.
However, 1500000 Won seemed more pragmatic.
A whopping of 15 crispy 100000 Won bills to receive.

“If I put this money into savings, then at an interest of 7% on the money…I can get more than 100000 Won in return…I missed a jackpot!”

Lee Hyun was so sad.
Adults often say that money isn't everything in life. Lee Hyun too, concur with this sentiment.

“Money is not everything in life. It’s roughly 98%. The other 2% are desires, consideration, friendship, and promises.”

Lee Hyun reflected on the painful memory he retained about the 200 Won he wasted by buying the more expensive salt.
But he just missed out on the chance of getting 1500000 Won!
Lee Hyun could not sleep that night.

“Ahhhh my money! ohhh God noo! 1500000 Won!”


Along with the Light Tower, pretty soon, the Freya Statue was referred to as one of the two main attractions of Morata.

“This is the Freya Statue huh.”
“This statue that swept the entire continent isn’t even rare. But even though each denomination had their statue built, this was the first a thing like this was made by a user.”
“The Clergymen told me they received substantial benefits.”
“I heard that those of the melee classes doesn’t even want to leave Morata’s vicinity because of the Light Tower.”
“Even if there is a better hunting ground elsewhere, with the effect of the Light Tower, you shouldn’t even bother going anywhere far. By the time you get there, hours of the effects’ duration will be gone.”
“Yep. If you’re talking about effectiveness of the hunting grounds, then the places near Morata are the best. You can even find members for the party immediately in town.”

While looking up at the Freya Statue, the users were impressed.
Having come to Morata, they had thought the region was completely underdeveloped. Besides the pub and smithies, it was lacking of many essential buildings.
Merchants and craftsmen were also low when it comes to the supply chain.
The addition of the beautiful statue was an excellent touch to this lacking town.
About 300 meters from the statue, the Architects created a stairway toward the Goddess.
Climbing the staircase meant that they could see the statue in a closer proximity.
Of course there was an admission fee, but there was a line of visitors.
The scenic view high, above the staircase, it was something meant to be commemorated with pictures or video.

“It’s by the Weed that made the Light Tower; I think it’s more amazing than I initially thought.”
“Not only Sculpturing Skill, he also raised other skills to significant levels too; in this field, he can’t not be the most significant presence. He’d have no problem receiving proposal to join a prestigious guild.”
“Isn’t it harder for him now? Other users are going to learn Sculpture too.”

The user who said that was spurn back the other users.

“I know, ‘cause I’ve seen the tremendous, physically laborious work that he did. Can you put in just as much labor as Weed does?”
“IF that, then yes.”
“There are limits, dude, even for a Sculptor. Like any other classes out there.”

Warriors persistently have it tough because they are always in the front line fighting for survival.
If Knights loses Honor, then they’re weakened.
A fatal weakness of Archers is being seen by their opponent in close range.
Magicians have great offense, but they have lousy defensive stats. They'll die if something simply brushes pass them.
Even if Merchants have the power if they have the money, they don’t have the Strength to keep it for themselves.
Mercenaries has the ability to survive under any condition, but as their contractors increasingly increases in difficulty of each request, their equipment are soon to be ready and over with; and eventually, they’ll be at the poorhouse.
Adventurers should enjoy the adventures. The spirit of exploration, that something that doesn’t give up even after ten days in a labyrinth as you struggle on trying to find a path out, is required. If it’s successful, then you get all fame and money; but if after the end of it you get nothing from the dungeon, then you'll become one of those many cases that collapse from suffering.
Including these professions, all the others have their advantages and disadvantages.
In the Sculptors’ case, they can make massive sculptures.
They can bring forth wonders in a region, with Classic and Magnum pieces!
Obviously they have amazing effects, but there are limits to it also.
Usually, they put in massive efforts and not all the sculptures end up as rare pieces. Without the help of others, then the Freya Statue too would be at a standstill for at least a few months.
In order for the sculpture to be successful, you must discard all other interruptions and only concentrate on just sculpting.
Absolutely never lose concentration in any work or else the job will all be for naught.


Weed approach the Freya Statue.
It was in the middle of the night when he reconnect; he could see the Light Tower from afar, marking the village's boundary, as it collect the moonlight to the center of the tower. Numerous rays of light shot into the sky as if they were dancing about.
A choreography of light.
It was a time to appreciate Morata’s artistic beauty.
Light that spreads into the night, similar to gradual development of the changing Morata village!
The statue was also topped with Moonlight Chisel, so it was also collecting luminescence in the night. Upon receiving the moonlight, rich light was illuminating all around the statue.
Because of the Light Tower and the Freya Statue, Morata didn’t give an impression of a desolate area.
Weed also saw what it had become.

“This is like a night club now.”

A woman holding a torch while dancing under the radiance!
If you don’t have Weed’s susceptibility, then it’s a bit difficult to see.
Anyway, he had something he must do.
Weed sifts his course through the visiting crowd, making his way closer to the statue.

“What the.”
“Doesn’t he see a line of people waiting here?”

Tourists protested crazily; but then, hearing that it was Weed, they became silence.
He was the Sculptor that directly made the statue, as well as the Lord of Morata.
So then, he came closer to the altar below the feet of the statue.

“What’s he doing?”
“Dunno. Appreciating his own work?”

Many onlookers around the statue paid heed to Weed’s behavior.
Weed settled a ripe apple atop the altar.
Offering to the Goddess Freya!
Afterward, he bowed.

“To the Goddess Freya, the Lord of Morata prays to thee.”

Once per changing season where you can pray!
Around the statue, hundreds of auspicious light gathered.
The light now was in a different dimension comparing to those collected through Weed's sculpturing skill.

The Treatment of the Goddess.
All the bad energy of the body is purified.
HP is restored to maximum.
Mana is restored to maximum.
All physical abilities rise for one week.
The level of Luck will rise for one week.
Brief gain in production and involvement of the ability to rule.
Faith increases by 10.

The treatment of the Goddess to undo all negative plight!
While praying, people in this situation was hoping for this additional effect to be granted.
If Weed knew of this beforehand, he would have brought people he was friendly with here; then again, he haven't seen anyone of them making prayers.
Not anybody can make a wish, only a local ruler of the area that have the landmark can make just one wish depending on the season. Only another religious symbol in Sudona Liberty City behaves this way, and even the head of the prestigious guild there can not make the wish. They have only heard of so from the Clergymen and Priests there.
Weed was the first of the users.

“What’s happening?”
“Let’s go closer.”

The users try to approach the statue, but some unseen force pushes them away from the altar that Weed currently was present.

-Master of Morata, speak of your desire.

Behind the statue, a revelation made of light could be identify.
The reincarnation of Goddess Freya!
Weed raises his head to look at the vision.

‘The Goddess must look immensely beautiful.’

The Goddess Freya that was deemed to be of abundance wealth and beauty. A beauty said to be enough to make men go blind.
But despite Weed’s expectation, he could not make out the exact facial features of the Goddess. However, an impression of her seemed to be chubbier than expected.
Weed told her of his desire.

“I would like to know more about the Sculpturing Skill.”

Weed’s wish wasn’t of an abundance harvest, benefits from mining, or a faster pace of development of commerce. Although he very much wanted to achieve such things, he was more desperate about the skill.

“I would like to know about the unaware method of how to carve the unknown existences.”

Due to the disturbances caused by the nearby users, belatedly becoming aware of the appearance of the Goddess Freya, everywhere in Morata, users rushed in like the clouds.

“What’s happening right nowww!?”

Only Weed could hear of the Goddess’s answer.

-They…from their beginning, were beings without forms. The people that love sculpture, you need to make your way toward their kingdom, a place of pride of these stubborn and delicate people; that is your destination.

The surrounding area was getting darker.
The sacred light that took place around the statue was disappearing.
When the light was totally gone, the sight of Goddess Freya was no more.
Weed also made his escape from the congregation of people there.

‘The kingdom of these short people, a place where they feel proud.’

Weed needed to get to that destination.
But before he leaves, he had to meet up with the Village Elder.
Morata’s Black Castle!
He approached the only-bearably done maintenance of a lord’s castle.
Dawn had slipped past and now it was a brightly lit day.
The place was always crowded, pact full of users; but now, there was an upset of people watching the statue which made it difficult.
Members of the local watchmen saw Weed and displayed their interest.

“Lord nim, are you returning to the castle?”
“I’ll let people know of Lord nim's return.”

The crew went to pull on the rope hanging from above in order to strike the bell.

“No need. I don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable in vain since they’re busily working.”
“Yes but it’s Lord nim's return though…”
“Hahaha, it’s ok.”

Weed slowly climbed up the entrance way.
He could feel the euphoria of the increase in power!
He would hate to drop it after having grabbed hold of this power.

“Is there a village-wide feast?”
“An ox or a pig or so, where everybody can eat as much as they want.”

Weed was speechless.
The educational standard of Morata is indeed pathetic!
Not only the watchmen but the formal soldiers also, they weren’t disciplined nor did they show loyalty. Even towards Weed, who should have the highest Familiarity with them, but their gestures showed nothing of such.
If their level of education is low, then the technical and commercial development will slow down by a bit. Also, residents will have a harder time becoming Knights and Magicians because of this. As much as the belief in religion is spreading quickly, the deterioration of public security was just the same.
It has been told that residents among those other town would essentially opt out to become renegades or bandits.
Whether it is a village, castle, or metropolitan; all are difficult to develop.

“Keuheum. I’ll worry about that in the future. Pigs…not only them, but I’ll catch rabbits too.”
“Thank you, Lord nim.”

Weed coughed and went around checking the lord’s castle.
When he first came here in the past, the castle was then occupied by the Jin-Hyeo Vampires led by Torido.
Broken apparatuses, residents made of stones, or even cobwebs that filled the place, all neatly cleaned.

“I came to receive quest.”
“I came to take the transport.”

Having heard of the rumor about the Statue, the Lord’s castle was filled with Merchants and Mercenaries.
Adventurers were preoccupied with reporting their spoils.
Since it had finished with basic maintenance, a surge of residents and adventurers made their way here. Village management, Monsters subjugation, migration, upgrade registration, settling tax rate, reporting spoils and reporting for duty; all were possible.
The Lord’s castle needed more extensive care; but it was a necessity, even at this current state, in order to rule.
Even with just the spoils reported by the adventurers, each of their reports lead to improving the information on the surrounding areas. Local control was also on the rise, as well as affecting other vicinity politically.
Weed toured the castle slowly.
Although there were many users, there weren’t any of them on the second floor.
There were many vacancies on the first floor also, but the second floor was closed off altogether. It was the place available only to the Lord.

'Castle’s maintenance seems minimal here.’

Weed returned to the first floor, making his way toward receptionist's desk. At this place, he must wait for a while to get the order.

“Aren’t you Lord nim?”

Weed cough significantly.

“Currently, the remaining commissions are monsters subjugations, escorting the currently leaving cargo, and commission for mining development. There is the crop protection too, but I don’t think it’s something for you, Lord nim.”

Because the staff at the reception desk was taking care of it, he was totally on wait.
Having privileges of a Lord, he could proceed to take on any commission in Morata.
The easiest one being the cargo transport on the move for a long distance. Becase it was much more comfortable sitting in a carriage, reducing the cumbersome of the work.
For the mining development, party had to be formed with other miners.
While being protected, you can go down the tunnels. You’ll hit jackpot if you find Jewel, Mithril, Gold, Silver, Iron, Coppers, and the likes!
The profit would be distributed amongst all those participate in the mining development, but it was still a bonanza of a dream.
The role of crop protectors was to prevent Wild Boars, Sparrows, Elks, etc.; it was rather a beginner's quest.
Instead of receiving a referral, Weed asked the receptionist.

“Where is the Elder?”
“The Elder is patrolling the outside walls of the village with the Freya Paladins.”
“Yes, there is a large scale influx of migrants. Lots of smaller towns formed outside of the walls.”
“When is he returning?”
“He said he would come back today seeing it’s finished. Would you like to wait here? I can serve you a bit of food.”

Weed did not mind waiting since he had nothing to do.
He intended to eventually stuff food in his pocket from the castle before returning back to the streets.


Weed secretly visited the newly constructed buildings.
The pub!

“Kyaa! Good.”
“After coming to north I did not expect to taste these good drinks.”
“It’s good that I can drink alcohol in Morata freely.”

There were a lot of drinkers among the tourists.
Mercenaries and adventurers also stave off their thirst with simple drinks.
Pristine country maiden of Morata carried drinks and snacks to these guests.


Weed nodded.
The tavern was an essential building to the development of Morata.
The market, trading posts, and travel information windows weren’t required buildings. Because of the 60% tax on alcohol, the pub had enormous value for profits and income tax.
Weed used the command only available to the Lord.

“Tavern management window!”

Adventurer’s Haven(Tavern)

The only pub located at the Morata Square. It was built soon after the cleaning. Large interior space, more than 500 seats; able to get alcohol and snacks at a reasonable price.
SellingAll basic munchies
Fermented fruit drinks
Force boiled Barley booze
EmployeesChef Jenna, Mia and 10 residents
Maintenance and Management Cost600 Gold
Daily VisitsAverage 7200 Guests
Latest Weekly Net Income2642 Gold 43 Silver 56 Copper
This was the only bar in Morata.
It could possibly be the only pub in the entire Northern part of the continent.
In the port city of the Central continent, they mainly just serve Aquavit, they do not sell alcoholic beverages such as rum, or the more popular drinks such as fermented alcohol, distilled alcohol, nor do they sell beer. Nevertheless, they still enjoy the economic boom due to its exclusivity.
The seats inside the pub weren’t enough for the guests who experienced back and forth along with the waits.
Following that, Weed turned to the Inn.
Here also, there were many people coming and leaving.
There was not another village in the North that have a larger Inn than the one in Morata. It was difficult to have one sizable in term of room number, in which this Inn has 300 of.
And the rooms could be sold if one pays the premium.
The room activates to fully recover a sleeping being from Fatigue and their physical abilities. After a night in the Inn, the recovery rate of Fatigue increases and because of the tastiness of the food, nobody left for another inn.
The weekly net profit of the Inn was more than 4000 Gold.
The figure could possibly due to the food sales.
The foods in the Inn were easier to digest unlike those in the Tavern, and they were things that easily boost Satiety.

“Later on, I’ll make a restaurant. If it’s that, then more money can be earned.”

He seemed to be in acquaintance with the joy of a Lord whenever a new building pops up.
Taking advantages of the residents and users to develop estates, he could cultivate the mighty momentum produced through such means.
Adventures and quests can be call the interesting elements on the Versailles Continent; but as for the Lord, there was a more satisfying feeling.
The pride of ruling a place on the Versailles Continent!
While having direct management of the town and castle, it was like everything was bending to his will.
Next step, Weed headed toward the Farmhouse and the Granary.
The vicinity of Morata had long cleared its land and was cultivating wheat. In the barn, wheat bags were stacked alongside and among each other, and the farmers were working on the farmlands.
While the crops were harvested by them, the food prices in the village was reliably controlled, while excess food were shipped by Merchants' wagons and carried to other frontier towns in the North and sold at a premium value.
The effectiveness of Faith by the Freya Church bumped the crop yield up for this year.

Grain Warehouse

A warehouse storing harvested grains.
Stockpile of Wheat and Barley are reserved.
Inventory 32000 Ton of Wheat
19000 Ton of Barley

Morata’s agricultural space of 197000 Py[1]!
To relieve the food shortages, the policy was passed for an aggressive expansion of farmland.
Since the land that was once covered by the thick ice, fertile soil was created in its stead as the ice melts. While residents and the newly introduced nomads comfortably farm, there was a boom of farmlands.

“For Barley, the number will hit 1000000 fast.”

It was a far cry from being painful.
But that is not without problems.
Immigrating residents to Morata was excessively increasing.
The number of area and houses protected the walls of Morata village was only at 5400 houses!
Currently the number of residents was more than 60000.
Of these, the number of unregistered users was at 100 people.
The pure number of residents was a large number. Excluding the number of those who originally have lived in Morata, the number was 53000.
While they’re comfortably farming wheat, they built shabby houses out of straws to live outside of the town.
In which they formed a shantytown in Morata’s vast reclamation of land.

“Housing management window.”

Morata Village Housing Distribution

Morata Castle1
Wooden Houses960
Poor Thatch Cottages12953
With the deteriorating hygiene of the Poor Thatch Cottages, there is a great concern of an epidemic.
When the weather becomes cold in the winter, more than half of the people will be dead due to freezing.
Since Morata doesn’t have good public security, they are extremely vulnerable to Monsters’ attacks.

If there is an emergence of Monsters, then the Freya Paladins will diligently intercept them to ensure the residents’ safety. But there is still many unknowns in the North, if there is a major march by the horde of Monsters, they will be extremely vulnerable.

“Regional information window!”


Morata Province

A province once belong to the Nippleheim Empire.
In the past, it was a place for the Empress to live to relieve Herself from exhaustion.
Since the fall of the Nippleheim Empire, it was governed by Vampires.
Currently, gathering Mercenaries and adventurers, along with the protection under the Freya Church, residents are working together to revive hope.
Religious Influence83
Local Politic6Influence on Neighboring Vicinity83
Influence of the Nippleheim Empire*2%Urban Development97
Recently, there were concerns of the frequent raid of Monsters, however, residents no longer fret due to the completion of the Freya Statue.
Lack of water facilities and housings for residents to live.
There are many people with memories of the festival that took place a long time ago.
May make the lives of resident happier if they’re given multitude of sculptures.
The elegance of the town rose due to the trust and support given to the Artists.
While the residents are proud to have many more artworks than any of the other towns, they hope for a broader range of cultural facilities.
Industrial sewing techniques from the past are progressively transforming.
Techniques in the field of Iron are fairly rudimentary, Blacksmiths creation of weapons or armors are very immature.
The local faith believes in Freya. The faith of the residents is a good thing, and will not be easily sway.
The impact by the Freya Church takes appropriate forms: love is abundance, and characterized the people as hard-workers.
SpecialtyLeather and Cloth
Population of the Entire Province61689
Monthly Income from Tax27860 Gold
Village Operation ExpendituresMilitary 2%
Economic Development 34%
Investment in Culture 12%
Commissioned paid for Monster Subjugation 15%
Conservation of the Town 22%
Offering to the Freya Church 15%
*Influence affect area such as Military, Economy, Culture, Technology, Religion, Population, and Commission.


Even though currently, there are few problems, Morata had grown beyond its past self.

‘Investment in Culture? What’s going on here? I’ve never invested in such category.’

Weed was going around the vicinity of the South Entrance in the town, spending time locking himself in wonderment about the reason. In the midst of this, A bandit-like man with great physique and bloated beard approached him.

“Excuse me, are you a Sculptor?”

Weed reflexively scanned the man’s body in his Jeonshin mode.
Mithril Boots!
On the other hand, leather clothing and cloak that weren’t suitable for traveling had layers of debris.

‘In most cases, people dislike trouble so they change their clothing to something non-distinguishable when coming into a town, in order to hide their high levels.’

Including the Mithril Boots, the man didn't change his overall appearance like the norm. If the Mithril Boots had Movement Speed effects, then the expensive item’s base price would be at least 3000000 Won!
After Weed completed his quick scan, he carefully replied.

“That is correct.”

There were few things in his mind that would be the causes for alarm. Nevertheless, there was a willingness to answer due to one thing; and that was the man asked of the Sculptor. Since it was a question whether Weed was a Sculptor or not, then most likely, the request of him would somehow be associated with sculpting.
Weed doesn’t go a day or two without leeching off on others to survive.

‘Maybe it’s about when I ripped him off with before? Maybe I gave him a defect? If it’s not these, then what other business does he have with me?’

The man who was similar to a bandit breathe a sigh of relief, oblivious to the uneasiness of Weed who was currently filled with several intentions.

“Finally, I found one after searching the entire village. I searched for you after seeing the video of the sculpting of the Freya Statue. I need to ask a favor of you. If it’s true that you’re the Sculptor Weed, then I would appreciate it greatly if you carve me a sculpture.”

Weed gave an impression of being apologetic and shook his head.

“Thank you for looking me up, but I do not plan to make sculpture at the moment.”

Since the other side's rank seems high, Weed can try to extort a few pieces of Gold from him; but at the moment, it was difficult for him to sculpt anything at all so he refused.
And then, the bandit-like man cuffed Weed’s wrist in his hands and pleaded to Weed.

“It’s a vital request. Please, sculpt my daughter.”

Weed’s eyebrows narrowed.
There were a variety of targets to carve, but requests of doing a family member were the most difficult.

‘If it’s too pretty then they don’t like it; and if uglier than what they are in real life then they’d go crazy.’

When it comes to their cubs, parents won’t remain prettily, just like a hedgehog.
Wanting deliciously cooked food for the kid, or nag on and on at tailors to make pretty and comfortable clothing.

“Yes, that is so. My daughter, please carve her for me.”

The man blared out desperately.

“I understand.”

Weed wasn’t very enthused, but he supposed he might as well sculpt. He could see the urgency coming from the man; in addition, the Village Elder have not return as of yet.
Also, the by-standing users were clicking their tongue spouting harsh words.

“I feel sorry for that uncle.”
“That Sculptor usually only light up for the money huh…”
“One misstep and that (bandit)man can rip even the clothes off your back.”

There were many among the user base of Morata that has the same mindset as Weed. They too, like him, assumed the man was a high level user from noticing just his boots.

‘I can just ask Alberone to remove the curses anyway.’

Weed cemented his mind and said.

“Then, please bring you daughter here.”

The man shook his head dejectedly.

“That’s impossible.”
"Well, a picture of some kind…”
“There isn’t any.”
“If that’s so, then, you describe what the child is like.”

Weed pulled out a generously thick piece of wood. As he listens to the descriptions, he will try to come up with a concrete image to sculpt.
It was an impossible attempt if you have never taken on several hundreds of sculpture requests inside the village!
Due to the characteristic of sculpturing, he can essentially detailed out rough estimates before going onto the finer aspect of things.

‘I can’t do the eye, nose, and mouth well since I haven't heard anything about it.’

It can be said that is the woe of making a small wooden sculpture.
Going by the man’s description alone will not be enough, and there’ll be a concession of what the man ultimately want to make.

‘He’ll try to make it difficult as possible so there’ll be a lot of things to cover.’

However, instead of describing features, the man who had the appearance of a bandit began a dialog.

“The child’s mother is really beautiful. Her eyes are very clear, kind…a wife that’s...really too good for me.”
“It was when she and I have been married for five years. Although it was a bit late, she had our long awaited pregnancy, we had a day set to give birth too, you know. But…”
“We went to the hospital to have a screening done, and found out that she had become sick.”

The man began shedding tears.

“We went through the surgery and cure her of her illness, but we had to give up on the child. Due to the shock at the time, her body became unable to carry a child again.”
“Please carve her for me. Then she could have had a child. Our daughter, our world most beloved daughter, I would be happy with just a look of my daughter’s appearance…carve her for me. Euheoheoheoheong!”

The man dropped his neck and cried.
The users who were listening nearby in the middle of the street were also moved to tears.

“D, da, damn it!”
“Ima go hunt as much as I can.”
“Damn the Monsters. Ima kill you all.”

Filled with such overwhelming emotion that they wanted to take it all out on the Monsters.
Weed’s face paled with tension.

“My sculpture…are you going to keep it for yourself? Or will you show it to your dear wife also?”
“I will show it to her.”
“So she is on Royal Road…”

The man wiped his tears with his sleeves.

“Yes, she’s on with me. And I came here hearing of Sculptor nim’s reputation. But us…don’t worry about us. We are not crazy. Simply, our daughter, we just want to see our most beloved daughter in this game world, because we want to at least share our goodbyes. This way, we can have our peace of mind as well as something unforgettable…our daughter, we want to see her for the first, and the last time. I know, this is foolish and awkward and stupid. I know, but, I..but…”

The bandit-like man assert once again.

“What do you want in return for carving my daughter? I’ll give you the amount of your choosing, just please carve our daughter for us.”

Again, the man shed oodles of tears as he begged.
Weed spoke as he sighs.

“I will not make you a piece right now.”
“Money, is it because I lack money? I will pay you 10, no, 20 times more than other people.”
“That’s not what I mean. For me also, in this case, I’m not ready; and I don’t think a stick of wood is appropriate to carve your daughter.”

Weed once made an ice sculpture. It was of ice: sharp, and pretty, but was still cold. The coldness even penetrate him through his chest.
He realized then that the material of the sculpture influences the atmosphere of the whole composition.

“A lifeless piece of wood is a hardened thing that does not the disburse warmth. Even though, even if it'll be just once, it need to somehow represent family. Then, toward that goal…a piece made out of wood cannot do so.”

Weed continued on decisively.

“Something that's not cold…something that the warmth of life can be felt…not some hardened material. Through that mean, for the two of you, the piece can really be your beloved daughter. So I must prepare. I will do my best, but I cannot promise when it will be completed.”

The man sigh dramatically.
The situation was somewhat different than what he expected, but he could feel that Weed said what he did by no means was to avoid having to do it.
He sincerely intended to sculpt the daughter that was meant to be birthed by the man and his wife.

“Thank you. My wife and I look forward to it in Selchium of the Ritten Kingdom. And my name is Mandol.”
“My name is Weed. Upon the completion of the sculpture of your daughter, I will bring it to Selchium.”
“Even if you don’t bring it over, I will not put the blame on you. However, what is the price of the sculpture?”

Mandol asked in a slightly nervous tone.
Weed replied with a soft smile.

“It’s 1 Copper.”

END Chapter


    [1]Pyeong(평): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyeong


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