Dwarf Kingdom

“…class is over.”

They stood to bow to the leaving professor, and only the students needing to unwind remained.

“Barely made it.”

It was a day of a quiz regarding the technology of Virtual Reality. The beaten students who studied for the test the week before slumped and groaned onto their desks.
Lee Hyun still had a good countenance without a hint of fatigue. And as if they had truly know, the others thought to themselves.

‘Must be good knowing the fundamentals.’

They thought he knew of the content at a previous instance and was back learning again, sparing no cost paying for the tuition.
The lessons were on the principles and developmental potential of Virtual Reality; along with the results of dying and living in VR and how they affect the motor nerves in reality. It was fortuitous for him that he could write down the answers without having to cram as they continued to believe he was repeating the class.
But in comparison to the countless histories of the Versailles Continent, heroes, locations of villages, items, magic, and skills he had already memorized in his mind, he could answer a quiz on this level with his eyes closed.

“The test is over, do you guys want to get on Royal Road?”

The proposal came from Min Sura, who had been wanting to play.
Choe Sang Jun accepts.

“If you’re thinking about the going to the capsule room, I could not agree more. Since there's one here to for rent, let’s go to that place?”

Popularity of the capsule room, a place where people can connect to Royal Road was widespread. There were a lot in the university; from there, they resumed their conversation.
Lee Yu Jeong said.

“Rather, we should do that class assignment, the one about having an adventure in VR.”
“Ugh! We just finish with the test and here I thought it was all good and well; but there’s still this assignment.”

Their assignment was to have an adventure in Virtual Reality, specifically for them, it was to explore an actual dungeon in Royal Road.
An exploration in a team of seven, with the deadline being in two months!
Alternatively, they could opt out and take a midterm instead; but as the team members were scattered around various regions on the Versailles Continent, they were given a generous amount of time to do such project.
Lee Hyun was in group C.

“Anyway, let’s go to the capsule room. We’ll decide the rest later on.”

At Choe Sang Jun’s suggestion, the school buddies grabbed their bags and was getting ready.

“I…have busy work to do…”

Lee Hyun tries to get out of going to such a place, but Min Sura grabbed him and wasn't about to let him leave.

Oppa is also in the same group with us, and you've never once went with us to the room…today, come with us.”
“That’s right, if we’re in the same group, we should be comfortably cooperating with each other. Come together with us to the capsule room.”

Lee Hyun did not want to go to the capsule room.
The place was an expensive alternative just to log into Royal Road!
He had trouble understand why people would pay to go to the capsule room when they could access Royal Road anytime at home.


It was break time at the university, and the capsule room was crowded with students hanging about.

“Spots, for seven please.”
“You've come today too. Will you be playing Royal Road?”

The part-time student at the counter asked, and Choe Sang Jun gently nodded.

“Yes, is the capsule I always use available?”
“It’s empty. I’ll show you to it.”

This was a good indication that he would log into Royal Road whenever the class was over, or sometimes, he’d even skip classes to do so.
Min Sura’s eyes narrowed.

‘His attendance must be bad, his exam score must also be a mess.’

While his friends looked at Choe Sang Jun with pity filled thoughts, Lee Hyun had a different viewpoint.

‘So jealous.’

The capsule room regular!
The hourly rate of the capsule room can be as much as 5000 Won.
Because of the price of the capsule was expensive, the fee calculated of about this much must be correct.
Hence, Lee Hyun could not enumerate the pocket money he must have had to become a regular of the capsule room.

‘I’m not like these deep pocket guys.’

He admired Sang Jun's plentiful boldness and ambition.
In the capsule room, there were capsules with special purposes. The main screen inside the room launched with their individual gameplay.
Choe Sang Jun of the Black Lion Guild confidently disclosed his appearance; thanks to that, the capsule room attracted a lot of strangers.

“New armor.”

Along with the footages that came out just as Choe Sang Jun connected, the exclamations could be heard.

“Water Elementalist armor. Just for a level 280, the set costs more than 1.4 million Won.”

The set was recognized as something a lot of top users typically wore.

‘Because we have Sang Jun, we’re going to be able to do the dungeon exploration assignment easily.’
‘Such relief. We can leisurely prepare.’

Lee Yu Jeong was a level 200 Blade Master, but she was uneasy knowing of Min Sura, an Enchanter by trade who could not provide good enough assistance in combat. But now, she was relieved while looking at the reliable Choe Sang Jun.
Lee Hyun also approached the part-timer.

“Will you also get on Royal Road?”

Lee Hyun agonizes while nodding.

“Yes. Please get me a capsule.”

It was like throwing money away, but since he was already present, it was better than acting out a fool.
He decided if he was going to use money, he would raise even more on Royal Road than what he had spent.
His capsule was right next to Lee Yu Jeong and Min Sura.

“Then Oppa, cya later.”
“Have fun.”

Spending money in the capsule room!
Lee Hyun gave a light nod then entered capsule.


When Weed connected, peace was absent in those in Morata.
There was multitude of beginners looking for hunting parties consisting of just them; and going on quests together.

“Level 1. All the classless come here.”

At someone's beckoning, dozens of people gathered toward him.

“Looking for people to catch Rabbit.”

Currently, over 100 beginners gathered up.
There was no bothersome distinction to be made.
These people who didn’t even dress up in combatant’s clothing accumulated and proudly crossed the gate; hitherto, it seems to be the Merchant’s dream.

“In order to make camp, we need to build a bonfire…does anybody have a flint?”
“With our power, we'll be fine even with Wolves.”

Even though they were beginners, the number was frightening.
A crew of more than 100 novices!
Without exception, more than 10 parties consisted of nothing but beginners went to the field and hunted in front of the village.
More than a week in real life slipped pass since Weed was in the Domestic Affair Mode of the Lord.
He had intended to make ways toward the Dwarves Kingdom immediately after logging in, but the Soldiers seems to be starting their training a bit late at this time.

“Ven, Stam, Yuple.”
“Yes, My Lord!”

The Soldiers came to Weed and saluted ceremoniously.

“You guys must lead the others well.”
“Understood, My Lord!”
“I will follow the Lord’s command.”

The light in the Soldiers’ eyes were adamant, giving them enough validity.


Weed went hunting with these Soldiers four weeks earlier on the Versailles Continent.
Needless to say the hunt wasn't even decent for him. They were just catching Foxes, Rabbits, or Wolves in front of the town, and then traveled together to some easy dungeon.
Basic dungeon that has Kobolds, Rogues, Lions, Skeletons, and Ghouls.
In there, Weed displayed his absolute ability to conduct.

“Do not hesitate to draw your swords for the sake of the innocent residents.”
“GO! Do not rest your body! You must remember that in order to make the village safe, you have to hunt a lot of Monsters.”

Weed led the Soldiers and ceaselessly hunted.
There was no need to use the method like he had in the past, where he would bandage and cook in order to gain the trust of the Soldiers.

“Do it this way to cut away the Kobold.”

When Weed used the Sculpturing Blade and sharply cut it at the waist, the Kobold literally turned to gray.
The strength of one hovers above level 300!

“He is indeed the Lord!”
“He deserves to be an important Knight among the Knighthood with power of that extent.”

In reality, the current level of the conscripted Knights in town wasn’t even at 10.
Because of the disposition of the Soldiers, they were loyal to the Lord and respected his powers, and that was enough to gain their trust.

“Looks like the sword's Durability is nearly gone. Don’t you know how to take care of the sword?”

Weed threw in a comment, the Soldiers bowed while they were reprimanded.

“Sorry, Sire.”
“Here, let me see.”

Subsequently, at occasions, he would take their swords to repair, and he would only bandage the Soldiers liberally just before their death.
The eyes of the Soldiers changed.
Twinkle twinkle!

‘There is nothing our Lord can’t do.’
‘We need to become Soldiers with good judgment to protect the village.’

Loyalty quickly hit 100%.
Ven, Stam, and Yuple had the fastest growth; their levels were in the 30's and rose to Denarions.
Weed’s rapid hunting method.
While the routes taken shortened, breaks were also reduced.
The quickening result was achieved by working in combination with the Spearmen, Swordsmen, the Shield, and Archers.
The second week.
Weed led the Soldiers further into the depth of the dungeon.
When they were camping at night, flock of Monsters attacked.
It won’t make a bit of difference to Weed, not even as an after meal snack; but for the Soldiers, they were fighting for their very survival.

“The Skeleton’s too strong!”
“These Monsters are like in a different dimension comparing to those we fought till now.”

While listening to clamors of the Soldiers, Weed was sitting in the back sewing. He was manufacturing clothing as a hobby with fabrics Mapan brought him.
Nevertheless, he was never completely withdrawn from taking care of the Soldiers as he would immediately intervene at any dangerous juncture.
If it was not a time where he would have to draw his sword and jump in, he would just send commands in their direction.

“Swordmen, Spearmen, to the rear. Take a break. Shields, form formation and push back the enemies. Archers, fire the silver plated arrows!”

Weed took care of the Soldiers one by one, trying to keep them from dying. He tried to keep them from taking risks before combat, but still, they were barely able pull it through.
With the effects of the Light Tower and the blessing of the Clergymen of Freya, their growth quickens much faster with each hunt.

“Charge! No time to rest. Fight. Only one minute of rest after you kill all of your enemies.”

Weed used Lion's Roar while pushing forth his Soldiers.
The Soldiers grew stronger with the intensity of the training along with further increase of Familiarity.
Finally, at the end of four weeks, they became full-fledged Soldiers that lack nothing.
Ven, Stam, and Yuple levels were beyond 60, and became adept with the flow of battle and were able to make judgment for themselves.
They were promoted to Centurions.

“In order to defend Morata, more Soldiers are needed. From now on, you guys are role models for future Soldiers.”

To conclude the four weeks training, Weed gave them that speech.
The undisciplined Soldiers.
They underwent the hellish training and learn the minute details about battles as Soldiers.
It was an effective measure.

The Authority of an Experienced Instructor.
Having directly trained by His Majesty and under his Leadership, the Soldiers will dedicate unconditional Loyalty to Lord of Morata, Weed.
  1. The effect of Leadership rises by 3% permanently.

“Cherish the lives of your fellow colleagues. Along with them, you are to take care of the village.”
“Yes Sire! We will follow the Lord’s command.”

After them, Weed reeled in an additional thousand Soldiers. Because Morata’s proximity was has widened, they needed to have more Soldiers.
While only actively invested commercially which resulted in the explosive growth of the economy; now it was time to invest in the military.
At this time, the territories of Morata were half of Rosenheim Kingdom, so they needed more Soldiers in comparison to before.
Keeping the peace is also one of the important tasks of the Lord, after all.
Consequentially resulted in a slight reduction of bold investments into technological development, increase housing, improving crops and industrialization.
It was just an eventuality: he was stepping closer day by day towards an evil Lord’s dream of future exploitation through the adjustment of the tax rate.


Regaining himself after revisiting those past four weeks, Weed moved to a remote hill away from the village of Morata.

“Wah-il, Wah-thul, Wah-sam!”[1]

He called forth the Wyvern sculptures he once infused life into.
Far beyond the mountains of Morata, six dots emerged. Those flecks expanded with huge wings and were approaching at a high velocity.
Along with the group of Wyverns, the glittering golden Geumini[2] was riding atop Wah-il.
Weed was thrilled witnessing their imposing appearances.

“You’re all alright!”

He looked relieved, the look of those who place their money into a safe!
As soon as the Wyverns landed on the ground, they waddled toward him and nudged him using their bodies affectionately.

“Master, good to see you.”
“We missed you too, too much.”

While in Todoom, Weed’s Leadership and Charisma didn’t have a significant growth.
However, for the Wyverns, his existence was that of a parent!
They showed intimacy that was no different than that towards a biological father.

“Hmm guys, I think you’ve gained a little weight.”

The Wyverns eyes blinked and shook their heads.
The kind of attitude of pretending not understanding when someone speaks English.
In reality, they got fatter once they became too lazy; and later on it became harder for them to fly. They hunted preys while mainly staying on the ground.
Due to the retreat of the cold in the North, the Wyverns also felt a sense of crisis with the large scale of Monsters activities.

‘The preys are also serious business.’
‘We have to stay alive here.’

The Wyverns original disposition was that they could take to the sky.
Their inherent specialty was aerial combat, while Geumini was to shoot arrows.
They noticed that the Monsters in the North were stronger, so they fought with the mindset of defending their territory.
The territories of Morata!
They lived everyday while hunting Monsters.
When they were first granted life, their levels were around 323.
They battled against the Legion of Immortality, and with the Northern Expedition, they fought against the Bone Dragon!
While experiencing most of their battles with Weed, their levels also reached the 360's.
Facet accumulated on their lustrous wings and such effects. Their bodies were scarred, giving them an imposing appearance.

“Well, it’s not like you’re severely obese or anything. It must have been hard during the time I wasn’t around.”

Weed carefully applied bandages to cover up the inscribed wounds they received during those time.


The Wyverns thanked frivolously as he rub their bodies.
The clothing he made for them to cope with the cold of the North from Wolf Leathers had become tattered.
However, comparing to the Monsters that did not have the armor, the Wolf Leather clothing gave them a considerable effect. They boast significant help in tight victories against other sizable Monsters in their territorial disputes.
Weed spoke faintly while collecting the Wolf Leather clothing that had severely past their expiration date.

“You must have had a lot of troubles. Eat more.”

The happy Wyverns showed extreme elation to the Weed who had returned!
They had thought with his homecoming, so would the abuse and smacking, but this was really a good thing.

‘The owner has become a human now.’
‘I knew that he was not a rude master.’

The affinity of the Wyverns seemed to have risen dramatically.
Wah-sam turned around and extruded his back.

“Master, if you want to ride, ride on my back. Is there a place where you want to go?”
“There is so let’s finish it here.”

Weed immediately got on Wah-sam’s back.

“The goal is southward. It is now time for a trip!”

Whenever the Wyvern flapped his wings, Weed climbed higher and higher into the sky.
Daylight was fading away far behind the sky, and they flew in the night sky among the scattering stars.
Kureungreung-kwagwagwang! Kwangkwang!
They flew into an area where a bunch of clouds suddenly amassed, pouring rain and thunderbolts struck.
In the cold rain, Weed and the Wyverns’ bodies were soaked.
The frustratingly rain continued to pour; falling onto some brightly lit nameless villages and castle.
The lush weeds’ bodies tilted to the will of the wind, while the rain was stirring on the surface of the river.
The risen river flooded to and fro at a place where fishermen congregated.
Members of hunting parties, as well as individual Adventurers could be seen running through the prairies.
Hanttam. Hanttam.
Weed was sewing while seated on the back of the Wyvern.
He was creating new armor for the Wyverns by recycling the torn Wolf Leather they were using.
He was hard at work without a care in the romanticism of the splendor of Mother Nature!
Only Weed could understand his sentiment.

‘No need to be hasty, working hard step by step and the number will accumulate making this a joyous trip! The real enjoyment, not like those fake happy glued-on eyes on those dolls for 10 years old. The excitement is similar to the thumping in my chest at this high elevation. In this way, when I work hard, I’m really unaware of the time.'

The endowed innate temperament which was perfected through accumulated experiences; now he was taking pleasure in the steps of laborious tasks!

“Is that the Mubain Castle?”

Weed shot up on the Wyvern’s back.
On the ground, a castle with pointy spires and huge walls could be seen.
The castle that was currently occupied by the Lord Crescendo of the Black Serpent Guild!
It wasn’t the capital of a kingdom but many users have gathered in the huge metropolis. The number of users was unparalleled even to those of the Rosenheim Kingdom Seraborg; Mubain was something comparable to that of the Somren Liberty City.

“Master, is that place the destination?”

Wah-sam asked while flapping his wings strenuously.
Weed shook his head.

“Nah. We only have a little more to go till we get there.”
“Alright, Master.”

Wah-sam continued on.
They passed by Mubain, along with several other towns and castles. But Weed did not tell them to descend to those locations.

‘The secret of Sculpturing Skill. If I go by the Goddess Freya’s revelation, I might be right if I just go there without checking Human's towns.’

He thought it’d be in vain if he stops to investigate, so he wanted to directly go to the location he initially assumes to be correct from the get go.
They flew for three more hours.
About five hours have passed after they flew over Mubain Castle.

“It..it’s hard, Master. Substitute someone else to get there.”
“Just hang on.”
“Ho…how much longer is ther…”
“We’re almost there.”

Wah-sam was flapping with his dying strength.
The tip of his wings were shaking hard, informing him that exhaustion was reaching its max.
This might be the first time that the Wyvern’s wing power was about to give out.
Two more hours passed by and Wah-sam was essentially pleading.

“Master, please, let’s take a break!”
“We’ll be there soon.”

Another hour passed.

“I…I’m really tired…so…can the other sibling switch in for me, Master?”

The other Wyverns were flying at a distance from where they were. From the time when Wah-sam first got tired, they distanced themselves in advance with this specific situation in mind.
The Wyverns’ intelligence when it comes to this, was excellent.
Whether they were horses or Wyverns, their momentary acceleration was extremely fast, but their endurance was rather low. In addition to the duration of the flight, they would be hard pressed to keep afloat while carrying Weed.

“Annoying. If it’s just a bit more, why are you making it such a hassle getting there?”

The tone that relays that affection was running dry!
If Weed wasn’t the parent figure to him, Wah-sam would have betrayed Weed already.
This is the reason why children put up with their parents hypocrisies!
So Wah-sam endured a little more and gently asked again.

“Master, how much longer?”
“Now, we just got a bit more to go.”

Weed’s indifferent words cruelly spat out.
If it was just ‘a bit more to go,’ then they would have been done by the time they passed by the proximity of Mubain.
From then, they flew for four more hours.
The mountains and mountainous ranges on the ground were huge.
Dense forest with plenty of trees, tunnels drilled in on the side of the mountains, and Dwarves that had no difficulty crossing said mountain could be seen.
The scenery of the lustrous green mountain that could be seen from the sky was breathtaking, but Wah-sam’s optics had long changed to yellow.

“Whew, just 2 more hours now and we're there.”


Unlike the other kingdoms that were on the plains or beside a river, the Thor Kingdom was unusually lined throughout three mountainous ranges.
Norn Mountain, Ulta Mountain, Saigorn Mountain.
The kingdom that grew alongside the Dwarves over 600 years.
The kingdom of those with extremely dominating specialization.
Gold, Silver, Platinum, Amber, Sapphire, Jade, Diamond, Malachite, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Ruby, Opal, and countless other gems. As well as minerals such as Iron, Copper, Bronze, and Mithril.
From these, along with the Dwarves’ refinement and carving abilities, they were manufactured into good befitting the Thor Kingdom's notability.
Innately, Dwarves were given the Handicraft skill; and because of the fact that they were abundant in metal, a lot of whom became Blacksmiths that creates swords and armors.
The goods that were made by the Dwarves could sell anywhere at a premium without as much as saying a word, and they even give out additional commerce Experiences.
For that reason, Merchant never cease from visiting the Thor Kingdom.
However, Dwarves of the Thor Kingdom does not feel even the slightest euphoria. Their one and only agonizing fault.

END Chapter


    [1]"와일아, 와둘아, 와삼아!" : Basically, their names are just WAH(colloquially) and a number, in this case 1, 2, 3. The reason I chose to spell out the numbers unlike going with numbered Geomchi is because there's only six Wyverns, whereas there are 505 Geomchis. If I were to spell out Geom-499-chi, it'd be Geom-sahbaekkushipku-chi, rather long winded.I seem to remember that the Wyverns' name has this suffix "ii" to it though, so i may have to change this later.
    [2]Geumini(금인이) : His name in English is Goldman. Opt out going with the romanized Korean since google translate won't translate this either. Personal preference, really.


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