Volume 13: 01 - 05

[Chapter 1]Skeleton Knight
[Chapter 2]The Princess’s Knight
[Chapter 3]The Historic Battle
[Chapter 4]Weed’s Return
[Chapter 5]A Symbol of Prosperity that is Morata

Skeleton Knight

Weed knocked on his jaw and looked at his body.
The appearance of a perfect bone set devoid of any flesh!
This was all due to the Power to Deny Death that he was able to resurrect as an undead.
The body looked weird with nothing but bones, but comparing to the last time, this set seemed to be thicker and more nutritiously filled with power.

  1. Have returned from darkness of the abyss. The skill level of the Power to Deny Death has increased by one. Reached Beginner level 2.
  2. Health will gain an extra 3%, 1% derived from the Power of Darkness.
  3. Additional effect will be granted by fighting more wickedly.
  4. Possibility to raise the Undead increases.
  5. After resurrection, the number of available type within the category increases as well as the skill level.

It was impossible to gain experience for the Power to Deny Death any other way.
The only way was to die.

“Character information!”

Character NameWeedAlignmentUndead
Level354ClassSkeleton Knight
Fighting Spirit922EnduranceInfinite
Perseverance665Physical Resistance470

*Due to the unique characteristic of the Skeleton Knight, You do not
feel fatigue.
*Sword skills +2.
*Due to the power of darkness covering the entire body, add additional
damage and Defense.
*Extremely vulnerable to Holy magic.
*Weakens before the sun and fire.

Weed’s original level was 355. Having died, his level dropped by one.
Mastery of skills also dove considerably.
Having already died plenty, he took a deep breath and could somewhat calmly accepted it. Hard work will refill the proficiency once again.

“Skeleton Knight. Been a while since I can move my body, need to get this off my chest.”

Weed drew the sword and cut the Ghost Knight that killed him.


All the Ghost Knights suddenly blocked each and every one of his potential paths.
Still, they had not attacked Weed just yet, because they could not tell whether he was an ally or an enemy.
He was an undead that had a cursed skeleton for a physical body.
But due to Weed’s preemptive attack, they all raised their rusty sword, rotten shield, and broken lances towards him.

“Painful, so painful.”
“Painful. The suffering came from humans, that skeleton too isn’t one of us.”
“We were betrayed. This traitor. Unng, I’ll kill ya.”

Large number of Ghost Knights took place.
To finish the fight and return to their slumber.
As time passed, more and more Ghost Knights and Soldiers spawned from the ground.
These ghosts!
They were those who were betrayer of friends, sinned against their king, and committed treason against their country.
Within a few seconds, 30 or more enemies returned and ready to fight.
Even after having been reborn as a fleshless being by the Power of Darkness, the answer for his resurrection was as clear as day.

“Stone Skin.”

Weed’s white bones hardened like stones.
The amount of Mana was too small so he could not use his attacking Skills anymore after that.

“You’re a traitor, buddy. You’ll suffer like us!”

A Ghost Soldier came running in first.
Weed quickly leaned to avoid the oncoming lance, then he stretched his sword toward the assailant’s neck.

A fatal blow!

The ghost became a blurred smoke then disappeared.
When he was alive, as a fault of the Sculptor class, his stats were evenly distributed matching to his profession. Art, Faith, and Appeal all played a role on his low Strength.
But after having been reborn as a Skeleton Knight, his damage output was incredibly high. Similarly with Agility, his moving speed has gotten noticeably faster.
His base defense had also increased greatly.
Weed continued to advance while taking a beating from all direction.
There was no need to be cautious of distant enemies.

‘I only need to concentrate at this point.’

With multiple attacks coming in at the same time, he countered them by hitting the weapons, and then uses the technique to disarm the lot of entangled weapons.
Still, colleagues of those adversaries did not stop the assault.
Lances pierced through Ghost Soldiers’ body as they attacked.
Weed brandished his sword as if he had already anticipated the attack coming from the rear.
He fought as if he was possessed.
He had a constant flow within the battle.
Having already fought for a day or so, the number of them kept growing for at an enormous rate.
Synchronized breathing with the attacks of the enemy and his own movements.
He assimilated himself at this point.
Weed’s movements had surpassed his earlier ability with the sword.
The possibility of this was no less owe to the role of the Skeleton Knight.
Because of the physical limitation of being human, commitment made to vigorous movement at every time seems moot. With quicker movements, more stamina is consumed and will soon tire oneself out.
Let’s say at the earlier part of the battle, 100% of the damage can be carried out; however, along with the decrease of Stamina, the damage output also decreases.
In the case of Defense, Stamina plays a small role even if it had been severely depleted; but Physical Resistance, Perseverance, Wisdom, and many others all will be greatly affected by Stamina.
However, thanks to the unique characteristic of the Skeleton Knight, he never gets tired. Even an hour of constant battling, Stamina remained as it is without fail.
Furthermore, he doesn’t get hungry.
Weed was immersed in the fighting, but he felt so miserable.

“Because of the Sculptor I miss out on the Skeleton Knight!”

Grief and chagrin!
In exchange, he fought vigorously with every bone in his body.
With the countless of combat experiences in here, as well as the learned swordsmanship in real life.
Even with the Skills, he still must confront in direct battles.
As a reward, Weed gained his body perfectly under his control.
Although not akin to that of Geomchi’s, his mindset was nothing short of comparatively.
The fourth floor of the Tower of Heroes tests one’s sword skills and determination.
If he flinched from the enemy’s attacks, more and more of these ghostly adversaries would gather and wouldn’t allow him to penetrate.
This stage was not meant to be passed by those with weak heart.

‘Give ma flesh and whittle to the bones.’

Whenever Weed’s heavy stride stepped forward, huge number of Ghost Knights and Ghost Soldiers falls in its quake.


From Weed’s mouth, shouts of excitement erupted.
During this impossible challenge, he was having fun. Whether it’ll be successful or end in failure, he no longer cares!
In return, Weed’s elbow and wrist violently broke.
Spectacular sword wielding. In contrast to the impossibility in reality, it was possible here.
With the usage of Skills, the attacks can be even more bizarre; but without having Mana to use, he mainly fought by brandishing his sword and stabbing.

‘The sword should not be stopped; to retain the state of force when cut.’

After acquiring the Heraim Sword Skill, he pretty soon discovered the gist of this since experiencing it.
With the scream of the sword coming down from an attack, the repulsion force of blocking forces him to be in a momentary delay. But now under the same situation, he no longer block but instead attack.
Weed’s Swordsmanship Skill was at Intermediate level 4!
Of course, it was not something comparable to the Geomchis’ Skill which was at the Advanced levels. Due to the nature of a Sculptor, the growth of the skill was twice as slow as theirs.
But now, the rate lined up due to the fact that he was a Skeleton Knight; and along with this attribute, his power was also flawless.

“Though a Skeleton Knight, still he’s a great knight.”

With the ongoing battle, the attitude of the Ghost Knights has changed.

“Our mission is to stop you here.”
“Pain, this sucks… In exchange for the betrayal I have to undergo this eternal torment.”
“We are of the Knights. So I acknowledge your strength and courage.”
“But we cannot allow you to pass here.”

Nearing the 8th time he penetrated through the hordes of ghost knights on the fourth floor, they began rushing in more violently.
Weed faithfully relied on just his sword.
There was no other option, and with the given infinite amount of Stamina, the only thing to do was to wield the sword.
Similar to the scarecrows back in Saraborg Castle!
Except for brief breaks in between, he had never wield a sword so tirelessly before.
So neglecting everything, he fought on.
Finally, there wasn't a single Ghost Knight or Ghost Soldier blocking his way any longer.
Before Weed, a white staircase was seen.
He passed the fourth floor challenge!
With one step at a time, he proceeded to the end; climbing the stairs leading to the fifth floor of the Tower of Heroes.

“A great knight.”
“It has been an honor.”

With that, the ghosts no longer rushed at him, showing proper etiquette. Though having been battered, they acknowledged their defeat.

‘Seems like even though they have been ghosts and specters for a long while, they still retained some of their codes even after death.’

Weed checked on the state of his body.
63% remaining HP.
Thanks to the Power to Deny Death, the base health was enormous.
He shed the Talrock Armor and Divine Integral Rings and such; and in their places, he wore the armor made of the dragon’s bones as well as the Payrote’s Ring, which increases his mana recovery.
Normally, he maintained all of his equipments in their best state by means of repairing. Thanks to his constant care, though having been through a lot just now, their Durability were still above 80%. Now he donned a much harder armor that was made from dragon’s bones.
The Durability of the sword was still at 75%.

‘It’s enough.’

Weed turned away from the stairs in front of him. And from behind, the Ghost Knights rushed with their swords swinging in slow motion.

“It hurts!”
“Wh…why is this plaguing us!?”

The knights and soldiers clamored and struck.
They were barely hanging on and were suffering.
They passed through the gateway after having climbed the stairs in order to pit themselves against Weed.
Weed did not speak of an answer.

‘I have never refused any quests, monsters, or challenges to fight.’

Back on Continent of Magic, Weed did not know how to refrain himself.
If it was something obtrusive, whether they were people or monsters, he simply shattered and pierced through all.
Smash everything, crushes all.
Those were the days where he would stand alone amongst all those eradicated.
On the stairs of the fourth floor leading to the top, that disposition of the Jeonshin Weed was resurrected.


Jeong Ilhun was staring at the phone.

“The time for the phone to ring is coming.”

He was Geom-2-chi in Royal Road!
Jeong Illhun hospitably took care of Orc Seechwi. And yet his feelings deepened as he got to know more about her.
The Jeong Ilhun who would make a complete fool of himself in opposition to a woman, but somehow he could comfortably deal with Seechwi.
Eventually, the two became lovers in Royal Road.
And today, she had said she would call Jeong.

“How long must I wait.”

Jeong Ilhun joyously spoke.
The expensive dating service phone call, the old bachelor that was difficult to pull away from the phone call with a woman that would requires a card to talk to.
But he never thought he would have a girlfriend to give him a call!
Jeong Ilhun heard the phone rang once and immediately picked it up.

“Yes! I’m Jeong Ilhun!”

His voice tightened to that of a recruit in the service.

‘Forgot that I had 7 raw eggs, is my voice gunna be ok?’
He never once been troubled over this fact. But still, being on a call with somebody he loves, anyone would start to care a little.

-Hello, Mr. Ilhun.

Over the line, a melodious voice of a woman was heard.
Jeong forehead began to furrow.

‘It’s not her voice.’

She was suppose to have strong nasally sound. Groggy like a man, rusty voice.
Her voice was not pretty.
Jeong Ilhun spoke quickly with a harsh tone.

“I don’t want to sign up for a card. Don’t want to use a loan phone. Don’t want to join a high speed communication network. Please disconnect because I urgently need the phone.”

For a bachelor on the phone, with calls that comes, it needs to go instead of having being hung up on. He believed the phone call right now was for a lending or some subscription, and told them off!
But this was Joeng Ilhun’s mistake.

-I’m guessing you’re busy, Mr. Ilhun. I insisted to make a call at this time…well, I guess I’ll go. I’ll try and call again tomorrow.

“Ah! Wait! Could you be Seechwi?”

-Yes, that’s right.

He could hear a light laughter coming from over the phone as she answered.
The call with Orc Seechwi was a bit awkward.
That was her race in Royal Road. So of course, her voice there was not something common. Just like an Orc, she’d chwiichwii, along with a stale and groggy voice.
Because of that, Jeong Ilhun mistook that as her original voice; but still, he did not realize the truth.

‘The voice on the phone seems to be in pretty form. Maybe just like me, she ate a few raw eggs.’

However, having received his first call from her, Joeng Ilhun was already happy with that fact alone.
Five minutes of talk!
Even though he could easily hold the heavy metal sword with just one hand; he held the receiver with both.
This was the most intense of time ever in Joeng’s life.
His calls always simply to the point; even when he spoke to his apprentices, it never once passed the seventh syllable mark.
Let’s go!
Keep it up.
Get them!
Seal the door shut.
Let’s eat.
He primarily spoke in short and concise answers; and this was the most interesting time he ever had on the phone. Though just the talk was about the little stories in Royal Road, what they had for breakfast, and a bit of catching up to some extent, he was happy.

‘Free 300 minutes. I can see why they gave out this service.’

Now the call must end.
Hearing her sweet voice was good, but now his heart filled of delight made it hard for him to continue the call.
The lack of topic was another issue.

‘Talked about the weather, abusing politicians, military stories, even talks about soccer; I’ve ran out of things to talk to her.’

He finished all the conversation prepared to talk with a girlfriend already, he figured he should end it neatly and take a rain check for another day. Knowing that he could share a conversation with her at any time, there was no need to be impatient.

“To have shared the dialogue with you, it was an honor, miss Seechwi!”

-No, it was good to hear Ilhun ssi’s voice for me too.

“Phone call is good but it’d be nice if we can meet directly.”

Without much forethought, Jeong Ilhun spoke clearly unconsciously.
She readily agreed.

-Well, shall we?


He took in a deep breath as he heard it. It was something incredible that he could listen tens of thousands times over.

-Let’s meet tomorrow at around noon. Our first meeting….I would like this very much. I’ll pack kimbap and liked to have lunch with you. Is it alright if we meet at the Dojang?

“Ki, kimbap?”

-Why, do you not like kimbap?

“N, n, n, no, no ma’am! I really love kimbap. I look forward to meeting you! If by chance you’re late, or something came up tomorrow, and even if you don’t come, I’m looking forward to it!”

Jeong Ilhun screams into the handset!
The call got cut off.


He sat in a daze. After a long while needed to clear his mind, the other instructors came out and the lot of apprentices could be seen.
Choe Jongbeom, Ma Sangbeom, and Lee Indo!
Though not the violent types, they were sturdy guys that deserved to be called monsters of the human species.
Some while after he initially saw his brothers that he could finally hear them.
Rather than a dream, it was his reality.

“Did the call with Seechwi nim go well?”

At their questions, Jeong Ilhun nodded his head.

“Yea, it went well. Though tomorrow she’s coming with kimbap.”
“Ki, kimbap…

An explosive reaction from all the practitioners.
Lee Indo remained the calmest of the lot.

“Did you mean she’s coming with bought food from Kimbap Haven or hand-packed one?”
“The latter. She said she’ll also put in tuna.”
“Including tuna!”

The entire body of people was envious of Jeong Ilhun.


The final fifth story!

  1. Reached the final stage of the Tower of Heroes.

Charisma increases by 10.

Strength increases by 15.

Fighting Spirit increases by 60.

  1. Having been able transcend the limit, You will obtain valuable EXP.

Level has increased.

Level has increased.

Improved permanent stats, along with two levels.
Weed’s level once again hit 356.
With the given levels accolades, he granted all the stat points to Agility.
Passing through the fourth floor has leveled his sword skill, and now it has reached Intermediate level 5.
Fighting against the undefined number of spawning specters improved his proficiency considerably.
Only after the completeness of the battle that he realized his sword was down to 23% Durability. It was his willingness to fight against the Ghost Knights and Ghost Soldiers that the drop was so much.

“We succumbed to a great warrior.”
“Our life, concluded.”

No longer did they want to receive Weed’s damaging blows and having to revive for more.
Fundamentally, the specters having been at the receiving end of the endless suffering, their mind was already weak. And now, their pride, confidence, fighting spirits, all collapsed.
On the fourth floor, Weed repaired his equipment and waited until he was in perfect condition before climbing the stairs to the fifth.

‘Some great thing awaits.’

He refused to be scared or dreaded.
There was no doubt that the fifth barrier of the Tower of Heroes was something difficult.
He took in deep breaths and had already put an end to the jittering.
When he arrived to the fifth floor, the expectation of a Monster filled area broke into nothingness; instead, a round table could be seen.
There laid different copies of books.
《Blade Master》
《Kung-Fu Master》
A total of 11 books of golden glow.

“Well that’s vague.”

Weed realized he must select one.
If he was an adventurer type of class, he could have use either ‘Research' or 'Observation’ skill on them. Which could allow him to see if there was some hidden trap, or permits him to investigate on the books.
It could be said that this was one of the privileges of being an adventurer type.
Understandably, this was not a skill existed for the Sculptor class. And while being the Skeleton Knight, he had no such skill either.

“Make no difference to me then.”

Weed agonized for a moment then opened up the book for the Knight.
He reserved a bit of interest in either the Thief or the Hunter. But in his current self as a Skeleton Knight, he picked up the matching class's book instead.
From a distance, it seemed as if a skeleton from an anatomy class was inconceivably reading a book.

“Times of war. The Kings fought in competitive wars of invasion. Due to the expanding human’s territories, the Goblins, Demons, Elves, and Dwarves resisted terribly. From all across the borders, the aggressive Monsters made life on the huge continent impoverish to all. Incompetent rulers and corrupted noblemen, and the brutality of the Monsters all drove lives into those of rotting corpses, lain out everywhere. The fate of all Humans, the other species, and that of the Monsters rested on the battle at the Jagsen Plains, located at Bromba Kingdom of 102 years in the past.”

Weed read the book up to there.
Then the area around him was engulfed in light.

“Kill him!”
“Dirty bastards! Cut up the garbage of the Bromba Kingdom!”
“Elite warriors of the Mapon Kingdom! Fight and win!”
“For the glory of Her Majesty!”

Weed awoke in a place filled with noises. Not only that, it was too chaotic of a place.
Drakes soaring in the sky while pumping out fire; while from a distance, Archers and Magicians were pouring out their attacks.
A gigantic battlefield!
Weed fell in the middle of a large scale battle that was taking place.


Shouts from afar along with the sounds of incoming collection of rocks.
Weed thought that mobilizing onto his feet wasn’t a good idea, but that was a mistake. There were giant one eyed Cyclops pulling stones from dug into the ground and tossing them as hard as they could.
The stone flew in the sky ripping through the wind, landed on the ground and shattered apart.
Soldiers and Knights who were the unfortunate souls that caught the rocks clamored.

“Please save me!”

The commanders remained undeterred.

“As Bromba Kingdom’s soldiers, die with honor!”
“Don’t let them get slaughtered like that!”

The soldiers were at war with themselves.
Humans versus Humans; as well as the Enchanters attacks.
Along with a massive march of legion of Monsters coming toward them from a distance.
Suddenly, a white horse was next to Weed.
Though not being able to fly like the Pegasus, it was still a well defined and muscular horse.
The horse stuck his tongue toward Weed’s skull.
His skull was slobbered like having a dog putting sunscreen on him with its tongue. The white horse showed a sign of affection towards Weed.
Weed reassessed his situation.

‘I was reading the Knight’s book on the top floor of the Tower of Heroes…then this place must be the Palrangka Conflict on the Jagsen Plains.’

His immediate situation was in one of the fiercest battle on the Versailles continent, the Palrangka Conflict!
Seven kingdoms that held powers on the continent fought at this battle on the Jagsen Plains. Especially those of the Bromba and Mapon kingdoms, who fought as if to devour one another.
At the climax of the Human made battle, the Monsters army intervened. They marched toward the smell of blood from a long distance to be included in the conflict.
Other species were also involved.
The Elves and the Barbarians, who no longer want to lose anymore of their nests, also came to the plains.
Cumulatively, all resulted into this.
Each race, with each respective flags held high, attacked everything in order to live.
Sturdy Barbarians swung their swords and clubs while the Elves penetrated the troops with their emanating bows.
But they weren't secured either. From behind, these species were rushed by Monsters who gathered like the clouds.
In the midst of this battlefield, standing at its center, was Weed.
To make matter worse, there was a girl riding on the white horse that chewed him.
The girl was even prettier than the beautifully grown flower that came from Morata!
She delicately looked at Weed and opened her red lips.

“Knight nim, I believe that you are the one. Please take me to where it’s safe.”


The request of Princess Remy

The first Princess of a small country on the frontier with a population of 80000 people, Isran.
She likes the sea and wanted to live at home. But she was scheduled to become the Crown Prince of Bromba fifth concubine.
However, due to the sudden outburst and the escalation of the war, the two could not be wedded because the Crown Prince had entered the fray of the battle.
She wants to go home again.

Quest difficultyHeroic History Quest
compensationExperience in the combat of History, may become the Hero of History.
quest RestrictionHaving gained the Princess’s favor, the Knight cannot refuse.

Weed was conflicted for a while.

‘How should I do this?’

Weed had received a lot of seemingly impossible quests before, but he could see route for each to some extent.
He was in a temporary standstill, so Princess Remy red lips puffed up and spoke.

“For me, there’s no one else but Knight nim. Even now, in your current cursed form; though strange, I can still tell. All I know that it is Knight nim who will help me.”

You have accepted the quest.

Completely option-less!
The quest had just accepted itself.
For the Knights, some of these cases do occur.
Whether it was the frail women, aristocratic women, or their enshrined lord’s will, they could not refuse.
This was a characteristic of the Knights!


Weed felt the cold wind blowing through his ribs.
He looked around; the place was flooded with Monsters, Humans, Elves, and Barbarians.
One of the most intense battles in history, the Palrangka Conflict!
He was to deliver the Princess away from here.
The beauty and the white horse.
Enemies everywhere!
This perfectly fits into the romance of the Knight.
And there were even the high-leveled fire-breathing monster Drakes.
Along with the fact that the current human Knights who were fighting seemed to be at level 300 at the very least.
The ordinary Soldiers were also formidable. Beings of the warring age, they were high level soldiers.
Not to mention the Barbarians, Elves, and Monsters ranking from lower tier to the top, along with giant monsters, all presented.
Plenty of them, if not at the rank of Lich Shire, were about the class of the Vampire Lords.
Extensive range magic blasts all around; huge rocks flew for a great distance and when lands, dented the earth and ruptured as easily as an egg spattering.
He must work alone and survive while escorting the Princess on the white horse to breakthrough the battlefield, ranging in miles.

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The Princess’s Knight

Weed’s eyes shone sharply.

‘Anyway, I can only do my best.’

Having received the commission, he could not back out.
As the fight goes on, he would not have a single moment of rest; Weed courteously bowed to the waist.

“Remy; no, Princess.”
“Yes, Knight nim.”

Princess Remy’s starry eyes were looking down on Weed.
In Weed’s eyes, he saw her small and delicate feet and calves.
To some men, the women’s feet were poisonous things. But Weed did not have such a hobby.

“You must be willing to believe in me. Do not be alarm of whatever happens, you must trust only in me.”
“Yes, I understand. My life, I will leave it in thee.”

Weed ended it there and did not talking anymore.
The Human troops approaching were increasing in number all around them; and flying rocks as well as magic spells were at their doorstep.
This place they stumbled on was on the verge of becoming a vortex of the war.
Weed modestly accepted the rein to become the master of the white horse.
He then pulled the Princess up and placed her behind him.
The horse lightly neighs.
While one hand holding onto the rein, the other pulled out a sword.

Have equipped the Knight of Kallamore Kingdom Koldrim’s sword; Reputation will increase by 2500.

  1. Attack Speed increases.
  2. Strength increases.
  3. Agility increases.
  4. With the powerful Charisma, will overwhelm weaker Monsters.
  5. The power of the Ice Daemon retained in this blade.

Weed tapped the horse to accelerate towards the center of the enemy’s camp.

“Go, giddy up!”

With each of its propagating steps, the white horse accelerated to a scary speed.
This steed was in another dimension when comparing to the colt he had to accept back in Rosenheim Kingdom, during the operation in the Lair of Litvart.
A Knight’s assault is significantly affected by the charge of the horse.
A good steed isn't all based on its stamina or speed, even its gene is deliberate when raising one from conception.
For the most valuable of horses, the beginning of the deliberation starts at the horse's lineage!
He did not know, but he could tell that the horse he was currently riding must have been extremely expensive.
Due to the horse’s terribly rapid sprint, the wind was getting sliced up before them.
A speed comparable to an arrow in flight.
Weed’s eyes widened and held out his sword.
From now on, the only thing he felt was the hilt of his blade. He did not feel the tender and delicate warmth of the Princess who was hanging onto his back.


Swordsmanship Dojang.
Jeong Ilhun, dressed in his uniform, was waiting for Cha Eunhee.

“Yes, Sahyeong.”
“Women say, appearance isn’t everything. So you shouldn’t mind that, k?”

Cheo Jongbeom made haste and spoke.

“Your words are right.”

Ma Sangbeom also patted him.

“I believe Miss Seechwi is fair in nature. And she seems to like you. She’s even coming to the Dojang to meet you, you know?”

She'd even bringing homemade kimbap over too.
The appointed time was approaching.

“Calm your heart for the moment, yo.”

For Jeong Ilhun, it was his shyly first love. He had more butterflies in his stomach due to this first actual meeting than any of the swordsmanship competitions.
It was the same for Cheo Jongbeom, Ma Sangbeom, and Lee Indo.
It was something really unexpected. Their first Sahyeong got a girlfriend.
Although the subject in question was an Orc: a foul, ugly, and a fat Orc, it was something they could congratulate him on.
They all watched them during their adventures in Royal Road; Seechwi’s wisdom was something that could rival Jeong Ilhun’s heart.

“It's time for her to come now…”

Jeong Ilhun was anxiously dreading during the wait, when a lady carrying a lunchbox wandered into the Dojang.


Cheo Jongbeom, Ma Sangbeom, Lee Indo all gasped.

‘It’s that woman!’
‘She resembles a bit to Seechwi.’
‘But her age is wow…late 30, 40 maybe?’

The plumped body auntie continued to walk toward the Dojang.
Jeong Ilhun’s face still retained a great smile and went out for a face to face.

“You’re just in time. Thank you for coming. Was it tough coming here?”

Jeong Ilhun was the first to extend out his hand.
Though the action was miniscule, the courage it took was tremendous.
In order to not make her feel awkward, he smiled and asked to shake hands.
It wasn’t her appearance but her heart that was important; so he tried to welcome her.

“Who are you?”

The women’s face squinted. Then from within the Dojang, someone who looked like an elementary student came running out.

“Mom! You brought my lunch?”
“Here. Don’t you go forgetting it the next time.”
“Um, ok. Ah, Masters. Hello!”

The little boy bowed like a cute pup before Jeong Ilhun and the other instructors before scampered back into the Dojang.
The boy’s mother went away.


Jeong Ilhun embarrassingly cleared his throat for a long time, and once again waited for Cha Eunhee.
Then, an eye contact with a woman coming from the street made his body stiff.

‘Is that her?’

She was coming while carrying kimbap luncheons. If she was empty handed, he wouldn't have looked otherwise.
She had fair skin, sparkling eyes, and a beauty that was noticeable within the thousands.
A single person within the lot of thousands. He could stay still in the mid of the center of the city while facing the beauty.
She held two large shopping bags and was walking toward the Dojang.
Jeong Ilhun thought.

‘That’s not her.’

The other instructors also had similar ideas.

‘I don’t think it’s that lady.’
‘But she is coming this way.’
‘What’s going on? Maybe a solicitor for the credit card company? Or to sell stuff. If she tells me to join, then maybe I will. Let’s see how she is with a few words…’

Lee Indo was the most eager.
All of their mind weren't on the heavy shopping bags. If they had seen her grunting due to their weighs, they wouldn't have just sat there in daze.
Their eyes all attached to the young and beautiful lady approaching and couldn't open their mouth edgewise.

‘Why is she still coming this way?’
‘What does she have to come in this direction?’
‘Did we somehow do something wrong?’

In all four men’ head, a myriad of thoughts was blowing through their mind.
She came and precisely stood before Jeong Ilhun; then fondly spoke.

“Hello, Ilhun ssi!”

Suspicion flew across Jeong Ilhun’s eyes.

“How did you come to know of my name? Could you perhaps be a scout from another Dojang coming to make a proposal…”

Even if they tried to lure him away with a beauty, he wouldn’t leave the Dojang.
No matter whom they received the offer from; whether it was the instructors or their students, none would accept it from anybody. With the time they’ve accumulated learning the way of the sword; the depth of their honor outweighs any amount of the money offered.
Her bright smile formed a slight dimple and she asked.

“What? I’m not a scout, but weren’t you waiting for me?”

Now Jeong Ilhun was really surprised.

“Wa, waa, wha, what?”

The Dojang eldest Hyeong!
Even when facing someone carrying a real blade unarmed, he maintained his cool; but now, he was really in shock.

“N, n, nuh, no way…suh, suh, some, something…nuh, uh, uh, couldn’t be! Fo, fo, for, for you know what I’m doing…”
“Goem-2-chi. Are you not Jeong Ilhun ssi?”
“T, th, tha, thaa, that’s…right…”
“I’m Seechwi, Ilhun ssi!”

Jeong Ilhun had lost his soul looking at Cha Eunhee’s human form.
The other teachers were also frozen still.

‘No way.’
‘That’s impossible.’
‘The hell is happening here.’
‘The girl…Orc Seechwi.’
‘Wait a sec. We can change our appearances in Royal Road, can’t we? We remained the same, but in her case, she changed her appearance. Why didn’t we think of that?’

Even up till now, they were still relatively unfamiliar with Royal Road.


There was a long silence inside the Dojang.
Jeong Ilhun, the other instructors, along with the grand master An Hyeon Soo, all were silent.
The trainees also did not spoke a word. All were simply looking at Cha Eunhee blankly.

‘To think Ilhun have such a talent.’

An Hyeon Soo was more surprised in this than when he unearthed Jeong Ilhun’s talent with the sword.

‘A pretty woman like that is First Hyeong's girlfriend.’
‘No. I don’t think this is reality. Let this be a dream, I’ll wake up soon.’

An Hyeon Soo, the instructors, as well as all the practitioners, did not eat Cha Eunhee’s wrapped kimbap. No, they wanted to but could not muster the courage to do so.
Because the faces on the rolls were too cute. But they were compelled by the rolls and as soon as the first one entered, its taste spread.

‘Keueuk! These cute and daintily kimbap rolls.’
‘She's even good with cooking.’
‘I would definitely give up a lifetime of Ramyeon for these.’

An Hyeon Soo, the instructors, and the trainees all saddened, making the rolls seemingly hardened as they were becoming difficult to chew.
This was the first time since birth that they were hesitant with food.
After a while, the one with the most age, An Hyeon Soo drew a long sigh.

“Wheww~! So, you are Seechwi?”

Cha Eunhee politely replied.

“Yes, sir.”

She wore a gorgeous beige blouse, along with a cute skirt that ran down to her knees. Her entire body had all the right curves. She exuded the pinnacle beauty of a lady.
Although it was not a beauty comparable to that of Hwaryeong and Jeong Hyorin, she was extremely beautiful among the general public.
An Hyeon Soo nodded his head.

“Well then. Continue treating our Ilhun well.”

He got up and quietly headed toward his office.
In a neat manner.
But in actuality, his stomach aches to an extent that he had to get out of there.
For the remaining instructors, Cha Eunhee the object of interest.
Words escaped Cheo Jongbeom’s mouth.

Hyeongsu nim, may I ask you of something I was wondering?”

Just then, Jeong Ilhun had leaked out a grin that couldn’t be stopped.


He said ‘Hyeongsu nim’! A term he had no idea was so enjoyable.
Cha Eunhee revealed her sparkly white teeth while smiling slightly.

“Yes. Please ask.”

Cheo Jongbeom asked cautiously.

“Umm…what school did you graduate from?”
“That is…”

Cha Eunhee attempted to answer but Jeong Ilhun’s strained and rebuked.

“Dude, Jongbeom! Why is school important here?”

Jeong Ilhun was a high school dropout.
The other instructors and students were also in some form, middle school or high school dropouts. It was not something they'd (proudly) put on the end of their belts.
If someone graduated from high school, that person would be classified as an elite here.
So when Cheo Jongbeom threw out this question unconscious of its hidden notion, Jeong Ilhun though differently.

‘She must have been embarrassed for not being able to graduate due to some incident.’

A caring man’s consideration.
The reason why Jeong Ilhun had captivated her mind.
Cha Eunhee replied with a smile.

“It’s fine. I have no reason to not answer. I graduated from Harvard.”

Cheo Jongbeom was confused.

“You mean the Harvard institution in downtown for cramming to repeat college entrance exam?”
“It’s the University in Boston, US.”

Which resulted in a flurry of screams, then a deep silence.
The instructors and practitioners alike just inadvertently know of someone from Harvard University.
This time, Ma Sangbeom asked.

“Excuse me for asking, but what do you do now?”
“I’m in the hospital.”
“Oh, you’re a nurse.”
“No, I’m a doctor.”
“Do, doctor?”
“Yes. I’m a psychiatrist.”

Ma Sangbeom eyeballs alarmed.
For Jeong Ilhun to get a girlfriend, the mid 30 year old instructors breathing had become clogged.
The trainees too, were desperate.

‘No no. This is not a time for us to aimlessly eating away.’
‘We're in our late 20s, while 30 is just around the corner. To be able to land a beautiful and intelligent girlfriend...’

The future was looking bleaker and bleaker for them.
Within, falling rain and thunderous crashes pounded away at them.

‘It can’t be this way.’
‘There is no time to waste.’

The instructors and practitioners all shot up.

“We have to connect to Royal Road!”
“C’mon and let’s connect!”
“The Orc village! We should go to that village!”

All of them gave birth to a great goal all at the same time.
At the time, An Hyeon Soo’s capsule was already occupied and connected. As soon as they spawned into Morata, all of them violently charged toward the Orc village.


It was a state of urgency inside KMC Media cinema room

“Toppled the second line of defense!”
“He’s fighting with the third perimeter.”
“Seven Spearmen slaughtered, he can’t be stopped.”
“Killed a Bromba Kingdom’s Knight! Level estimated to be around 360.”

Director Khang was busy checking the Broadcasting Schedule that he couldn't watch the screen at the moment.

“He killed them in just a few minutes?”

The staffs inside the cinema room hesitated for a bit before replying.

“Almost instantaneously really…didn’t even get up to one minute.”
“Are you talking about the situation on horseback? I think you all know how strong a single level 360 Knight is. Aren’t you all mistaken?”
“The horse didn’t stop at all. It ran toward one direction and he was fighting while on horseback…in a brief moment, he slashed over 10 times.”
“Is that possible? Swinging sword while on horseback will disturb the rider’s balance.”
“I too...in my shoes, I couldn’t fathom it. But he did it.”
“What a monster.”

Nothing outside of admiration on the continuing battle!
From the beginning, Weed, while on the white horse’s back along with the Princess situated behind him, rode toward the enemy’s lines.
The Archer units fired arrows at an enormous rate, but he boldly charges through. Even before the arrows lands at the targeted spot via above, he had already crossed past the space.
The enemy’s Magicians cast their magical attacks, but the horse exquisitely dodged them by redirect his body.
Explosive flames, ice shards, and storms of lightning!
The Skeleton Knight demonstrated his trustworthy riding skills and penetrated aboard the white stallion.
He then came face to face with the Spearmen and Archers’ line.
By just adjusting the hinds of the horse, whenever the stomps landed, pikes and swords cracked up, and the Spearmen at the end of the romp stomping without a doubt lost their lives.
An irresistible assault!
A Knight on horseback’s base damage is so much higher during the charge.
At least, by two or three times.
It can get to the maximum of seven times the damage depending on the speed of the steed’s assault.
A shield to prevent it will result in broken pieces; armor plates are crush, shatter, or even tears off.
Regular infantry troops cannot stop the galloping speed of the Knights.
On foot, Knights have reliable strength and very good defense, along with high vitality; but, to really display the true strength of a Knight is when he’s ridden on horseback.
Weed with the aforementioned speed attached, charged and penetrated the perimeter.
Above calling forth the terrific speed of the horse, Weed’s movements were notoriously flamboyant. The sword within his hand seemed to be dancing about.
Formidable strength and speed.
He dove into the heart of the enemy’s territory with just himself and swung his sword through the infantries.
Also, in spite of a duel against a full-fledged Knight amongst them, he still triumphed.
Even though he was under the effect of the Power to Deny Death, it was nothing short of greatness.
Director Khang suspiciously asked under a cold tone.

“Could he possibly have experience being a Knight…originally?”
“Maybe, but we don’t know.”
“The application said he’s a Sculptor.”
“Might just be a side hobby.”

Mere speculations, but the broadcasters determined that was something sensible enough.
In fact, with the images being sent over, there was no point dwelling deep into the character’s information. Something along the line of a principle to the broadcasters.
Things such as Weed’s circumstances were also unknown.
For the broadcasters to beseech things such as items, skills, or character information in order to form a contract was something nearing the border of an unreasonable request; because they were important secrets.

“He’s versatile everywhere on the battlefield.”
“I’d like to have a Knight saving me like that too…”
“Romantic, so romantic. The excitement of having a Knight on a white steed is something I can enjoy…”

The female writers indulged in the battle.
A naïve Princess wanting to return to her home country! She entrusted herself to a Knight with a white horse.
It was something out of a romance novel, or something of a yearned-for dream.
Of course, within those stories, the Knights were often handsome young men; in contrast, the Knight was a skeleton without a single flesh attached.

“Don’t you just want to be held in that chest?”
“I think the Knights in Royal Road are soo reassuring and cool.”

On the other hand, seeing Weed’s battle, Director Khang spearheaded the lot in the cinema room.

“We don’t know what will arise, the production team members, don’t you dare miss a thing!”
“The investigation staff. Depending on the work for today, you could be set with bonuses for this year. Do not fall asleep. Even if you are sleepy don’t you dare.”
“We absolutely won’t do so until the end of the battle, Director nim.”
“Other staff members too, if you saw something unique or have question regarding something, you have to speak.”

The battle that was noted in the history of the Versailles Continent.
A battle of the past that was unbeknownst to all except for what was written in the continent's history book.
But now, the scenes from the fiercest battle of the past could be seen again.

“Found a rare robe! Don’t know what it is but the Magic Defense is outstanding.”
“There is also a race of giants. Seem to be over 200 of them or so.”
“Special ability?”
“Demonstrated marvelous strength…doesn’t use weapons or magic.”
“Alright. Let’s see…so far, this founded species haven’t been recorded. On the skill side, is it obvious?”
“Now? sorta. On the magician side, there are 57 new, no, undiscovered spells used.”

Their eyes were filled with Magicians’ magic or the Knights and Warriors’ skills during the Palrangka Conflict.
At the present time, the magic that weren’t passed down by profession was too large a number.
Here, those lost magics' effects and their powers were able to be revealed.
For Magicians, trying to recover past practical magic or developing new magic, it was something along the line of spending days and nights hoping for a rain drop in the middle of a drought.
In line with the characteristic chosen for those Magicians that had completed the second job advancement upgrade; they can choose to either create their own magic through the proper channels, or to gather information to restore ancient magic.
Magical data, items, species, etc.; all were rare.
It was more special for these types of adventurers.
From those chasing to attain information on rare quests, special requests of information after having seen the Palrangka Conflict would most likely be a high number.
Along with the species, and kingdoms participated at the time of the war, who are now extinct.
If it was toward these, those adventurers will definitely respond to the Palrangka Conflict.

“An enormous amount of information; and look at the scale of this battle.”
“It doesn’t even matter where the viewership is at anymore.”
“There will be at least 2 months worth of controversy over the Palrangka Conflict.”

The investigation staff members cried out with joy.
Since the show of Weed in Todoom, they’ve held their disappointment calmly inward for so long!
However, it was clear to them as to why Weed’s course of actions was as such during the adventure.
For others, if they tried to forcefully breakthrough a hard quest, they would fundamentally cause more hardship onto themselves rather than anything else.

‘Sunbain Kingdom. I’ve just arrived to the Herotai Province of the place…I wonder what kind of quest I can get from there?’

Director Khang body was getting twitchy and it was becoming difficult to endure.
A few minutes passed.

“Weed. What’s he doing now?”

He was scanning the hastily written analysis papers from the investigation staff that he did not raise his head when asking.


Though he waited for a long time, there was no answer.
There were over a hundred people inside the cinema room, but not one had answered him after he inquired. Sure there were those who were in the other departments which meant it wasn't their place to answer; but among those presented, more than 50 people were under his command.
Then, there was a sudden silence in the cinema room.

“Why is nobody answering me?”

Director Khang raised his head.
This time too, it did not take him long to behold the huge spectacle.
He turned his attention toward the screen.
Weed was flying in the sky.
More surprisingly, he was above a Drake.

“Wha, what, what happened?”

It wasn’t the employees who answered but Odong Man.

“That is, he was severely attacked by several Drakes. Along with the fire attacks from the air, they also used their claws to scratch him up; he struggled considerably to avoid these.”

It was amazing to avoid the onslaught of arrows or magic attacks with just his riding skills. But as for the Drakes, not only did they breathe fire, they irritatingly chases him down; making it a tiresome task.
Even if their pace on the plain was decent, it was still difficult to throw the Drakes off; along with the fact that the ground surface was filled with Monsters and enemy soldiers.

“Then what?”
“Then at one point, he jumped up above a Drake and ridden the thing.”

The Drake wasn’t domesticated by humans, so it fiercely resisted. The beast tried its best to get rid of Weed by shooting off fire and rolling its body in mid air.
Fellow Drakes also sighted the scene.
They collectively helped out by huffing out fire through their snouts.
Whenever they did that, Weed moved like lightning onto the opposite side aboard the Drake and attacked the others within his vicinity.
Airborne dogfight!
Amidst the bunch of Drakes in the sky, the battle was a breathtaking one with every single movement.


With Weed’s hit, explosive hollering rang out.
The Drake urgently fluttered its wing and began soaring to greater heights.
Along with the lot of ascending Drakes, the spirits of the people watching was also high.

“Oh my gosh!”
“This here, 20%, 30% viewership is not even enough.”
“Jackpot, jackpot! With this done properly, our bonuses this year is set.”

On the ground, the historic Palrangka Conflict was still going on.
Tens of thousands of Humans and of other races quarreling over the supremacy of this world.
Somewhere in the sky, the airborne battle with the Drakes is still taking place.
Amidst the irritating sunshine, alongside the drifting clouds.
The Drakes has tremendous speed and incredibly erratic movements, and the one fighting against them is the Skeleton Knight Weed!
Their excitement was so high that they forgot to gulp.

“This is really like a painting. The heroic knight fighting like that in order to protect the princess…”

The tale was good.
Because it was so romantic, for those with only a decent amount of sensitivity, they would have no choice but to be submerged into it.
Then suddenly, one person clapped.

“Why, what happened? Find anything?”
“Is what?!”
“The Princess died.”
“Wha, what?”
“Umm…look at the bottom of the screen. She got neglected so she died; along with the white horse.”

Apparently, the Weed who was completely immersed in battle had abandoned the fact that he was to take care of the Princess and the white horse!
He alone jumped on the Drake and boldly fought the exciting fight while the Princess ended up dead within the lot of Monsters.
The female writers were frustrated.

“Princess Remyyyy!”
“Ahk! Our princess died!”

They had given their full empathy to the Princess so the shock was as huge as the collapse of the heavens!
The staff members gathered in the cinema room were just as discouraged.
They had such high expectation placed on Weed; then saddened when he was unable to keep the Princess alive.

“Our bonuses.”
“My vacation…”
“The promotion too…”

While sounding sickly, the staffs still had hopes.
With this Palrangka Conflict, and Weed’s participation in it; they did not know how this will reverberate among the audiences when they broadcast.
Though at the moment, they all felt rewarded working in KMC Media after having seen the Jeonshin Weed’s feat.

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The Historic Battle

That night, Lee Hyun’s evening started as usual.
Homemade spicy sweet-and-sour pork.
At other times, due to it taking a good amount of time to cook, it was difficult to prepare.

“It takes in too much oil so I can't cook this often.”

Frying dishes annoyingly uses a lot of oil. At home, they wastefully consume the oil, making it harder for him to make.
Even to the miser Lee Hyun, it was already barely tolerable that he had to use it; he too, did not recycle it.

“If it’s deficient to my sister, then it’s no good.”

Although it was just something as simple as boiling food to eat, he tried to make his best sweet-and-sour pork for the sake of his younger sibling.
Then after dinner, Lee Hyun accessed the homepage of the Dark Gamer Union website.

-Buying Jackal Sword.
-Buying Golden Candle Stick. Need it immediately for the ‘Rural Wolf’ quest; please email me.
-Looking for group to hunt with. Still nubby but better than the rest. Level 312. Occupation hand combat series.

Today too, many articles were posted.
Lee Hyun looked at the item pricing.

“Have plenty of time now to properly spend them.”

Anyway, he was not able to log in during the next 24 hours.
Lee Hyun couldn’t hang on and also lost the second life he was given.


Palrangka Conflict was literally the gateway to death.
Endless ranks of enemies.
While battling the Drake and its ever climbing heights, he was able to catch a glimpse of the entire field of enemies.
The Orcs he encountered in the past were led by leader so they have never gone to war; but the number here surpasses the current number and was waging war with the others.
The matter in the sky was also similar, with giant Monsters that resembles dragonflies flew in.
He was about to have control of the Drake, but it was not possible to escape the area. It was due to the fact that even the aerial Monsters were waging war amongst themselves.
Monsters’ relationship was often no good in the first place; from things such as being one another's natural predator, or be it over territories; they fought.
Weed was aboard the Drake so he was locked into such a fight. And unfortunately, he did not last long within the battle due to the wounds.
He fell out of the sky, and the bones of the Skeleton Knight got smashed and scattered due to the huge impact of the fall.
It was a large loss of vitality and combat ability.
His aim was to hunt the Drake, but other vengeful Drakes kept harassing him with their fire breaths.
Looking toward the sky, his sword wielding actions moments ago seemed meaningless.
It seems as though with just one hit, the Drakes became wary and never even descended near the ground again.
Weed changed his objective and blew a whistle loudly.
If it was a trained steed, it would return from anywhere once having heard the whistle.


He waited for the figure of the white horse to breakthrough the hoard of Monsters for him to hop on.
But over time, there was no response.
The Princess had died, and the white horse was also already dead.
There was no way out for about 10 Kilometer radius.

“The skull rider that escorted Princess Remy.”
“The ugly culprit incited the Princess with his insidious words and tried to escape! By the honor of the Templar of Bromba Kingdom, cut him!”
“Charge him. Charge!”

The powers of the Templar Knights rose to an outrageous degree.
Whether it was Monsters or magic, they just went on and slashed away at them.
Once recuperated from his loss of words, Weed was unable to escape, and all the paths converged to a single passageway: to fight and win.
His bones were badly cracked and broken because of the fall from the air, and although his vitality somewhat lingers, it was dissipitating as time passes. Weed calmly stood in one place, and he roughly estimated the number of the Knights belonging to Bromba Kingdom.
Weed’s skull ophthalmic optics flashed.

‘Sword. The Knights, has to be the sword, huh. At least levels of 270 or more. While providing defense against arrows and throwing weapons, I think it can restore wounds using divine powers too.’

It was just a feeling, he couldn’t have truly know.
He was observing the scene of the Knights fighting against other Monsters, and he identified the information of the weapon via that method.
He contemplated with his broad perspective over the entire battlefield.
In this massive Palrangka Conflict, he had to learn of the exact location of good swords and armors in order to seize them.

‘But for now, it’s too much of a fight to face them head on.’

Even if he had a great and tough body, the weapons with Holy powers caused the Undead him to be uneasy.
He had been revived thanks to the Power to Deny Death, but along with the advantages of being an Undead, he was at risk with several weaknesses.
Weed picked up a stone in his immediate vicinity and threw it in between the Cyclops.


They treated the stone as an annoying insect and yelled loudly, they picked up a collection of rocks and hurled them as hard as they could.
Few feet away from Weed’s location, he could feel the earth trembled whenever each of them landed.

“Knights of Bromba Kingdom do not know the meaning of defeat!”

The Templar rushed off at the forefront, while Weed rushed off to catch up to the Cyclops.

“H, hu, humans.”
“Bad tasting humans!”
“Cheeky bastards.”

The Cyclops changed their positioning, and threw rocks towards the Templar.
Clearly in Weed’s eyes, the Templar who were struck by the rocks suffered enormous damage.
The charging Templar, regular infantry troops, or even the Knights trying to defend their position, the rocks weren’t something they could stop. But unlike those of arrow, the thrown weapons had relatively weak range.
And arrows could even pierce through the cracks in the helmet; speaking bluntly, it will kill.
In contrast, the huge stones thrown by the Cyclops toward the Knights not only hit; but when they lands, it shattered and dispersed, causing tremendous damages in the immediate vicinity to occur all at the same time.
However, the flags of the Bromba Kingdom continued to rise to further heights within the Templar grasp.

“Wipe them all out!”
“For the glory of the Kingdom!”

Like moths drawn to the flames, to protect their honor as well as their pride, they bravely jumped onto the giants who were 10 times their size.
Making use of the number one assault of the Knights; ridden on their galloping horses, they charged furiously with their lances tightly within their grasps.


The Cyclops fell from their wounded feet.
The Knights with their plunging lances and their cutting sword attacked the Cyclops.
The remaining Cyclops brandished their wielded rocks as if they were clubs in resistance. Horses got struck and collapsed at once…there wasn’t a melee battle like this one.

‘Now, opportunity.’

Weed hopped on the Cyclops back and dealt with any charging Knight.
Surprisingly it was too easy for him to avoid the Cyclops’ rocks.
Not only did having just one eye lowering their accuracy, there also were plenty of blind spots.
For throwing, they simply lift a rock over their heads. Then looked to their predetermined trajectory to throw; the forewarning makes it not impossible to dodge.
Because of the risks of being crushed coming from the dropping airborne stones, his hamstrings were prohibited from yielding!

“I’m Bromba Kingdom Silver Knight…”
“Me, Skeleton Knight Weed.”

Weed made a short greeting, then he and the Knight clashed for the victory.
Only very short time gaps in between the Cyclops rock throwing that they had the time to duel.
The moment he subdued the Knight, the others came over to help out; but by throwing his body in the apertures of the pouring rocks, he escaped.
He rushed deeply toward where there were healthy Cyclops had attracted many Knights.
Even if the place was lacking of disasters, he could formulate much confusion within the area; and in the midst of it, he will fight.
In the location of the Cyclops, Knights of the Mapon Kingdom jumped in.

“Beat up the Bromba Kingdom’s henchmen!”
“Cut up the one-eyed monster’s throat!”

A large confusing fight was going on.
While the two kingdoms at war, Bromba and Mapon, were going at it; Humans of other countries also intervened.
This naturally attracted the attention of other Monsters who head toward the commotion. The Cyclops stomped their feet and crushes with picked up column like boulders. The once tossed up into the sky stones fell and the feeling of shattering Human bodies could be felt; aside from that, the Cyclops also simply threw the stones straight downward.
In the massive confusion that took place, Weed snuck to the front and clashed one-on-one with the Knights and came out winning.
He killed as many as 17 Knights before kneeling on the ground.
His HP was only at a mere 30 points; there was nothing left.


Even though they had easy access to the readily-given Weed’s life, soldiers of Bromba Kingdom and soldiers of Mapon Kingdom were busily backing off.
They looked to the sky and continued to recede.
Weed too looked up at the sky.
Then he saw a small dot that was growing rapidly.
It was a rock of more than 10 meters in diameter falling toward where he was located.

‘Ain’t it great for the final moment of a jackal to be soooo colorful.’

Weed waited with the sword dug into the earth grasp in hand.

  1. You will leave a distinctive mark in one of the fiercest battle in history, the Palrangka Conflict.

History Book of the Versailles Continent. Original Palrangka Conflict.

It was a time where greed and jealousy were at their peak.
The Humans, in order to hoard wheat and iron for themselves, held expansion wars that did not stop.
The other Species joined forces with the Humans in order to avoid disputes; but their similar intentions deteriorated.
Having received the Humans’ influence of pursuing what they desire, the other Species gathered up their own members and fought for self interest.
As if corresponding to the Humans territorial wars which undermined their powers, the highly fertile Monsters spread across the continent like a poisonous mushroom.

Newly restored content.
Palrangka Conflict Secret History.
Can only be deciphered by adventurers who reached Mastery in Linguistics and Archeology.

Even at the time, Monsters’ Intelligence was pretty exceptional, so coarse language was possible; and with that, they formed larger groupings for activities.
And on the plains of Jaksen, they fought a decisive battle over who will dominate the continent.
The eventual winners were the non-Human Monsters.
But the few remnants that came out alive from the fray of the dangerous battle spread tales of a Skeleton Knight’s role on the battlefield.
Having received the favor of the Princess of Kingdom of Isran, Remy, he tried to rescue her.
He was very brave; and had amazing horseback combat skills. But having been distracted in between the lot of winged Monsters, the white horse and the Princess lost their lives.
The angry Knight fought on the very spot in order to fill the sadness of losing the Princess; and eventually lost.
Geographically, the Bromba Kingdom location was on the Jaksen Plains.
It was a vast fertile plains; the most extensive canary of the Versailles Continent.
But along with the downfall of Bromba, its territories were torn apart; and became that of the Kingdom of Breman.
At the time, it was said that more than a million of corpses of Humans, other Species, and Monsters were collected separately and stored in a massive underground tomb.
Then, over the course of three decades, along with the continual fighting over the wheat, ownership of the kingdom undergo constant changes.
The plains of Jaksen also disappeared; its terrains all changed due to the Humans incessant effort to build barrier and forts.
Now, in unison, the name of the Palrangka Conflict is more widely known among the Monster groups.

《History Book of the Versailles Continent.》

From the Records of the Palrangka Conflict.


Lee Hyun continued to complain.

“If I had not been revived as a Skeleton Knight…”

He was still regretting over the fact he was revived as a Skeleton Knight.
Due to the fact that the being didn’t really demonstrate the level of an Undead.
The first revived skeleton was nearing that of a Boss type level.
Aside from having great physical abilities, its magic ability was excellent above all else.
Powerful Black Magic!
With being able to utilize the Necromancer’s skills, he could fight more pleasantly.
With fallen bodies, he could conjured up Dullahans and Death Knights, he could even summon the skeletons of the long deceased to make the fight more exciting!
In contrast, the Skeleton Knight was a skull head who was ignorance with magic.
It had even weakened out in the sun, and severely vulnerable to Holy magic.
It was an Undead who was vulnerable to being hunted in broad daylight.
He felt slightly weakened during the fight in the Palrangka Conflict in the broad daylight.
If it was back on Continent of Magic, he would have welcomed the Knight. Relying on their mighty force, he would have wrecked all the enemies in his way; there was nothing wrong with the Knight.
But then again, there was no destructive Necromancer fighting in the battlefield of the continent either.

“If I could have used the Necromancer’s magic…”

Lee Hyun did not conceal his contemplation.
If he was reborn as an Undead with Necromancy, the results of the Palrangka Conflict would have been brilliantly flipped upside down. The spacious battlefield was something good for the Necromancer, something along the line of being in his own front yard.
Reviving Cyclops, producing Zombies and Ghouls. Skeleton Soldiers and Knights weren’t impossible to raise either.
By using the Ender Saint’s Cane along with the Necromancer’s magic; it was like icing on the cake.

“Come to think of it, I don’t really have control over the kinds of Undead I can revive with necromancy, huh. It’s entirely possible for me to revive things such as ghosts or winged beasts. The risk that comes along with this skill is too great.”

Since it wasn’t something that goes according to his will, it was rather disturbing to use the skill based on luck.
Lee Hyun now emptied his mind and searched for pricing of items.
He intended to sell the weapons and armors that he doesn’t use after resurrecting on the Versailles Continent.

“It’d be better if I put these on the auction side of the site.”

Lee Hyun then got a price quote, went onto the item trading site and registered the items for auctions.

-Bromba Kingdom Knight’s Sword. Starting auction price: 1000 Won.
-Mapon Kingdom Knight’s Sword. Starting auction price: 1000 Won.
-Honorable Knight Armor. Starting auction price: 1000 Won.
-Gloves of Blessing. Starting auction price: 1000 Won.
-Armor of War. Starting auction price: 1000 Won.
-Cyclops’ Helmet. Starting auction price: 1000 Won.

He went ahead and registered the items obtained from the Palrangka Conflict.
Most of the items he got in Todoom were ingredient items or the lot of japtem.
From the Pegasus or the Unicorns. Things he happened to obtain almost inevitably during the battle with these divine creatures.
In Morata, he can directly manufacture these and can sell for a fair market price, or even tagged them with a high price.
But things such as complete items like weapon or armor, it was easier for these items to find a buyer by putting them on the auction site.
The weapon he acquired from the Vampire treasury was limited to level 440 players, Koldrim Demon Sword. He suspected that it wouldn’t sell for a high price if he had putting up to sell.
With the competition between the players making prices rise heartily; it was better for him to use it in the meantime and sell it for a reasonable price after a wait for these competitive individuals.

“Of course I can just sell it right now…oh that reminds me, the Paskran Lance.”

The lance he identified but did not take from the Vampire’s treasury!
Clearly, he recalled that somebody had posted an article on the Dark Gamer Union asking to get it.
Lee Hyun failed to best a fight against his curiosity, found the author of the post and sent a message.

In the past, you’re the guy that wanted to get the Paskran Lance, right? How much were you willing to pay for it?

Lee Hyun had things to do so he ended it with that.
It has been quite some time that he was able to rest comfortably for a day, then the feeling sunk into him.

“It’s been almost 100 days since i last posted huh.”

For Dark Gamers, their working hours wasn’t something belonging to the five days a week category. They must play well with others, have to be eager to hunt or lose out, and must raise their skills.
Before turning off the computer, Lee Hyun went to the information page and posts an article.
Information on Monsters in the North.
Together with Seoyun, they found the Valley of Death when crossing into the northern borders.
From things such as procuring food, routes, and information on habitats of Monsters.
For the Dark Gamers who primarily hunts alone in order to get more money; needless to say, these were valuable information.
Give as much as you receive.
At the expense of gaining information from the Dark Gamers, Lee Hyun too had to give a bit of something back.
As for the current information given, grade ‘C.’
Lee Hyun published the self-written article, then got up and headed toward the kitchen.

“On a rest day like this, I gotta soak a bit of kimchi.

Thinking it was a bit too early, he quickly immersed the kimchi.

“The common salt is just as good as any. Pricier salt isn't even a good thing.”


Today as well, millions of people have accessed the Royal Road webpage. The lot of them were watching the live feed on the Hall of Fame page.

-The Tower of Light Guild went into the Cruel Urolba cave.
-In just a bit, Urolba will appear.

The Tower of Light was a guild with a towering number of 30000 members.
It wasn’t a guild filled with high-leveled personnel, but the number was something of a huge force.
They occupied a territory that contains the Urolba Lair.
Cruel Urolba.
A typical Boss Monster, an evil spirit whom revives itself once every month on the Versailles Continent.
The power of the Electric Whip it wields was not something comparable to that of a Dragon’s breath; but if having been struck, one's body will be Paralyzed as well as being depleted of Stamina. Preceding its emerging familiars, the Evil Spirits, which does so in an extremely quick manner, their resistance made the hunt much more difficult.
The Tower of Light Guild mobilized a massive scale of personnel to raid this Urolba.

“We are in a position to establish justice on the Versailles Continent. The cowardly monster Urolba, it hides itself instead of coming out. It is in my position to punish this wicked being for the sake of all!”

The Guild Master Hertz proudly exclaimed in the huge cave. Then, Urolba emerged.
And the appropriate battle began!
The focus of the battle for the Guild was to obtain a new item; the Blessing of Enormous Wealth from the God of Battle, Tyr.

‘This is an opportunity to elevate the guild’s honor that we can’t afford to miss.’

Until now, the number of guilds that have hunted Urolba didn’t even reach six. Among all these prestigious guilds, only the Hermes Guild’s hunt came out successful.
The Tower of Light Guild didn’t hold back on investing their all on this gamble.

“Take Urolba treasure. Let's get his whip too.”

The warriors too, craved for the stats.
The person who bears the occupation of a Sculptor, Weed, his stats rise when he is able to create Masterpieces, Classics, or Magnums. This method was only available to the Sculptors and not to any other occupation.
In cases with the melee's lot, if it was a successful hunt after risking it all with Boss Monsters, Reputation and sometimes, stats, could be obtained.
Though this was something easier said than done.
Their targets were often something terrible; most times, they would risk their lives and fight with their all.
The Cruel Urolba fits the category.
As for the non-melee type adventurers: in this case Grave Robbers, there were rumors that their stats would rise if they identify locations that haven’t been discovered, a grave belonging to someone who once was a celebrity, or when they investigate dungeons.
While the clergymen can gain Piety stat points by treating someone in deadly condition, and gain Faith through deliverance of monks from the grasp of evil.
Art occupations such as professional Painters, can simply gain stats by drawing qualifying pictures. Architects gains stats by creating architectural marvels. Of course, Blacksmiths that produces luxurious weapons and armors can gain stats.
The advantage of being a Sculptor and other blue collar occupations is that they didn’t need to risk their lives in order to gain stats.
At the very least, constructions and creating a huge artwork poses a bit of risk; but it was nothing really dangerous to one’s vitality.
Nevertheless, the warriors that has to face higher risks by hunting dangerous Bosses obtain a lot more stats, more spoils, more Reputation; while are continually able to fight stronger and stronger Monsters.

“Watch his hand.”
“Melee, spread out to prevent getting hit by the whip!”
“Going head to head is our only way!”

The warriors rushed Urolba.
Meanwhile, the Evil Spirits within the cave made their appearances.
Out of the rocks, Cave Worms appeared and overtook the Clerics and Wizards.

“Save me!”
“Help us here!”

They cried out insanely, but the melees who were locked in the battle with Urolba did not heed their calls.
Though the size of the guild was big, due to the lack in ability to lead its members, as many as 2000 of the Tower of Light Guild members lost their lives outright.
The people who were watching the stream on the Hall of Fame page had already determined their debacle before Urolba and its familiars.

-Waste of time.
-In my eyes, seems like they already gave up.
-Although it’s their first time hunting this Boss Monster, I think the Tower of Light Guild fell too easily.

They did not conceal their disappointment.
Then on the forum, someone posted on the bulletin board after checking out the auction site.

-Weed! Weed came back. Check on his auction site!

The fact that Weed was selling off Bromba and Mapon kingdoms’ Knights’ weapons and Cyclops’ helmets was widespread.

-What the hell happened?!
-I wonder what Weed went through again.

When it came to Weed, raving fans flocked like the clouds.
There was no news regarding Weed after he had bested against the Dragon, so the mysterious disappearance as well as his activities were bound to stimulate people’s curiosity.
Again, they checked on the goods he registered on the auction site.

-The performance on the weapons is quite excellent.
-The auction price had already surpassed 500000 Won.
-Weed huh. Oh my, he hunted Cyclops…! Alone, I wonder? I think he musta have colleagues.
-As I understand it, Weed is almost always alone. Even with strong Monsters like the Cyclops, even Dragons, for Weed, abnormal opponents are normal to him.
-Keuu! There ought to be a movie of the hunt. Weed’s combat capabilities and the Single Point Attack skill just swept by like a storm; I can’t get it out of my head.
-But does anybody know where the Bromba Kingdom is?
-I have no idea on Mapon either.
-Maybe they’re new kingdoms in the North?

People plunged into questioning the location of Bromba and Mapon on the central of the continent. The number those that deduced that they were small countries in the north wasn’t small either.
But, those that were in the north refuted the possibility of the kingdoms being there.
Then someone on the forum found the answer.

-Bromba Kingdom, Mapon Kingdom. They’re ancient kingdoms that existed centuries in the past.
-Really? I don’t believe it.
-It’s an irrefutable fact. You can find them on the Versailles Continent History Book.

Some other user then posted by quoting the whole history of the continent. Then and there, they found out about the war waged between the Bromba Kingdom and Mapon Kingdom.
Most of the people, unlike Weed, did not go and memorize the whole history of the continent.

-How’d he get ancient kingdom’s weapons…?
-What kind of adventure was it? Like, did he unearthed the remains of the ancient kingdoms? Or like, he explored an ancient dungeon?
-Grrr. I want to see. I want to see.

The people’s curiosity reached their peak.
Nobody can really escape the ponderosity weighing down on their body.
So with the craziness, they herded themselves toward the homepage of KMC Media.

-Is there any truth that Weed went on an adventure, or anything at all relating to the matter?
-Did he cross into the ancient kingdoms?
-Do you plan to broadcast Weed’s adventure? If yes, please do it tomorrow.
-I believe in the ability of KMC Media. My channel is fixed and I’ll wait; even if it’s just a special, please show it.

In writing tantrum, the viewers commented page after page!


KMC Media staff members' feet were on fire.

“Overtime, working overtime!”
“Order boxed dinner. We can’t go home before editing all the material.”

The staffs’ tears faded as they must indulged in their work.
Due to the nature of Weed’s adventure, even with the short section of the Palrangka Conflict up to his termination, it could come out to be at least a few hours.
Meeting with Princess Remy, assault on horseback, battling in the air, the fight against the Cyclops and Knights!
There were many prominent scenes that were indispensable.
In addition, this was the historic Palrangka Conflict.
Not only are they broadcasting the adventure of Weed, they are to provide information on skills, items, and monsters on the spot.
Due to this, all hands at the station were on deck.
Prior to the final edits, the MCs were also preparing.
The writers had to write the script while watching the video playback in real-time at the station, the hosts had to stay up all night busy memorizing the established information on the battle.
They tried to shorten the time to the broadcast in consideration to the viewers’ degrading attention span as well as to live up to their collective expectation.
Shin Hye Min reads the confirmed script on air.

“This is the battle of the Jeonshin Weed, the being who is unique in virtue and the embodiment of adventure himself! We will introduce the viewers to the breathless passion and chest pounding jubilation of a romance with the Princess within the Palrangka Conflict.”


Bwakk bwakk!
Half Seasoned Half Fried!
The chicken that betrayed Lee Hyun and went to Seoyun haven't eaten anything.
The hospital nurses gave it rice, millet, sesame seed, as well as other different types of chicken feed they've obtained, but all were in vain.

“Why don’t you eat?”
“He’s going to starve to death.”

The nurses in Seoyun hospital room watched the rooster with anxious eyes.
To be precise, they were worried about Seoyun.
The tenderhearted and kind Seoyun, for if the chicken that was kept by her dies, she would be greatly damaged.
Half Seasoned Half Fried just lay there weakly.


Seoyun sadly stroke the chicken.
She lamented that there was nothing else she could give to the chicken outside of this.

‘Do you want to go back to your owner?’

Seoyun’s eyes filled with fret.
It may have been a mistake for her to take Half Seasoned Half Fried.
She believes that she could not have the love of anyone!
More so, she couldn't even gain trust and love from a chicken.

‘Lee Hyun. I have to take it to him.’

Having decided, Seoyun tried to lift Half Seasoned Half Fried.
But the chicken strongly resisted as she attempted to lift it from its roost.
The gesture of never wanting to go!
The nurse who were observing the situation were quite impressed.

“Chickens are also more intelligent than most creatures. They're able feel and think more than what people believes.”
“It's a really good chicken; it like the heart of its new owner while it also misses its old home. It would be nice if it could take just a bit of food…”

While filled with wrenching sympathy, Seoyun and the nurses tried to be quiet so Half Seasoned Half Fried could go to sleep.
Then, in the middle of this, another nurse opened the door and came in.
She brought Seoyun’s meal on a platter.
Vitamin rich vegetable and pork dishes.
At that moment, Half Seasoned Half Fried flapped its feathered wings and flew straight toward the tray. It then began pecking up the pork to eat.
It was just going at it on the tray.


After eating a huge amount of food, the chicken peacefully fell asleep.

‘I have heard stories of chicken eating pork, but…’
‘This wasn’t about separation anxiety. That chicken is just a pig.’

The nurses have realized it.
Seoyun was also in deep thought.

‘I just wanted to receive love; but I have never tried reaching out first.’

The only person whom she felt comfortable with was Lee Hyun.
In Royal Road, he was the one who made the food for her to eat. During the MT too, she also ate the food he cooked. But she did not offer a word of gratitude.

‘There’s nothing I can do for him.’

Seoyun then nodded her head.
From now on, she wanted change, even if it just a little.

‘Next time…I’ll give him my food.’

She knew where he would go to eat during lunch.

‘On my own…not some cheap already-made lunch. I want to make the food to give to him.’

Seoyun fell into deep thoughts, for she was busy determining what to prepare.


“Guys, come here.”

Lee Hyeyeon came into the yard.
She had prepared the portion of food for the chicken that Lee Hyun have started raising from long ago. She wanted to directly and tidily give the chickens their meal; and as a brother, Lee Hyun could not reject.
Lee Hyeyeon happily gave them the feed she worked on.

“Today’s meal is kalbi.

The first, Boiled Egg, pecked at the little strings of kalbi as he eats.
Afterward, Sunny Side Up, Mother Hen, Soup, Fried, Seasoned, and even the newly replaced Half Seasoned Half Fried went at the remaining kalbi.
The chicks that were recently hatched!
The growing chicks had already eaten the worms that Mother Hen gave them, but they’ve smartened up and hovered towards the kalbi.

“A very harmonious scene.”

Lee Hyeyeon felt happy.
The chickens and the chicks were gathering along side the kalbi. It was a very cute sight.
A considerable amount of leftover of meat on the bones after the chicken had finish eating.
Not one to abandon food, Lee Hyeyeon called forth for one more animal who was sitting in wait from a distance.

“Boshin, come here.”

Woof woof!
It went at the leftover portion of the kalbi.
The dog’s name was Mohm Boshin[1]!
She brought in a young stray pup in the neighborhood to eat, but did not do so because she had grown attached to him.

“You must have been hungry.”

Lee Hyeyeon stroked Mohm Boshin’s head.
It’s a known fact to not touch a dog while it is eating; but Mohm Boshin was fine with it.
Arf arf!
As if asking to be petted some more, after finishing up the kalbi, it rolled over and assumed the belly up position with its limbs held high.
Usually not that clever of a dog, it can still chases birds and even knew where to take care of its business.
Whenever he does this, Lee Hyeyeon lets out a brilliant smile.

“Our Boshin is very sweet.”

A girl and a dog.
A very peaceful scene.
But, Mohm Boshin have not forgotten.
During the days when he was younger, she personally named him as such with her wickedly staring gaze.

END Chapter
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Weed’s Return

In Morata, on the Crimson Mercenary Guild's wall, the Bounty's board was pack tightly with wanted posters.

“What, what happened?”
“Where are the good requests?”

Departing and returning adventurers flocked to the board.

Wanted: Geomchi
Bounty: 550 Gold
Crime: Corruption, Murder, Evasion
Appearance: Aged fellow
Body style is similar to a Barbarian
Known for wearing a strong odorous armor
Strength: Enough to fight on equal standing with a Hell Lord Knight. Skill and Strength are excellent
Special note: Sided with the Vampires and massacred Humans
Location last spotted: Morata South Entrance

Wanted: Geom-2-chi
Bounty: 548 Gold
Crime: Corruption, Murder, Evasion
Appearance: Could not stop his incessant laughter
Great muscular body
Known for wearing a strong odorous armor
Strength: Can hold and win a fight against five Vikings
Special note: Sided with the Vampires and massacred Humans
Location last spotted: Morata South Entrance

From Geomchi, Geom-2-chi, Geom-3-chi, and so on and so forth until Geom-505-chi.
Despite the fact that the description did not match their characteristics to a tee, their names were still exposed due to the bestowed Murderer's mark.
To reiterate, in exchange for doing quests for the Vampires, they were deemed wicked.

“They appeared yesterday and rampaged off.”
“I heard they hastily departed southward.”

A considerable number of their tracks could be witnessed.
In fact, there was an attempt to apprehend the lot.
Besides the bounty assigned; Reputation, Public Value, as well as Mercenary rating could all be obtained along with the gold. In addition, if one was lucky enough, he could steal the equipment they donned. As a result, people promptly jumped on this.

“Ah, hells.”
“We aint like that.”
“AH! girls!”
“Keugg! Even women are trying to kill me.”

Alas, the Geomchis paid little mind to their immediate situation and quickly rushed off. Whatever urgency they were in, they looked so furious as they were rushing toward the south;so much so that those tried to pursue them didn't want to stand in their path.
There were many people whose level were higher than the Geomchis in Morata. If the Geomchis had been just one or two of them, then these people would have been surrounded them. But with many of them appearing and suddenly bolted off as if they were sails with wind pushes on them, people simply backed out of the way.
And now.
From Morata’s West Gate, one person with his name inscribed in the crimson Murderer's mark approaches.

“On the subject of killers, there’s one trying to enter the town fearlessly.”
“Is he crazy?”

There’s no army in Morata. Instead, Paladins of the Freya’s Church stationed and were standing guard at every gate.

“Damn, I wanted the kill. Miss the opportunity to raise my Reputation.”

Freya’s Paladins were known to be unforgiving.
Merchants and adventurers alike were watching the oncoming person whom was without a single measure against the Paladins.
In a few moment, he will be caught by the Paladins and he will be beaten mercilessly.
Everybody have expected this since they’ve witnessed how the Freya Paladins treated the rebelling monsters and sinners near their vicinity.
However, as the Murderer advances toward them, they hoist up their swords and performed salutations as if they were greeting an aristocrat.

“May all harmonizes according to the Goddess’ will.”

The visitor too, lightly saluted back.

“May all harmonizes according to the Goddess’ will.”

Then, without a single sign of resistance from the Paladins, he casually passes through the entrance to the village.


Weed was the person that came into Morata.
After journeying to the Vampire Kingdom and passing the Intermediate Training Center, he returned once again to the Versailles Continent.
Wherever Weed step, people just scampered off out of his path.

“What’s going on?”
“It’s a Murderer. A Murderer came into the town.”
“How? I know Morata has poor public security, but…aren’t there the Freya Paladins?”
“Dunno. It’s hard to believe, look there. The Paladins around the town doesn’t bother him at all.”

The crowd gathered and was pondering about the terrible fact, Weed continued his stride toward the center of the square from the entrance of the village while people continues to part.
The they all followed him immediately as he passes.
For one donning the wicked mark of a Murderer to be walking so unabashedly inside the town, they felt an intensive interest and curiosity towards Weed.

‘It has developed a lot since I left for Todoom.’

The large-scale investment of 260000 Gold!
The roads widened and were filled with decent pebbles, making it convenient for the carriages as they make their way through the streets without having to pay expensive tolls; unusual for a village.
Along the street: pubs, smithies, trading posts, textile shops have been completed. The Freya Church’s post could be seen from a distance as well. Mercenary Guild and Vigilante spot were also created, each crowded with people.
A spectacle that haven’t been seen in any other villages or provinces (in the North.)

‘The number of people have grown by a lot.’

Even before Weed left for Todoom, there was quite a lot of travelers who paid Morata a visit. But now, due to the rumors circulated by words of mouth regarding the Light Tower, a lot more people came and always set Morata as a Starting Point for their adventure in the North.
The number wasn’t as large as when Weed started in Rosenheim Kingdom, but people were filled with vigor just the same.
As for the reason, this was all due their adventurous spirit as well as their will to face challenges, along with the fact that this was the new frontier for exploration.
Splash splash splash.
A waterway was also made from the river. And in the center of the path, an artistic bridge have been made and was filled with sculptures and works of art.
All thanks to the Elder for his endless and aggressive investments into art and cultural activities; for he took the fact that Lord of Morata, Weed, was a Sculptor.
Weed was satisfied while looking at the artwork.

‘These are also nothing like cheap decorative artwork.’

But still, artwork were still dirt cheap!
Though, artists weren’t just some cheap laborers.
Sculptures, pictures, building, all are things to elevate sightseers’ satisfaction who stands before them.
The money they sprinkled on this in order to stimulate Morata's economey, in which it will eventually return back to Weed’s pocket.
There was no need for Weed to fret over this, because the travelers will in turn recompense them with money from on Morata's resident to the next.
He's like a delighted IRS agent watching the birth of a newborn!
Or the feeling the joy of a loan shark with its newly found first time customer.
Weed, who inadvertently attracted a crowd, sat down on a vacant spot in the square.

“Selling manufacturing goods. Sewing, smithing, sculpture; and although it's weak, I'll paint if am commissioned. Chaa! pick, pick! Whatever material you have in mind for custom-made work, I’ll do it.”

Weed wanted to produce items while donning Murderer mark!
Reasoning flew past the users head.

“What the, this guy.”
“I thought you can only take one, but a Tailor, Blacksmith, and a Sculptor?”
“I’d imagine he’s no good, there no prospective seen in the combination.”

The users were appalled.
While he marred with the Murderer’s mark, the users were being considerably conscious around him.

‘The Ranker i heard about.’

In the spacious Versailles Continent, it was difficult to even meet just one user with a ranking position.
They weren't viable to come across even in the Central continent’s largest provinces; for they were usually in the nearby villages or mining towns that were close to dungeons or hunting grounds.

‘He’ll be very strong.’
‘He won’t attack me all of the sudden, will he?’

They trembled in fear while following behind him, but in fact, there was no need to worry about the range in power.
The clue has been provided by the Paladins; for they politely make way as he passes and have not once made an attempt to attack.
Although, if the regular users attack Weed, they would overwhelm him and his situation would have been difficult.
As a matter of fact, there was no beginner among the Morata’s user base.
Surely, the level of those who were here wasn't as high as Weed, or are they as methodical as him; but they absolutely had the majority.
If someone made a simple pillory, things could spark into a huge event.
But as he subdue the initiative and showing no erratic behaviors, the attacking mood would simply diffuse itself.
In fact, Weed have had a lot of experiences being on this side.
Back in the days on the Continent of Magic, if the scattering of broken glass bothered him just a bit, Weed would kill all.
He would even kill the soliciting Merchants for nagging him. And there was no exception when it came to hunting grounds, as he wanted it all to himself.
There was no forgiveness even for a couple having discreet conversations in some corner of the dungeon either.
All the challengers who dared rise time and time again were crushed thoroughly.
The notoriety he had then wasn’t just there, for it had shifted in location.

‘This is why the fact that I’m 'that' Weed should not be known.’

The accumulated reputation Weed gained back in CoM was huge.
Due to the tremendous widespread of him name by the stations, he was revered by the adventurers and regular users alike on the Versailles Continent.
As a result, he was the target of many people.
The Jeonshin Weed’s killer.
A glorious title.
Along with the people with grudges back in the days of CoM, a huge number of them who are high-level users on the Versailles Continent haven been constantly grinding their axes contemplating the day.
He must not be recognized; for these people have scattered about, lying in waits to have the honor of intercepting Weed.
To make matter worse, Information Guild, Assassin Guild, Dark Gamer Guild, etc. made a lot of attempts to find his location as well as his (ingame) identity.
As long as they know who he was, hundreds of Rankers would swarm him and challenges him as soon as tomorrow.
Even large, prestigious Guilds would trample one another trying to get at him.
Assiduously with the logic of power in mind, a rather simple way to increase the guild's influence was to hold that title. While not on the same level as the famed adventures of chasing after the presence of myths or legends; but all in all, to maximize the guild’s strength, Weed was a good prey.
With the Invicible Gambler, the God of War and such titles following him, he was at risk as he walked on such thin ice.
On the subject of Royal Road, while the game poses as enjoyment for many others, this was Weed's livelihood.

‘Without this, warmth and a full belly isn't possible. All these weak guys wouldn’t mind ratting out a person like me for all the food to survive. There’s no such person who is sweet, naïve, and modest.’

Then, a girl raised her hand.

“I want to align new attire…a Robe that’s trendy and fit me perfectly. Also, if you could, I’d like to have high Magic Defense.”

Although a bit reluctant, the girl placed an order.
He sifted through his backpack to look for the mats.
He had already memorized the kind of mats he has as well as the amount of quantity, but he wanted to confirm it at least once more before doing anything.

“I have Strong Pegasus Leather, as well as Strong Unicorn Leather. And I also have Premium Vampire Leather. Note that if you decide to pick this type, I’d charge you a bit more for repair charges.”
“The premium leather?”
“Yes, the leather that the Vampire uses. I could dismantle the cape again and gain the mats to create the garment. A short enough skirt can lose out on Defense, would you like me to make a tight fit that runs along the curvatures of your body?”

The new skill he obtained upon reaching Intermediate level 2 of Sewing, Raw Material Extraction!
Recycling from clothing that have already been made, he could essentially create new items through this skill.
Making good items from older items was a high gamble though; but being able to make more diverse items as well being able to correct it with all the necessities, the skill's advantages was not a small matter.
Weed continued ahead without stopping.

“The prices are subjected to the materials. And I charge 10 Gold per hour for the labor fee.”

Weed’s proposed price of labor was sufficient enough to cause rejection from the users.
From the rear of the crowd, one person bluntly protested.

“If it’s 10 Gold then that's too expensive. Don’t you know that the Sewing prices from all over are cheaper in comparison, you complete crook.”

Though it had a tone of cynicism, it incurred the responses of other users.

“That right. He did that and became a Murderer.”
“I know right. Having no decency like a crooked taxi driver.”

For a skilled tailor, receiving 10 Gold per hour price wasn’t something so expensive.
Because comparing to the vocational profession, others could hunt for even more money during that same while.
However, due to the excessive competition of the blue-collar workers, as well as the decline of the delivery of goods, it was uncommon for a person to request that price.
The people who crowded around Weed began to lose interest and were starting to disband.
Weed then spoke.

“My Sewing Skill is Intermediate, Blacksmithing Skill's Intermediate, and my Handicraft Skill is on the Advanced level. Whatever item it is, I will make them to the best of their ability. Believe and please leave it to me.”

The reaction from those people changed at once.

“Intermediate Sewing, Intermediate Blackmithing, Advanced Handicraft? Did the Versailles Continent ever have a user like that?”
“That’s impossible, it’s a ridiculous combination.”
“Maybe he’s a person who sits all day in a cave just to increase his manufacturing skills?”
“If you look at the equipment he’s wearing, its level seems a bit low. I don’t think he’s a user of the blue-collar job who reached the Advanced stages of the Handicraft skill yet…”
“Then, the stature of his craftsmanship is unknown. He’s a scam artist, an impostor.”
“By the way, his name’s Weed. No way, could he be the Sculptor Weed?”

Weed’s name has been openly revealed in red. Murderers are unable to hide their names as it is a forced exposure.

“If he’s that Sculptor Weed, then he’s that famous user who is the Lord of Morata, similar to that of an Earl?”
“Weed was the said user who overstepped the Intermediate stages of the Sculpturing Skill long ago. That means he's just returned from his trip to the Kingdom of Vampires Todoom…”
“He must have returned just now!”
“Morata’s Lord is back!”

The Sculptor Weed’s name had significant recognition across the Versailles Continent.
At least, everybody in Morata knew he was its peculiar Lord.

“No wonder the Freya Paladins didn’t attack him…”
“And the residents too, were amicable even when seeing a Murderer.”

The space between Weed and Morata’s inhabitants was very small.
A result of the power of Reputation on the Versailles Continent!
The users with all their completely uncoiled doubts rushed together.

“Please make me the Robe!”

The girl from a while before, followed by the lot of denizens.

“Me too. Please make me a pair of Boots. Is it possible to grant it Options? Boots that is as light as possible.”
“I’d hope you can make a coat…for Warrior that is. Something that can be worn over the armor, please produce a good fit for me.”

It was still rare for a user to attain Intermediate Sewing, even with Morata’s expedition on Tailoring. Because of that, most of the items the users obtained were through hunting or were things they bartered for by trading necessary items.
Since a user with Intermediate level in Blacksmith and Sewing appeared, they swarmed together with their own Advanced materials.
Furthermore, the user’s Handicraft Skill attained the Advanced level, this was something they couldn't fathom.

“For me, a Sword.”
“I need a Shield that protects, could you make it?”

The users’ ordered goods were very diverse, the mats Weed saved up from Todoom ended up selling as manufactured goods.


“Excuses me…I understand you are a Sculptor.”

A male user approached.

“That’s right.”

Weed replied as he beats the hammer. It had just turned the evening, so he didn’t see to too many customers.
In contrast, during the morning and in the afternoon, he was manufacturing ordered goods without a single break.

“Could you carve me a bouquet of flowers for commemoration? For my girlfriend?”

It was a prime time for him to make money, so Weed wasn’t very enthused.

“I have orders backed up at the moment; I might finish with them some time tomorrow evening…”

Noticing a sign of discomfort coming from Weed, the user held out an item.

“This is Pure Iron. I’ll pay for the fee along with this here.”

Pure Iron!
Compare to the Common Iron, this has higher intensity of iron packed in.
Weed suddenly clasped the man’s hand.

“I’ll make it!”

The Sculptor class really isn’t one to rely on to make living.
Since the fee for the work is really cheap in comparison to anything else, any tip that come with an order is something they cannot refuse.

‘I'm used to using the Sculpturing skill anyway, this'll just a bit and I’m done.’

As usual, he took out a piece of wood and began to carving a flower.
Since he manufactured so many floral merchandise in the past; the output would still result to something desirable even if he had kept his eyes closed.
But soon after he had activated the Sculpturing Skill, whispers from unknown beings could be heard.

-Please sculpt me.
-Carve us!
-Human sculptor, I’m sure you’re able to do it.
-I say hurry and sculpt us!

Ever since attaining the level 5 in the Advanced stages of Sculpturing, he could hear the voices of these unknown presence without fail.
Not only can they be heard, they can impart themselves.

-If you do not free us…
-If you are not willing to give life to us…
-It would be better off for this fool of a Sculptor to die.

Weed’s body suddenly went ablaze.
His whole body caught on fire and roaring of the flames ensued.
This happened in the center of the square, at midnight in Morata.

Received the Curse of Fire.
Will sustain continuous Fire damage.
All Durability of worn good will deteriorate quickly.

While his body was burning, Weed’s Health was defusing out of him at a rate of 300HP per second.
The wood he was carving also caught on fire without a moment of delay.

“Stone Skin!”

Weed reflexively used his protection skill, and the decline of his HP decreased by 65%.

“Waah! Look at him.”
“That’s cool.”
“How’s he doing that?”

Morata’ square got nosier again.
Thanks to the spectacle that is Weed!

“He’s beautifully on fire.”

The number of users watching Weed as he burns was quite large. But of course, there were well meaning Clerics there too.
Noticing something bad had happened, the Clerics simultaneously casts treatment and curse removal Holy magic.

“Round Heal!”

Weed was being treated with several different types of divine magic used over and over again.

“Iron Protect.”
“Holy Shield.”

Along with the overlapping protection magic bestowed onto him, the fire covering Weed finally dispersed.
Weed was discouraged.

“Now it looks like I’m putting on a circus act.”

He became the eventful and suffering Sculptor on the move!
Who would have though the road of a Sculptor could be so colorful?
When he started carving again, he took on a Curse of Ice.
He slowly carved the bouquet in on piece while being frozen in the block of ice.

“Th, thank you.”

The one who ordered the item received it then hastily disappeared.
Now it was raining atop of Weed’s head. The large clouds just over his head without targeting anything else, and thunders within the clouds could be heard.
Kureureung, kwawang!
The other users in the square deviated from him.

“Strange things are happening around just that guy.”
“Look at the cursed character.”
“Shh. Don’t get close, you might get infected by the curse."

Still, Weed was released unharmed from the curses with help from the Clerics.
As a test, each time he tries to sculpt: either burning fire, infectious poison, falling rain, shaking earth occurs.

Sewing Skill proficiency increased by 0.1%.

Weed gave up working on sculpturing commissions for the foreseeable future and just focus on the received smithing and sewing orders.
Skill mastery and money, as well as building up reputation while manufacturing goods!
There was no less coming from the recognized Weed’s preaching either!
The essence of the products increased rose higher due to his great articulation.

“This may just be clothing, but I’m not selling you just some common dress. Sedona nim, was it? This is made tailored specifically to Sedona nim. This pleasingly fits over the base line of Sedona nim’s chest, waist, and buttocks with Defense and Durability fundamentally in mind. Thanks to the luxurious Unicorn Leather, the clothes appearance won’t fall short at any time. This thing can essentially save Sedona nim at least 10 times over the course.”
“What about the prices?”
“Price…it really doesn’t have a thing like a price tag attached; but if you trust in me and regard me to a status in mind, then please give me what you think is right by that standard.”

He looked toward the person while talking about the prices.
Any exhilarated and goodhearted man would willingly shell out money after watching the work that took place. Rather than presenting a specific price for the service, Weed got more revenue this way.
For those who were sensitive with money, they were not forced down to a predefined cost and in turn believed they received a bargain.
For the users who wanted to use Advanced material, Weed sold imported items obtained from Todoom without care for the money.
Unlike the fairly affluent goods in the Central continent, the prices for Leather and Iron in Morata were still more expensive. Here, while selling according to the prices set for each material, Weed’s pocket was growing and growing with more money accumulated.
Unlike doing sculpturing on the fly back then, he received more money and more skill proficiency thanks to the positive response from the people.
This was infinitely impressive!

‘Not as an artist, but I’m more befitting of a simple hard working technician, huh.’

While seriously thinking about his vocation, Weed’s hand was moving as he calculates money without a misstep.
In the midst of creating the armor piece, his mind ventured on next order: calculating the materials needed, pricing on the said mats, and the cap the customer payment for the item; the scale of workload he put on himself that could be considered as amazing.
Traveled by the words of mouth, the armor or clothing Weed made obtained greater responses due to their performance.

“Look at this, the Durability is no joke.”
“How vigilant is his work to get the Durability of a Robe to such an extent?”

Even from cheaper fabric, he was able to generate something out of it.
While the Lord of Morata Weed’s produces premium goods, people congregated.
Through this method of disposing the mats, Weed’s Tailoring and Blacksmithing skills were able to gain a level each.
The revenue obtained was a larger sum when he manufacturing goods out of these material items; and this method earned him a stagger profit of 340000 Gold.
If he had disposed them as individual item, this path wouldn’t make as much money as he did.
Receiving these materials in place of creating the armor set out of bones for the Geomchis, the payoff was huge!
This earned him more money comparing to when he sold the treasure of the Nippleheim Empire.
Additionally, Weed’s popularity varies.

“Hey, I came here from Rosenheim Kingdom to eat porridge!”
“Are you planning to build something like the Pyramid again? While making it, I got a lot of points for Public Value for the country…”
“Whether it’s grade B or C is fine with me. If you can accommodate the porridge during the work, I’ll make sure to work to the bone.”

There was a considerable amount of users from Rosenheim Kingdom that liked Weed.
Every time he sees them, Weed felt very satisfying.


It was when Weed finished with his business that the Freya’s Paladins together with Alberone approached him.

“Weed nim, you have sinned a lot in the time we have not met.”

Weed spoke matter-of-factly.

“Yeah. I was rescuing the Vampires and it became so.”

He didn’t hesitate to speak so informal towards the Pope candidate because they have gone through quests together, as well as once having treated Alberone through food; so naturally, Familiarity between the two was high.
Alberone had a look of pity.

“How could that had happ…ahh I understand. It’s all due to the fault of Weed nim’s compassionate heart, is it not?”
“Obviously, the Vampires pinpointed Weed nim’s goodness and used it to their own gain. You must have thought their preordained fate was too much, even for them; your mercy surely has no end.”

Weed figured it was best to let Alberone theory to run its course in order to keep Familiarity with the Freya Church.
The Church has a very high Public Value.
There are faith stalls built in Morata village for the villagers as well as the contribution made by the Church to the village.
Owing much to the close relationship between the two, they decided to put their trust in Weed, even if he was on this side.
Rather than right or wrong, sometime the influence of Familiarity is heavily relied on.

“I’m going to pray for you, Weed nim. By the mercy of Goddess Freya, I believe She will forgive you.”

But Weed coarsened.

‘Prayer!? I don’t have money to eat or to die and you want me to make a donation?’

The fastest way to get out of the Murderer state is to donate money to the Church.
For the sake of receiving more quests with the lessen notoriety as oppose to more. In this state, chances to have a dialogue with the residents is slimmer because they will choose to avoid you, additionally blowing one's chances to commence business transaction.
The more pressing matter beyond such consequences of Infamy is that under the status of a Murderer, it'll be more likely for users to initiate the attacking.
Weed made it looked as if he hadn’t eaten anything while being embarrassed.

“Alberone nim, I understand your intention. But I don’t have much money. I’m even worried about what I’m going have for food tonight…”
“By the blessing of Goddess Freya, She has filled those with hunger. The development in the Morata province has been many. Thanks to Weed nim’s excellent decision making in spreading the wealth, there are not many who are in need.”

Weed was driving at trying to compromise at getting a discount in making donations, but thanks to Alberone simply genuine trust in him, he just swerved for nothing.

‘Morata’s development…excellent decision making?’

During the time he was in Todoom, he was getting bits of information regarding the matter. Talks on the Versailles Continent and such, and also through the Dark Gamer Information Network; he read a few articles written how people significantly like Morata.

‘In order to get concrete information on how good it has been, I should to meet up with the Village Elder.’

The idea brushed past in Weed’s head as he walked toward Alberone and knelt down, with both of his eyes closed.
Weed was praying.
His surrounding filled with divine power.

“This being here fought against the Vampires on behalf of the Goddess. Although his actions have been deemed as something comparable what humanity's standard regards as atrocities; he believes that the Vampires are also your beloved beings and they too deserve the Goddess’s prosperity and richness…”

The candidate for the next Pope spoke with no less inferior in faith and divine power to anybody!

Due to the mercy of Goddess Freya, 45% of Your outrageous sins were saved.
Infamy have been reduced to 500.
The loss of Infamy also resulted in the decrease of Leadership by 10.

In many ways, Infamy isn’t completely useless.
Through means of threatening the NPC residents, you’ll be able to obtain quests they won’t give you otherwise; and you can also impose on the price set for items in stores. If and when you meet with fur trading NPCs at a secluded location, if your Infamy is high enough, even without the need to pose for a brawl, you’ll be able to get your goods intact.
Subsequently, also affects Leadership when dealing with your own subordinates.
But due to having received Freya’s blessing through praying, along with Infamy, his Leadership also decreased.
A side effect of the prayer for salvation.
After the prayer finishes, Alberone readily extended out his hand.

“Weed nim, let’s go out to dinner. Let me go instruct them to set supper at the dinning hall.”

Weed replied.

“Thanks, Alberone.”

Having received what he yearned for, his tone changed slightly.
In Freya’s Church, the meals aren't something light such as potato or sweet potatoes. There will be more than three or four main courses, as well as deserts, salads, and wine that will be served.
Lead by Alberone’s hand and disappeared, Weed was admired by the gawking users.

“Ahh! Come to think of it, there’s no need real need to question this…from the Light Tower to how he is Morata’s Lord, after all.”
“The relationship he has with the Freya Church is no joke.”
“Might also be about money, isn't it? As a Lord, he had heavily invested in Morata.”
“Maybe it’s because he’s heckla rich; he was able to be in a close knit relationship with the Church using the money.”
“I heard they were pretty tight ever since Rosenheim Kingdom.”


Weed was leisurely enjoying dinner at the Freya Church. There were fresh and plentiful foods all around.
Back in the cold and bleaker days of Morata, the residents wouldn’t even have the homemade food to hold a celebration.
During those days, they didn't even have a rotten potato to fill their bellies. A stark contrast to the present, where food are bountiful.
All thanks to the due diligent of the Village Elder with expansion of the irrigation of food.

‘Morata’s truly having an revolution.’

If comparing to the provinces in the Central continent, Morata was just a minuscule portion of them; nonetheless, this was very impressive.
A town of mixed residents and users were living happily together!
He couldn’t help but be pleased due to all the taxes coming in from all the commerce.
Weed chomped on and on till his Satiety became full, and the Alberone talked to him.

“Weed nim, the Freya Church have been looking for you for a long time.”
“What for?”
“Actually, it’s about of the eradication of Monsters…”

After the ice melted in the North, Monsters with atrophies to the cold were coming out gradually.
It was because of these Monsters who have seemingly risen from their slumber that the northern exploration was in a state of stagnation.
From the story coming from Alberone, it seemed other developing villages were blindsided and got looted, and there were cases where the villagers decided not to leave for greener pastures. Merchants, on a large scale, did not travel for their businesses.
Weed anxiously asked.

“Is Morata going to be ok?”

In his position as Lord of Morata, the invested money that he earned with his flesh was the reason for his fretting.

“With the trustworthy Paladins of Freya here, we’ll try to maintain.”

Fortunately, Alberone’s words assured him.
At Morata, aside from the Paladins, there were also quite a few of adventurers as well as mercenaries available.
As a matter of fact, Morata have quite a force due to the users’ tendency to consider the place as a strategic pioneering location. Quite frankly, if this place is to be overrun with Monsters, then the result would spell the fall of the whole northern region to the Monsters.

“Subsequently, there is something I need to ask of Weed nim. It would be greatly appreciated if we have your permission to gain reinforcements of Paladins and Priests of Freya Church from Somren Liberty City.”

Weed saw that there was nothing wrong with the proposal.

“If there are unrests because of Monsters here in the North, I would be thankful to have more to Paladins come and make certain of the excellent work of ensuring the public’s safety thus far.”

Alberone reticently slurred.

“In addition, there is one more thing that’s a bit difficult to ask. The High Priest nim necessarily asked of Weed nim to listen and work on this.”
“What is it?”

If the talk wasn’t about his money, then Weed would want to listen to any decent proposal.
The quests he received from the Freya Church, though a bit difficult, were all good ones. Such as the Jin-Hyeol Vampires, the war with the Legion of Immortals, all were quests that led to the second tier.
The question is how to avoid spending the substantial income he raised.
The commission coming from Freya Church was something he must accepts as he did not want to just abandon the pile of contribution that comes along with it.

“Morata is a place known for its culture and art. However, there is no statue to symbolize the Goddess Freya anywhere to be seen. This can lead to the disappointment of Priests whom dedicated themselves to the Goddess. Due to this reason, the High Priest nim chose Weed nim to erect a colossal statue of the Goddess Freya.”

The Statue of the Freya Church

On the northern part of the Versailles Continent, a statue that symbolizes the Goddess Freya is to be made.
The Freya Church want this to be a symbol to subtly state that it doesn't want competition from any other churches.
If successful in making the statue for the Church, the Sculptor's name will resound greatly throughout the Versailles Continent.
Workers can be coordinated with during the creation of the statue.
Diamond is given for the expenses of the operation.

Quest difficultyReligious Quest
compensationThe faith of the believers towards the subject will become three times more effective than usual.
For those involve, they can be compensated with skill proficiency as well as Reputation three times the norm with the successful completing of the statue.
If this fails, the Freya Church dependency on them will decline.
quest RestrictionBecause the Monsters will hate the object that represents the Freya Church, they will try to break it before completion.
The statue must never be destroyed.

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A Symbol of Prosperity that is Morata

Needless to say, Weed was going to accept the quest.
The current state of his body was not normal, but he cannot deny a request made by the Freya Church. Above all, there was nobody else in which he could forcibly impose the request onto.
He could not turn a blind eye to the compensation either.
A quest that can't be dissimilar to that of a Grade A difficulty where he can gain Reputation and rewards through creating the best of sculptures.
An opportune for the Advanced level 5 Sculpturing and Handicraft skills to rise!
In particular, if the piece is a large religious symbol, one can ask for assistance from the Subject with every changing season through prayers. In the Goddess's case, they can ask for an increase in grain yield, even if it's just a small amount; and even ask for the reduction of raiding Monsters.
In order for Morata that was trailing behind to progress further, the sacred statue was a necessity.
All in all, he did not miss the chance to able to take the credit for it.

“The difficulty of the labor is all the same regardless, but if it's Alberone asking for the favor, I cannot refuse.”

Have accepted the quest.
The Murderer state disappeared with the acceptance of the referral from the Freya Church.
Infamy has decreased by 30 with the successful acquiescent.

“I’m sorry, Weed nim. There is nothing else our Church can offer outside of providing this for the difficult task.”

While being apologetic, Alberone offered up the Diamond.
The size of the Diamond was larger than that of any coin.
As he gratefully accepts the money-pot that the Freya Church put up for the commission, the trembled Weed pondered.

‘If I hand this over to the Jewelers, I can get over 130000 Gold. The most expensive of jewelry to make a living out of is the Diamond, after all. I’m going to finish the statue with care.’

It can take one week at the very least to create a large sculpture, and can span as long as three months. However, if you have a lot of people helping out during the process, it can be much shorter a time period.

‘All the Sahyeongs went to the Orc village.’

The Geomchis who ran off to the Orc village were busy. He sent them messages but none had replied.

“I’ve gotta ask for help from Fail nim.”

Weed decided to send a whisper to Fail.

-Fail nim.
-Yes, Weed nim!
-Where are you now?
We're still at Todoom.

Fail and the others were still doing some remaining quests there.
As a result of not being able to qualify to climb the Tower of Heroes, they were performing commissions from the Vampires until experiencing death.

-When are you returning to Morata?
-I don’t know really. If Weed nim call for us, we can go anytime. But what do you need us to do?

Secretly, Weed hesitantly reconsiders.
If he tell them that he was just commanding them to create the statue, they can chose not to come immediately. This was due to the fact they have already suffered a similar experience during the creation of the Pyramid.

-I have an ok quest, you know? Like the quests I once took up from the Freya Church led to the Jin-Hyeol Vampires and the Legion of Immortals.
-Gulp! Is that so?
-I received a quest from that same division of the Freya Church this time too. If you like to do it, then please come.
-Please wait there. We’ll go now.

Weed smiled.

“Got a group liaisons.”

Still, to create the statue, he needed more help.

“It is essential to get help from workers with vigorous vitality in order to finish the sculpture in a short amount of time.”

He didn’t know the magnitude of how many Monster will come to attack; but assuming there will be a significant amount of them in the raid, he can’t afford to be lacking of people.
In order to create it as quickly as possible; from this standpoint, Weed was filled with motivation.
Who do you think he is?!
He’s a Korean!
Driving taxis at the speed of bullets, not to mention buses too.
The buses that closes their doors even before passengers can get on; or have already zoomed off before they could even get off.
The culturally excellent transport that rushed its unfortunate passengers to their destinations while its gears settled at a single place.
On the construction industry side. Once they passes regulation, the building of however million of apartments will pretty soon be constructed.
Even though collapsed department store and broken leg of bridge had happened as a side effect, the pace is unmatched.
Nothing like them beside the nations of the economic beasts that are the Jewish and Japanese!
The Korean that care about a relaxed and easy-going labor hour is not going to happen here either.

“Gonna go to the South Entrance of Morata. That’s where I’m gonna see oncoming visitors from the Central continent first!”


Weed once again returned to the square to obtain more workers.

“Pick pick! Cheap pindaetteog!”
“Armor for sale. A piece of work by Warlord Olsen! Who is Olsen? Just me. A Blacksmith that fully understands steel.”
“Looking for a person that knows where Rubelin is! Is there a guide to go with to catch the Blue Beetle? I’ll even compensate.”

The square was in turmoil with people trying to deal at the stalls, obtaining colleagues, asking questions regarding information on the terrain or things for quests.
Busily moving feet and face filled with energy. Comparing to the Central continent, there was a lack of goods; but the spirit of adventure and vitality of life was nothing short of.
The blue collar jobs were festive as well.
The Monsters in Morata’s vicinity never dries out.
Monster’s head that is covered with green fish-like scales.
Crocodile monster that walks on two legs.
As the day warms up and the coming rain, new Monsters will spawn.

“Kui. Kuii!”

Emerging weapons and armors using Monsters’ materials made by the craftsmen sold like hot cakes.

“By making these, I gain money and skills proficiency too.”
“Here, this place is heaven.”

The artisans were ingenuity without any distraught.


Mishya bought a rod from them for Staff Techniques.

“Ah, feels really good.”

She twirled it to her heart content. There was no hiding her excitement.
Recalling the first time when she bought the latest rod and was in the mood for her first hunt!
She received praises from her colleagues as she overpowers the Monsters.
Rods were longer than swords, and were useful for defense. Along with sharing about 80% of Lancing Skills, of which were widely diverse with a huge range of weapons.
When she tried to leave the center square, Mishya met Weed.


It was like a school girl screaming when meeting with a pervert!

“Morata Lord!”

Mishya’s words were able to pull the attention of the people who were absorbed in their own affairs.

“Sculptor Weed.”
“Morata’s Lord has returned.”
“Wait, he doesn’t have the Murderer mark. It’s gone. His name no longer shows.”

Momentarily, the crowd all noticed that the noticeably crimson mark has disappeared.

“Ya ya. Watch your words. You’re talking about the Lord of Morata here.”
“Morata’s Lord! Ack, you’re right, I forgot.”
“A wrong word toward a Noble or a guild Master spells death, you know.”
“Lower your voice. Be careful.”

Creator of the Pyramid and the Light Tower, the Lord of Morata Weed!
In Morata, whether they’re of the trading or of the hunt, people can’t help but be wary of Weed. If they somehow seemed to be opposing in the Lord’s eyes, he can mobilize the province's entire army just for the sake of punishment. Of course, these were the cases of those who weren’t residents of Morata.
Weed looked at the square filled with people.
Because of the developments in Morata, a lot of people coming to visit meant that the town was a nice place to live.
Weed wasn’t just its loving Lord, he was just as much a user and its resident.

‘My lovely tax piggies.’

Whether they were users or the residents, he saw them as money.
Due to it being the middle of the day, a dramatic influx of users could be seen.
These people concerning about their commerce made the market an uproar.

“The method of a good ruler is to only to reveal himself during the tough times. I’m the Lord of Morata, Weed, who have made all the governing decisions. I welcome all those who have gathered.”

The reaction of the users gathered in the square wasn’t all that welcoming.

“Che, what kind decisions have you make? Every decision was done by the grandpa Elder alone. You were just playing somewhere else and just returned.”
“Earlier you were ripping people off selling the stuff.”
“I thought you were selling at the listed price but it seems to be a stretch. 'Cause comparing to the friend who knows of the right price, it wasn’t even off by a few. So why didn’t you offer the information to those who didn’t know?”

The users were getting more agitated with the increase in murmuring.
In a short period of time, he became the subject of their distrust, their Lord!
Weed can understand the suffering of politicians during those 10 minutes.

'Here, I have to be a bit more vulgar and cunning. I thought it was going to be easy tricking them by feeding them a bit. Here as well, only those that want an honest living life loses out.'

He broke out a Yell in order to quell the increasing disturbance.

“Keu..ha.heu..heuu heump! Uhh, I have a Religious Quest in Morata. I need helpers to create a colossal statue for the Freya Church. Unlimited number of people, providing free room and board! Accepting those who would work for the whole duration.”

Gathering as much workers as he can was a good thing for Weed.
But he would only take those that could shoulder the responsibility.
For the people who were busying trading, manufacturing, hunting, it wasn’t for them. Because then, the production of the statue would just be leisure work!
In aspect, those who have never participated didn’t know how much compensation there were for the sculpture quest.

“Me! I’ll do it!”

Then from behind, there was a number of beginners!
Supposedly, they were tourists, but they were those from Rosenheim Kingdom who had a hand in making the Pyramid.
Or users who heard from these guy came running together.

“If you have Porridge then I’ll join!”
“What are you going to create this time?”
“Do you remember me? I’m Lemon!”

The cute girl seemed to still be in her mid teens.
Weed navigated within himself to remember and showed her his rotten smile.

“Ahh, of course I remember. You’re the Lemon nim that moved stones 39 times to build the Pyramid. I will offer my porridge as well as Gopaegi too.”
“Yes! That’s right!”

Weed made greetings with those who returned.


Morata’s large-scale construction!
Ever since the first dig of the shovel, it went very smoothly.
There were 20 people who participated in the production of Rosenheim Kingdom’s Pyramid.
These Mana lacking personnel were rather lacking in comparing to the necessary number, but they wind up shoveling at a good pace.

“Do it quickly and we can eat porridge.”
“Hurray! We’re also creating something this time around.”

They were rejoicing while humming and singing along; at the same time, the more dubious participants numbering in 300s who wanted to try experiencing in sculpture creation were rather embarrassed.

“What’s so good about this to be in an uproar?”
“This isn’t even Rosenheim Kingdom ffs.”

Rosenheim Kingdom was still classified as a new kingdom.
Because a good proportion of the user base were still novices, thus it was obvious that quest sharing made them very enthusiastic.
The further lagging behind of development in the north did not have the beginner starting point option for the users. Although it was renowned for tourism following the influx of adventurers, the number was still modest.
Nevertheless, more than 300 people joined up to take on the new experience together through Weed's quest in collaboration with the Freya Church as the Lord of Morata.
Ever since the initial dig of the workers have gather, the composition of Morata's South Entrance change dramatically from then on.


“Well, I'll die if I go too far from the gate. Hence, that's why I'm working here.”
“I came to Morata to adjust my equipment, but between here and there, my money is meh; so receiving another hunting quest right now is too big of a risk…I figured I might as well dig, whatever this is?”
“Yulha, wanna do it together? I think it’ll be a good monument.”
“Yea, lets.”

These kinds of conversation were shared with the participating workers that uncover their intentions.
Those who came from Rosenheim Kingdom also shared their source of pride.

“The Pyramid in Rosenheim Kingdom! Any of you who directly worked on it? I moved the stones 56 times horizontally AND 19 times vertically.”

Rumors of the piece becoming a wonder of the Versailles Continent circulated among the diggers.
A tavern where men and women eat and drink in!

“Hwaryeong nim, have you heard?”
“Hm? What is it?”
“Before Sculptor Weed sculpts something, he usually doesn't have a clue of what to do.”
“So the sculpture is still a mystery? I hope this statue would be just as wonderful as the ones before it.”
“It’s the work of the Sculptor Weed after all, it’ll certainly come to that.”
“But Jaffe nim.”
“Actually, this is kind of a secret.”
“What is it? It’ll be just between us…”
“It’s something that's absolutely must not be publicized.”

The woman spoke in a very low tone.

“It’s ok. I will not tell anybody, so let me know.”

A rather crowded pub that was once boisterous with shouts; now, the volume had dim down as people were listening to the man and woman's conversation. Even the drinking drinkers stopped doing so as they were interested in listening of the content.
Inside the tavern, it quickly became still.

“The item he has to create, it was commissioned by the Freya Church.”
“That I know.”
“Typically, the Church doesn't give out commission to anybody to make anything. Because then, the Church has to grant credits to those who do. Now what do you think will happen if you join up in making the statue?”
“Gulp! So this is what Hwaryeong nim means…”
“That’s right. First of all, isn't the contribution made to the Freya Church is greatly boosted? It’s three times the norm. And, in exchange for participating in creation of the most iconic symbol of the Freya Church, you’ll get free blessing and treatment; and even able to arrange a way to get to the Clergymen that you don’t know before, in anywhere there is the Freya Church. For a lifetime.”
“That’s like, befriending with the Freya Church. Being friends.”
“It’s not even fair, you know. If there is the contribution, then it could even be beneficial to the possibility of receive a quest from the Freya Church.”
“Yea, to think of it, the reward is too much…”
“It’s the Church, you know. To the Clergymen, what could be more important than piety? Taking a few Monster’s head? No. If the person that creates the statue know of this, then he wouldn't have spread the commission quest to a lot of other people, you know. And above all, it’s a rare chance. If it’s something like hunting, then you can go anytime. Dungeon? It’s not like it's going to collapse if you don't show up! But do you think it’s a common thing to have an opportunity to participate in the creation of a statue?”

Mhmm mhmm.
It was coherent enough for the users in the tavern to agreed.

‘So that’s it. Although it’s a bit hard and cumbersome, if it’s for the sake of the contribution, wouldn’t it be nice to take the quest on the side?’
‘I don’t know if there’s a lot of contribution to the Church…but it’s three times the usual. Even if it’s just a sculpturing quest, there’s not much reward out there that as decent as this.’
‘It’ll become a monument, huh. I’d feel proud of it for sure. I can hold Monsters no matter how high their levels are, but it’s an unlikely event that any opportunity of creating a sculpture will happen again. It’s something I’ve never experienced before even up till now.’
‘Hwaryeong in it too? She’s really pretty. Like beautiful women on them sculptures. Making this statue, it’s an important experience!’

People at the pubs were messaging their friends, families, and guild members in privates ; men and women were disappearing quietly.
During this while, a similar conversation were shared when they went to the weapon shop.
Groups consisted of Fail and Meiron, Romyuna and Sureuka, and Mapan and Irien were doing similar activity.
Manipulation of information!
Forming public opinions, spreading fuzzy logic, thus forming a consensus among the crowd; towards this end, suckers will fall.
Pretty soon, the attention of Morata turned to the creation of the statue at the South Entrance.
Workers flocked to volunteer due to the Royal Road forums, the Hall of Fame movies, as well as coverage by stations.
Even though Weed charges 10 Gold per person; nontheless, there was a growing number of registering workers.
Participating users who were high-level had the highest working efficiency.
A gesture of the hand from a Wizard beckon the earth to dig, while Warriors can move five or more bags all at once.
Weed was selling warmed porridge.

“Some porridge to eat.”
“Kyaa! Good.”
“Delicious food to eat. Could I have another please?”
“I don’t know how many times I have had this now.”

The workers did not forget to give their thanks.
The tasty porridge was gulp down quickly in their times of hunger, and it quickly recovers their Stamina!
Weed was a working bee going at a tremendous speed.
This first step was where the entire vast area of soil was now hollowed out.

“Soil is essential as material for any type of construction. It’s going to be biggg money selling this to a guild for construction.”

Working on his plan for self-interest!
He’d grab the chance the change the large-scale public work and put it into his back pocket.
Creating a vast lake, then a road in the center of the lake, imposing tolls on the five lanes street on carriages that would have to come through.

“Harmony with nature is important for the sculpture. Therefore, the statue needs to be where there is a large body of water for it to be most effective.”

He was the most outstanding Sculptor on the Versailles Continent, so nobody can really question his point-of-view.
The majority of people remained silence because they were the usual type that had no interest in sculpting.

“Well, his words do have a point.”
“He’s the person in the Advanced stages of the Sculpturing Skill after all…I guess he’s right.”

They had their doubts, but he seemed to be a Sculptor passionate enough to take care of the details to make his work a good piece; so they let him to his own accord.
In fact, the higher the level of the sculpture, the higher the reward they’ll be compensated with.
The number of those who assembled, those who considered him as most outstanding Sculptor on the Versailles Continent, who wishes to do his best, wasn't just a few.
Reacting on their conversation, Weed formed a smile.

“Smart people are much easy to fool, huh.”

Having a good head on their shoulder meant they did not ask questions!
While being pampered, they generously dug out the road. From there, the composition was given the same effect as installed moat and canals.
In order for Morata to be attack now, aside from the narrow transit, enemies would have to swim across a lake.
Not only can it narrow down their perimeter, but during their swim, they were left defenseless against arrows and magic attacks!
Also, normally, canals are used by houseboats for tourism, a resource that was available to be developed.
Jaffe had already drawn plans for the moonlighting business.

“Ima catch fishes and set them here. If you create some sort of a fishing spot, then it’ll be really good.”

If they create a fishing hole next to Morata, it wouldn't be so bad.
Even if they weren't truly interested in it, it can still lead to a positive image with the involvement of the general public.
Having moved more than a whooping 10 Kilometers area of land; but after only four minutes of digging work, Weed suddenly stopped.
There was no limit to his laborious self. The number of workers was sufficient, but he determined that the losses were too large.

“It’s becoming too severe for people doing this kind of work. They have to stop now for the sake Morata’s other economic activities.”

At this point, he stopped the work on the lake at its current size, because it seemed to have disrupted the smooth tax income from the people going to the hunt.
Now, in the center of the authentic Lake Park, it was the right time to create the statue!
He didn’t have to worry about the bricking materials due to all the help stacking it up.
Weed confidently held onto the carving knife, however, a more worrisome problem started from here on out.

-Carve me.
-For God’s sake.
-Make a representation of me. Unless you’re as stupid as before, I’ll exert my talent on you again. Keuhahahahaha!
-What reason do you have to ignore us? If you ignore us, then we’ll forever remain away from the world.
-Why are you sculpting Freya, but us…

The whispering in his ears of those with unknown circumstances was giving him an epilepsy.

“Why don’t you talk about what you want me to carve you into?!!!”

Weed, who could not repress himself struck a Yell, but then turned to the nearby users.

“What was that all about?”
“His true nature is no good huh.”
“Leave it be. All artists are like that.”
“It must be the anguish of a Sculptor to think of something to sculpt.”

Fortunately, the users showed understandings and moved on.
Still, Weed was almost sick with the party going on inside him.

-Make me a piece, me!
-You’re not going to carve me? It’s would be a great honor to you…
-Ignorant Sculptor, free us.

While not telling Weed what they wanted to be carved as, they constantly bugged him to use his skill to create them.
Although he took on as many as hundreds of curses, his life was by no mean in danger with the help of protection skills.
Later on he was able to be released from the curses with the help of the Clergymen; but due to the great amount of suffering, he could not carry out the normal pace he could have had regarding sculpting.
Others may have not been able to withstand the complaint; but to Weed, the sounds weren’t just some random noise.

‘I feel like, since it’s not some obvious sculpture, it must be a quest of some sort.’

Weed noticed that it was something unusual, but it was difficult to relate the subject to something specific.
Ever since Todoom, after his Sculpturing Skill reached Advanced level 5 that he began hearing these voices; so he figured that there must be some sort of correlation.
But he did not know of what to do.
Back then, during breaks in between creating and repairing statues, he took his time and calmly sculpt statues of both men and women.

-No. this is not it.
-How does any of us look as shamelessly shabby as these shits…
-You’re not a very talented Sculptor.

The unidentifiable voices revealed their disappointment and anger as soon as they saw.
Weed felt that the mystery must be solved soon.

‘If whenever I start to sculpt and the curses break out, this will make it hard for me to concentrate in the long run.’

He would carve little sculptures during the time he takes breaks in between the hunt.
Even if one’s profession is a Sculptor, it is still rather hard to sculpt; as each sculpture that he'd make can take a long time to reach completion.
Even though Weed did create Masterpieces, Classics, and even Magnums, it was all due to the foundation he accumulated by making so many statues.

-Kuekeokeokeokeo. Foolish guy.
-This Sculptor that doesn’t even know of our gloriousness, he’s overworked to make us.

Weed's anguish, as he takes on more and more damnation, deepened day by day.
He was struggling with the progression of making the Statue of Freya.
Weed was forced into using the Stone Skin skill as he worked stiffly through the ordeal.
His body was heavier by the thousands.
Eventually, due to the curses taxing on his Stamina, he scratched the statue he was carving with his chisel.

‘This is a huge deal.’

Sweats were falling down Weed’s spine.
If the statue fails, he will ruin the quest.
There will be a decline of his reputation as a Sculptor, as well as Familiarity with the Freya Church; not to mention the grievances that will be brought up by the many users who participated.
Weed reassured himself that the scratch wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was a mistake as he continued.
The agony!
With the poor health his body was in and the curses causing him to stiffen, causing minor mishaps to happened in rapid successions.

‘I can tell that this is far from being a Magnum. But please, don’t let this fail.’

Weed was force to pour even more concentration as he sculpt.


Near Morata, black shrouds were forming.
The sun have not risen as night continue to dominate the land; the ominous looking darkness looms as it intensify the Monsters’ power.

“What is that thing?”
“Dunno. I think something big will happen.”
“I can feel an unusual aura coming from those shrewd users. They're making a commotion for something.”
“This region is ours.”
“This is not a place for the Human to invade.”

Beast-type monsters covered with fur from head to tail, magically inclined Goblins, Werewolves that transform with the appearance of the moon, groups of Thieves living and hiding in caves along with other predators like a cloud descended on Morata.
Monsters in the north have increase by a huge number; and as if to prove this point, while numbering in the hundreds of thousands, they foray towards Morata.

“A Monster Legion.”
“They’re targeting our village.”

For everybody who was on the outer walls, sweats were running down their spines.
This was something similar to the few sieges they've watched before. And for the lot of them, the sieges they've seen on television was already enough excitement.
However, for them to be directly confronting the horde of oncoming Monsters, they were completely appalled.

“Could Morata army defend against this?”
“Nah. Morata doesn’t have an armed force…”

There were Paladins and Clergymen of the Freya Church, but they alone could not prevail against a force of this magnitude.

“Why the hell are Monsters suddenly attacking like this? There a must be reason why even races who had bad affinity amongst themselves come together like this…”
“The statue! Do you think the statue have anything to do with this?”

The users who once accepted the referral without a single worry finally grasp the risk pertaining to this production of the statue.

“This is a really dangerous quest.”

The situation increased to something even scarier than mounting on a tiger. At the same time, it was a waste of effort if they have given it up in the middle of the quest, nor was there a place where they could hide from this invasion.
Fail and the other Archers clustered on the wall.

“You have to survive.”

Meiron, Fail’s lover, was holding onto his hand.

“Yes, Fail nim too.”

Romyuna went on the offensive while staying close to the Archers. Irien was busying doing a thorough blessing of all the users who were taking part in the battle.
Which included Surka, who was near the gate to intercept them.
The users who were fighting for the Freya Church as well as protecting Morata rallied!

“We cannot back down in the face of these Monsters. Fight! Fight for victory!”
“This is the pioneering town of the North! If we lose this place to them Monsters, then we essentially loses the North; afterward, they will push toward the the Central too.”

Knights who were on horseback bellowed for encouragement.
Similarly, the legion of Monsters charges. However, as oppose to the vulnerable spots in Morata's walls, they hurdled themselves toward the statue.
Plop. Plop.
They plunged into the lake in their attempt to crush the statue.
The vast lake which was dug for its soil; the soil that will be sold at a later time for landscaping.

“Eopu, eopu!”

Though, the Monsters needed a considerable amount of time in order to cross the lake as their bodies were much heavier than that of the average Human.
After making a third of the way to the statue, the Monsters were subjected to the Archers arrow flying freely at them.

“They’re slow targets. And in water.”

Densely packed arrow attack.
The magic troops also moved vigorously.
In comparison to the weapon wielding Warriors, damages coming from the Magicians are stronger than physical attacks by 5~6 times. Additionally, if Magician uses even stronger magic, the differences in damage can get up to as much as 30 times.
Of course, they were subjected to the disadvantage of having to take up a lot of time preparing those stronger grade magic for usage.

“The incessant blazing flames of pain at the bottom of hell. Flame of Hell!”

The flame enveloped the head of the Monsters that were trying to keep afloat.
Still, even in water, there were Monsters who made an attempt to attack the residents that were in their striking distance; though the attacks could easily be avoided as the residents spread themselves out.
In between the time the Magicians have to recuperate and to wreak havoc.
There were those who didn’t have anything to do.

“Wanna jump into the lake?”

The battleground deep within the lake!
Among the Monsters, there were those who knew how to fight underwater, such as the Lizard-type.
The heavy clad Knights and Warriors flocked out.

“Let’s shoot them. Hopefully we can hit somebody.”

To that end, arrows flew into the lake.
The oncoming Monsters faced near annihilation; insurmountable number of arrow and magic blast flew into the lake, added the effect of great splendor.

“This is new.”
“It’s interesting.”

There weren’t many opportunity for these guy to experience something new.
Some Monsters came close the vicinity of the statue, but facing the fiercely impenetrable resistance of the Knights and the likes, they were defeated in an instant.
The Monsters army had to withdraw, leaving many casualties; but repeatedly, they kept on invading night and day.
In the meantime, Weed was facing an increase in difficulty with the increasing ascension; having completed the hips and the waist, now he was going to create the chest and the shoulders.
From the roughly constructed form, he was going to give the regions the finer details.

“Moonlight Chisel!”

Gentle light trailed the path of his carving.
Ever since attaining Advanced level 5 of the Sculpturing Skill, he was able to use the skill to carve by weakening the output.
Strike by strike, the shape of the statue mellowed out with soft curves and flown with more refinement.
Since the statue have a direct effect on when the invasion of Monsters will come to an end, Weed continued on ceaselessly as he carved in the middle of the night.
He clung onto the rope as he work, the vicinity of the to be completed statue was filled with crowding shimmers.
A dreamlike spectacle was given to the statue as it collect the moonlight and stars to the ground.

“Sculpturing is beautiful.”
“It’s really romantic.”

Single men, women, and couples among the user base picked out good locations to sit while watching Weed’s sculpture to unfold.
The left hand of the statue was holding a money bag, while its right held up high in the sky.
The statue was holding a torch!
The Freya Statue of Liberty.

“Waaa! Awesome.”

As they watches the form of the statue becoming more defined, their gaping mouths were falling all at the same while.
Mere moment before its completion, the statue towered at a height of 160 meters.
The statue’s head donned a huge jewel embedded in the carved crown, its figure seemed to be covered in fur.
It was decorated with a luxurious watches, jewel rings, necklaces, and of course, not to be without earrings.
It was truly a symbol of wealth, and Weed branded each of its adornment.

The Music Box Plaza Merchants Association.
Supply and Demand Association.
Merchant Mapan.

He received advertisement fees from active merchant associations from Morata, as well as the entire Versailles Continent, to inscribed what they wish.
Here, the received advertisement fees came out to be more than the Diamond the Freya Church paid for the expenses.
No matter how painful the never ending curses continued, he persisted on in order to get at this.
Weed once again found another way to make money from sculpting!
He would even tenaciously pocket money from other sources if they choose to put socks and shoes on the statue.
Lastly, the finished face of the statue was a direct depiction of Hwaryong’s face.
The face of a westernized person fitted well to the luxurious feel of the statue, and he only proceeded after asking her for permission in advance.
When Weed told her that he wanted to sculpt her face, Hwaryong’s face lit up like a ripe apple.

“It’s Weed nim…so……”

She have consider Weed to be a rather insensitive being. He was too busy making a living to ever consider luxurious things, such as love. His worries and inner thoughts weren’t very forthcoming, which made it difficult to generate a deep conversations with him. He was a man in which things such as Event[2] or romance were something impossible to expect from.

‘I was wrong about everything.’

Hwaryong could not sleep that day.
Morata giant statue. Massive waves of people seeking answers from the Sculptor as to why he sculpted her face!

‘This is the greatest Event on earth.’

Even though it seems that the phases of their relationship have skipped a few steps; but to Hwaryong, this was a very auspicious moment.
And now, the Freya Church’s statue reached finalization.

The Freya Statue have been completed

The goddess of beauty, Goddess Freya.
At the request of the Freya Church, the statue was erected in Morata; and will poses as the exemplification of thickened Faith, and make this region more fertile than ever before.
To commemorate the Statue commissioned by the Freya Chuch, annual pilgrimage to the Church will be made.

The effect of the Statue
  1. Crop yield in the surrounding area will increase by 45%.
  2. The rate of commercial development will accelerate by 3%.
  3. The rate of industrial development will increase by 2%.
  4. Will be alleviated from drought, flood, and storms damages.
  5. The residents' rate of increasing Faith will be doubled.
  6. Residents happiness increases.
  7. Willingness of residents to pay taxes increase by 12%.
  8. Freya Church’s Paladins and Clergymen’s Divine power increased by 30% in Morata’s Province.

END Chapter
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    [1]Mohm Boshin(몸 보신): This term here has 2 meanings that are nearly identical to each other. The verb 몸보신하다 means to 'improve[build up] one's health,' with the 몸보신 as 'nurture, restore' in the compound. The second meaning is when you break up his name, 몸 means 'body' while 보신 means 'self-preservation.' That is, 'for my preservation.' Oh and, 보신탕(boshintang) means 'dog soup'; take that with a grain of salt. Won't add this to Glossary, since it's a name.
    [2]Event(이벤트): This term here is a sort of a a loan word from English, it actually vocalizes as 'event'. This symbolizes as a 'setting up a romantic event' in this context.


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    These are alternative names or associate names of the same thing or person; because of different translators some of these name are different in different translated volumes and chapters.


    Lee Hyun/Weed: Lee Harn
    Lee Hayan/Yurin: Lee Hyeyeon, Hye Yeon Lee
    Jeong Seoyoon/Seoyoon: Seoyun, Seo Yoon Jung
    Oh Dongman/Pale: fail
    Romune/Yeon Hee Park : Romyuna
    Surka/Yoon Soo Park: Sureuka
    Kim In Young/Irene: Iriene
    Shin Hye Min/Maylon: Maylon, Meiron, Mayrun
    Jeong Hyo-Lynn/Hwaryeong: Hyo Rin Jung/Jae Lynn / Hwaryeong
    Dain: Da'in, Dyne
    Zephyr/Choi Ji Hoon: Jaffe
    Cha Eunhee/Seechwi: Eun Hee Cha/ Seichui
    Bard Ray: Bad Ray
    Jinsup Kang: Han Jinsup
    Yoon Junghee: Yoon Chunhee
    Oh Joo Wan: Oh Juwan, Ohjuwan, Oljuwan
    Shin Hye Min: Shin Hyemin, Sinhyemin, Min Sinhye
    Geomchi: SwordNoobs
    Ahn Hyundo/Geomchi:
    Chung Il Hoon/Geomchi2:
    Choe Jongbeom/Geomchi3:
    Ma Sangbeom/Geomchi4
    Roi Lee/Geomchi5
    Buren: Buran
    Wy+(Number): Wah+(Korean Number)
    Jeong Ilhun: Chung II Hoon
    Choe Jongbeom: Choi Jong-bum, Choi Jong Bom
    Ma Sangbeom: Ma Sang Bom
    Roi Lee: Lee Indo
    Roselyn: Roselin
    Minorue: Minorca
    Half Sauce Half Fried: Half Seasoned Half Fried
    Van Hawk: Van Hock
    Tori: Torido

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    He would even kill the soliciting Merchants for nagging him. And there was no exception when it came to hunting grounds, as he wanted it all to himself.
    There was no forgiveness even for a couple having discreet conversations in some corner of the dungeon either.
    All the challengers who dared rise time and time again were crushed thoroughly.<<

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