Thursday, August 2, 2012


I will use this blog as an outlet as I progress. I find that this novel is really interesting; and it pretty much the became the initial incentive that jettison me to learn the language...then the kdrama...and the hot girls kimchi.

At this point in time, I'm not fluent with the language as of yet since I only have just one year of the Korean language under my belt. There will definitely be errors within the translation: such as grammatical errors, grasp on proverbs, metaphors, and etc. In any case, whatever error you guy catches, please feel free to point it out. Will help plenty with my progress.

As for the frequencies, I will try to get one chapter out a week, at the speediest. Each chapter will be divided into 3 or more parts(to alleviate the terror of the huge wall of text), so I'll post every other day, hopefully. Each chapter will have its own Page(under the disclaimer, right of HOME).

The front page(HOME) is mainly for...stuff: rant, excuses, etc; hopefully will be clutter-less since each chapter will have their own page, because they're that important. As for the releases, I'll post the date next to the chapter Page and next to the "Part #" within the Page.

For the Disclaimer, it's short, but if you read the novel, you'll naturally search for it online...it's that good, imho. I hope everybody support the author, in any way you can, even if it's just a click on his blog and post a simple thanks.
Author's Blog
This site has the most comprehensive database on the novel, in English. Mostly guess work from google translations of the series, but the information are well discussed; the community's good.
If you're new to the series, bring food along when going through the pages on jcafe, the ride is a major roadtrip.
Lastly, this site that spawned from the jcafe forum. Though the frontpage is a bit messy, you can navigate through full chapters/summaries. As well as fanfics written based on the series.
Royal Road Weed

Finally, I'll be starting from volume 13; since volume 11-12 was already translated by a fan on the jcafe. I might go back to previous volumes depending on how I feel...uhh..yeah.

P.S. I'll make a glossary page sometime later as i progress through the novel, as naming stuff from Korean to English may be a sort of a trip for most.


  1. wow , i wish i found about this sooner ...
    i will be linking your chapters .. to http://royalroadweed.blogspot.com ..
    if u dont mind ..

    thou we already have a V13C1
    is chapter 2 translation completed ?
    and how fast is your translation ...
    i am so glad i found about this :D

  2. It's very slow. New vocab every week but yeah, my pace is that of a snail.


    I don't care how slow it is, I'm just happy you bother to translate.

  4. Thank you so very much!! I love the series, and I am willing to wait as long as it takes! :')

  5. I agree thank you! I am fangirl-ing over this novel. I am looking for every translated piece of this novel. I just finished reading, and by far your was the most enjoyable. It has a very good format. Thanks for everything.