Friday, December 7, 2012


This here's a miscalculation on my part.

I completely neglected the final week of school for the quarter, which will be next week. This mean that I'll be without a reliably fast Korean proofreader(professor) after the week. I won't be asking her to do proofread during her break(from us), nor do I trust my buds(no offense) in class or myself for the corrections, which mean I won't release anything during the break.
I will try to drudge up the next 2 chapters(7-8) within the week, beginning the coming Saturday. I'm hoping to be able to get to at least get to the part after he leaves Morata and enter a new arc at the Dwarf Kingdom before going onto another hiatus (which will be from the end of next week to the beginning of the next term, and maybe an additional week because of the whole adding classes ordeal.) So no exact date on when I'll return at that point.

Somewhat of a good news is that I combined 5 chapters in Volume 13 into one page, and I simply copy and paste the thing onto google docs. (And by extension, sorry to those who have commented on those pages. Sincere thanks to those who did, those pages aren't deleted, but were reverted to draft. If something occurs or if this doesn't turn out well, I'll make another page tab, or maybe download other template altogether while keeping this whole 'simplistic' ideal.)
So if you feel like it, then please click on the link and go to the page to edit, I left it out to the public so anybody can have a go.
The thing is tho, if you do, please highlight the text on the document, and edit it on the page or just comment on the mistake. But please, note the page down on the comment, cause it's rather long, so I really don't want to go searching for it, page number is on the top right of the page itself.
One thing to watch out for beside my horrendous English is that some sentences are structured the way they are, is because the sentence wants to place emphasis on a certain subject(of the sentence rather than the topic of said sentence), so please be wary of your edits('cause I will have to go back to the raw and search for it to determine). Another thing is that contextually, I'm fairly certain I'm correct; however, if your Korean is far better than mine, please note down my mistakes(including the meaning of some vocabs/idiomatic expressions) and I'll hop onto the chance to be better.
That said, editing will take a while, if I do have a chance to get to it, so please bear with me.

tl:dr Translation resumes this Saturday, ends next week's Saturday, 7-8(hopefully). Hiatus afterward.


  1. You do know that there are like 2 dozen people on the LMS forum that would be happy to proofread for you. I personally would be happy to do a bit of work on that. Just stick it on a gdocs and I will add my edits in the form of comments or put my line under yours highlighted etc etc. The thing we are lacking is korean translators, not proofreaders by any stretch of the imagination.

    1. You do realize that I'm not asking for an English proofreader(to an extent that is) to beautify the structure of each sentences with proper English grammar. A "Korean proofreader" is someone with proper knowledge in the Korean language, who will compare each English sentence with it's raw counterpart, and pick out errors (grammatically /structurally /contextually) that I've made along the way. It's rather hard, and super tedious. And I'm not one who is able to do so since I'm still only learning.

  2. Your Korean professor sounds like a wonderful teacher to support/encourage your learning the language in such a fun manner.

    1. I can't say this is fun, haha, I feel like I've aged twice the speed I normally experience. But as long as I don't have the complete immersion experience, figure this is pretty much the next best thing. And yes, she's quite nice.

  3. Thank you for the information! Now I know when to look forward for another excellent chapter!